Best Mousepad For League Of Legends

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When thinking of your peripherals in gaming, you may first think about items like headphones, keyboards, and mice.  While those are very important, comfort is also a valuable priority. After all, if you aren’t comfortable, how can you go on your winning streak or a hot run through your promotion series? Because of this, it … Read more

How To Get S Rank in League of Legends

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ne thing League of Legends does to motivate its players to get better at the game is by ranking their performance through a grading system that runs from D- being the lowest to S+ being the highest. With League of Legends becoming more and more competitive, the incentive of having an S Rank or higher gives the player more than just bragging rights since it also gives other rewards to upgrade some vanity features for your champion.

Why Is League Of Legends So Toxic?

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League of Legends has been around for more than a decade since its official release. With this, the game, as well as its player base, has grown significantly building a large community that spans all around the world. While this might sound like a good thing, having a large community has a lot of downsides … Read more

How To Get More Rune Pages In League Of Legends

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The League of Legends Runes and Mastery system has been present since the beginning of the game’s history. However, the old Runes and Mastery system were updated and replaced every since Riot Games introduced the Runes Reforged patch back at the beginning of Season 8. Even with this new change, the Rune system remained a vital centerpiece of League’s strategical gameplay, and with that, comes Rune Pages where everything is set.

Best Keyboard For League Of Legends

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A lot of players start off with League of Legends with their rudimentary gaming gear, only to realize that life in the LOL universe isn’t a cakewalk with a normal mouse and KB setup. They’ll soon start to look for the best keyboard for League of Legends, or stop playing the game altogether, as they … Read more

Best Monitor For League Of Legends

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When it comes to gaming, everyone assumes that getting a decent monitor is the best way to go. Indeed, you would be correct when assuming that a decent monitor can increase your gaming skills. However, not all monitors are made the same.  Different monitors bring different levels of graphics to the table, depending on what … Read more