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Much like many business models, the League of Legends refund system gives its consumers a chance to return a product which has proved unsatisfactory. This mostly helps players who have purchased something accidentally or those who have changed their minds. The refund system will give the players a means to be able to purchase products from the League of Legends store without worrying too much about the repercussions.

Prestige Edition Ahri Full Art League of Legends Refunds

The Refund System

Once a user refunds, they will be able to retrieve 100% of the currency they spent on the item. If the item was on sale or they use a discount coupon, the player will only get the exact amount he spent on the item including the discount voucher if it was used. It is also important to note that the League of Legends refund system will only apply to certain products and is not applicable to everything you’ve purchased in the past.

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Refund Tokens

Unlike many other refunds systems, League of Legends only offers a limited number of times an account can refund. This prevents users from abusing the refund system by purchasing items for the sake of trying it out then selling it once the user is satisfied with the use. This comes in the form of Refund Tokens. Usually, each account will only get 3 refund tokens initially but this resets after a certain period of time has passed.

How Do I Get More Refund Tokens?

Riot Games offers its users one free refund token each year. By clicking on this page, you will be redirected to the Riot Games official website where you can claim a free refund token for 2020. This applies only if your refund token is below the maximum amount, wherein you will be credited with a refund token you can use anytime. Unfortunately, if you need more, you’ll have to wait for another year before League of Legends will give you another refund token.

How To Use League of Legends Refunds

There are two methods to using the League of Legends refund system, each for a specific set of products. Not all products will be covered by each method which is why it’s important to separate them into two classifications depending on what it covers. These methods are as follows.

League Of Legends Store Refund

The most primary method of refunding League of Legends products is through the League Of Legends store. This covers most of the things you can buy in the League of Legends stores which include champions, ultimate skins, individual chromas, emotes, and ward skins. Here are the steps to follow to refund your items using the League of Legends client.

1. Open your League of Legends client and navigate to the League of Legends store.

League of Legends User Interface

2. Go to the Account purchases which is found on the upper-right side of your screen just beside the Social tab.

League of Legends Account Button Reference

3. From here, go to the Purchase History tab where you’ll see all the items which are available for refund.

League of Legends Refunds Purchase History Page

4. Choose the item you want to be refunded. Click the refund button and then confirm. Be careful, as this will consume the limited amount of Refund Tokens you have.

League of Legends Refund Confirmation Tab

League Of Legends Support Refund

The secondary way to refund League of Legends products is through the Riot Games Customer Support. For this method, you’ll have to contact the Riot Support Team through the official League of Legends website. This method is for products which account purchases and bundles such as summoner name changes, summoner icons, chroma packs, and rune pages. This is mostly because issues regarding these purchases often root from account misuse or hacking.

1. Go to the official League of Legends customer support website provided on the link above. You’ll instantly be redirected to the League of Legends support page for easier access.

League of Legends Customer Support Official Website

2. Scroll down a bit and look for the Submit a Ticket button and click that. You’ll be redirected again to another page.

Submit A Ticket Button from The Riot Games Support Website

3. Select RP Purchases, store issues from the category list. Make sure you’re logged into your riot account before you proceed with this.

List of Categories in the Submit A Ticket Button Riot Games Support

4. Fill out the blanks by following the details below as an example. Make sure to be as specific as possible when submitting your ticket. You can also take a screenshot of the purchase from your Purchase History in the League of Legends store so that you can submit it with the ticket.

League of Legends Ticket Example Filled Out

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What Items Can’t Be Refunded Through These Methods?

Not all purchases can be refunded regardless if you have refund tokens or not. Items which come from limited time events or consumables can’t be refunded. Some of these items include Experience Boosts, Esports merchandise (Worlds Icons), Event Passes, Gifts, and Hextech Crafting Items. You can’t refund an item you received as a gift from another person as well. If these are things you want refunded as a result of your account being compromised, it’s best you approach the Riot Games customer support and report the incident so that they can look into it.

Is There A Time Frame Where I Need To Refund?

Yes, you can only refund items you’ve purchased in the last 90 days. No worries, this amount of time is more that long enough for you to decide whether or not you decide to keep the item you purchased. Note that items which are purchased after this time frame can’t be refunded regardless if you submit a ticket to Riot Games support. Make sure to always monitor your purchase history as to avoid unwanted items being bought without your knowledge.

What Happens To The Skins If I Refund A Champion?

You can’t refund a champion who has skins. You’ll need to refund or return the champion skins before the champion becomes available to be refunded. Unfortunately, there is no workaround to this limitation and you’ll have to accept that you have a permanent champion in your collection. It also costs a lot of Refund Tokens just to get back blue essence which is generally not worth it.

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