League Of Legends Replays (Everything You Need to Know)

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As players, we all have that time where we suddenly make some insane play while playing League of Legends. While a lot of times we don’t have anybody we know in our team who was able to see what we just did, it’s still possible to show them through the League of Legends replay function. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about not being able to show those insane outplays during solo queue.

What Is The League Of Legends Replay Function?

The League replays function serves as a way for players to revisit and spectate their game. Think of it as any other regular replay function where you can have a permanent copy of the video file containing everything that happened in that game. However, some functions such as the chatbox and voice communication will not be shown in the replay.

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What Is The League Of Legends Highlight Function?

Unlike the replay function, the highlight function allows you to choose specific scenes in the game instead of the entire game. Although, you’ll still need to download the video from the replay function before you are able to choose which scenes you want to cut out.

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How To Use League Of Legends Replays

The replay function is always available and doesn’t require that you activate any settings. Although, if you want to get the video recording from the replay function, you’ll have to follow these steps:

STEP 1: Wait until your match ends. After this, you’ll need to go to your match history where you’ll see the download button just beside the match you want to replay. Click the download button to save the file to your computer.

League of Legends Match History Replay Download

STEP 2: Wait for the download to finish. This should take quite a bit of time depending on your internet’s download speed.

League of Legends Replays

STEP 3: Your match history will now show the specific replay that you can re-watch or edit using the Highlights function.

Note: This function doesn’t exactly download the file in a usable video format (it downloads in .rofl format) so you’ll have to use the Highlights function before you can get a usable file format to upload or watch.

How Do I Use The Highlights Feature?

Now that you’ve downloaded the replay video, you’re ready to go ahead and cut out the highlight you want to take from that specific match. To do this, you’ll just need to continue from the steps provided in showing the replay by doing these steps:

STEP 1: Open the replay video in your match history.

STEP 2: Go to the start of the scene that you want to record and click the red button on the far left-side to start recording. Once you’ve recorded everything you need, simply click the red button again and it’ll automatically save the highlight.

League of Legends Highlights

Now to view the highlight you’ve just recorded. You’ll need to continue with these steps so that you can get the video itself.

STEP 3: Go to your Computer’s Documents and look for the League of Legends folder which is placed amongst your work or school folders.

League of Legends Replay Folder File Location

STEP 4: Open the replays folder and choose which highlight you want to check out. Note that this file is not in a playable video file you can freely upload or edit.

League of Legends Highlight Folder File Location

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How To Change The File Location Of Replays And Highlights

If it proves difficult for you to check out your replay that is hidden amongst all those random work and school documents, you can choose where your saved replays and/or highlights can download to instead.

STEP 1: Go to the League of Legends settings on your client. You can see this on the upper-right side of your client with the gear icon.

League of Legends Settings

STEP 2: Go to the Replays tab where you’ll see the option to change either the Replays Location or the Highlights Location

League of Legends Replay Folder Location

STEP 3: Choose the location where you want your highlights or replays to be download. Take note that even if you change the location of your replay files, you’ll still need to play it from the League of Legends replay function on your client.

LOL Replay Location Settings

How Big Are League Of Legend Highlights?

Unfortunately, Riot Games Inc. made LOL highlight videos are relatively big. A 30-second replay can be anywhere around 10 MB to 18 MB depending on the resolution quality you have chosen. There is no way to lower the file size of this aside from lowering the resolution of the video while you record. However, you can use video editing software to convert the file after you’ve downloaded it.

What Is The Video Quality Of Highlights?

By default, the video quality of a highlight is set at 720p. However, you can adjust the resolution by going the settings menu while playing a replay video and adjust the resolution before your start recording. It is important to note that your PC or internet might have a harder time recording the highlight if the video resolution is adjusted higher than the recommended amount.

Other Methods Of Recording Gameplay

1. Screen Recording

Using screen recording applications like the Nvidia GeForce Experience, which is a default application when you are using an NVidia GPU, allows you to record your gameplay in real-time. This means that functions like voice communication and the chat function are also displayed in the video.

2. Streaming Apps

Streaming is a popular form of income for well-known gamers who provide excellent content or gameplay. If you plan to make your gaming career profitable, streaming is definitely for you. Applications like OBS Studio allows you to record your gameplay in real-time for everyone to watch in real-time as well. Additionally, you can also use a webcam so that you can record your reactions while playing the game.

3. Video Editing Software

Using video editing software is the best way to record highlights of your game. Use a screen-recorded video file so that you can fully display all the functions you want to see and simply cut out the scene/s you want to be included. This means you can create a montage or compilation of 2 or more great plays you had in the game.

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Wrapping Up 

League of Legends replays are game-changer for many reasons, but the most significant reason is that they allow players to learn from their mistakes. The replay system in League of Legends allows you to examine your matches with an objective eye and see how things might have gone differently if you had micromanaged better or played more cautiously. 

There’s no shame in watching back what happened when things went wrong–but there can be huge rewards for learning from it! So take some time today to review one match on-demand by downloading the replay straight from League of Legends Riot Games Inc website. You may find this leads to a much smoother victory next match. 

It will also show off your skills as a player and make potential teammates want to play with you.

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