How To Log Out Of League Of Legends

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The League of Legends Client was made so that all of the necessary features you’ll need to prepare before the match are made available without having to scroll or browse through multiple pages just to find the specific page you’re looking for in-game. While this feature gives the client a sense of compactness, at times it can be troublesome to find the smaller features like the button to log out of League of Legends. Luckily, it’s really simple to find it if you look closely at the client design.

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How To Log Out Of League Of Legends

To learn how to log out of League of Legends, all you need to do is find the X button on the upper-right side of your League of Legends client where it’ll give you the option to Sign Out. Once you click sign out, you’ll be returned back to the log-in option from your Riot Games launcher where you’ll need to put your sign-in credentials all over again if you want to restart the game. If you have trouble looking for the sign-out option, here’s a step-by-step on how to do it.

Step 1: Look for the X button on the upper-right side of your League of Legends client. It should be above your Summoner Name right above the friends list in the client.

Log Out of League of Legends Button

Step 2: Choose to Sign Out off of League of Legends. This should redirect you back to the Riot Games launcher where you’ll need to input your credentials back in again.

How To Log Out Of League Of Legends

Importance Of Logging Out

While a lot of people may think that signing out isn’t an important thing to do after you’re done playing a the game, there are some security pre-cautions that you might want to consider when simply closing the client instead of logging out. The case being if you enabled the option to “Keep Me Signed In”, anyone can access your account once they simple open the Riot Games launcher. This means that people can potentially spend your currencies, read your messages, or play ranked in your account.

Of course, this might not be of concern to you if you have your account secured by disabling the “Keep Me Signed In” option or simply keeping the computer away from anyone who can potentially misuse it. However, you should keep this in mind when using your account in places which aren’t secure such as internet cafes or public computers. If you saved your credit card information in your League of Legends account to purchase Riot Points, all the more reason you should always log out.

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Alternative Methods To Log Out Of LoL

Login Error League of Legends

One of the most dangerous things is when bugs and errors pop-out preventing you to log out of League of Legends account especially when you’re in an unsecured computer. Some of these errors can be encounter when you’re trying to log out. Not to worry, a lot of these errors can be fixed by re-launching the game. However, if it does come to the point where it continues to display the same error over and over again, you can try these methods to get rid of your login credentials on that computer.

Alt + F4

Yes, the universal exit combination works as an alternative way to log out of League of Legends. It works the same way as to how you would press the X button manually. This works best if something is blocking your client’s X button and you can’t get it out of the way. If your game freezes, then this is also a good way to relaunch it so you can try signing out manually again once you open the game a second time.

Task Manager

The Task Manager might also be one of the familiar options to some of you but isn’t something less computer savvy individuals have the knowledge about. To open the Task Manager, simply press the combination of [Ctrl + Alt + Del] buttons on your keyboard in that specific order. It’ll give you several options on what to do with your computer including opening Task Manager. After opening it, simply go to processes, right-click League of Legends, then choose to End Task.

Hard Reset

This method is the so-called “Last Resort” when you really want to close the League of Legends client. Hard Resetting can be done by pressing the really small restart button you can find usually near the power button, long-pressing the power button, or plainly pulling out the power supply (which I really don’t recommend as it has a high chance of damaging your hardware). Only do this if all the other methods don’t work and you can’t think of any other way to log out your account otherwise.

Changing Your Password

Changing your password on the Riot Games Account Center will force all devices that have your Riot Games credentials logged in to log out automatically and will require that you re-enter the new password. This is best if you accidentally forgot to log out your League of Legends account on an unsecured computer you used previously. Be sure to remember the new password you’ve input since there’s a chance you might not be able to change it back in the next 1 hour to 7 days in some regions.

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Logging Out Of Other Riot Games Services

To log out of other Riot Games services such as their public website or other games, you can always find that the exit button is always somewhere near your Account Name. This is a general tip when you want to be sure that your Riot Account isn’t compromised by other people especially when you only forget to log out. If you experience the same issues when logging out in the other Riot Games services, you can also use the tips above to sign out your Riot Games account from any game or service.

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