How To Get S Rank in League of Legends

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One thing League of Legends does to motivate its players to get better at the game is by ranking their performance through a grading system that runs from D- being the lowest to S+ being the highest. With League of Legends becoming more and more competitive, the incentive of having an S Rank or higher gives the player more than just bragging rights since it also gives other rewards to upgrade some vanity features for your champion. However, getting an S Rank or higher isn’t as easy as snapping your fingers together.

Headmistress Fiora teaching you how to get that S Rank in LoL

How To Get S Rank In League Of Legends

The most basic answer to getting a consistent S Rank in League of Legends is by playing your champion well. This means that you have to get a higher than average performance when it comes to your Creep Score, Kill/Death/Assist Ratio, Vision Score, Objective Control, Damage Dealt/Taken. Although, the importance of each of these stats varies on your role in the team. To better understand it, we need to explain in detail what these stats mean.

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Creep Score (CS)

CSing is probably the most overlooked part of any League of Legends game. While having a high amount of kills might sound great, you’ll need to get a certain amount of CS per minute unless you’re playing support where you won’t need that much CS in the first place. For example, a Midlaner or AD Carry will need to average a total of 7 or more CS per minute which is a total of 200+ CS in 30 minutes. Make sure to practice hitting minions and clearing waves for this.

Kill/Death/Assist (KDA)

For offensive roles, you will need to have a high amount of kills to be able to achieve a higher grade. However, for supporting roles, it is enough that you have high assist counts. Furthermore, the important thing about this is that your Kill/Assist to Death ratio should have a high difference where your Kills/Assist to Death should be 4:1 to achieve S Rank at minimum. Make sure to have a high kill participation and try to do skirmishes with your team as much as possible.

Vision Score

Vision Score refers to your ability to ward or de-ward efficiently during the game. This doesn’t mean that placing an adequate amount of wards will give you a high vision score but rather your wards should consistently be able to spot out your enemy’s position. More enemy champions revealed gives you a higher vision score. The same way that you should be able to remove wards by using vision sweeping items to prevent the enemy from seeing where you are.

Objective Control

Objective Control means your team’s capability to destroy turrets, secure Drakes, Rift Heralds, Scuttle Crabs, and Baron Nashor. You’ll need to participate when these objectives are being secured as well as it will give you a higher contribution instead of just waiting for your teammates to finish it off. Of course, the most important objective you’ll need to secure an S Rank is the enemy Nexus since winning games will give you the highest points in the grade system.

Damage Dealt/Damage Taken

For offensive roles such as carries and assassin’s, you’ll typically need a high amount of damage dealt to enemy champions while maintaining a low amount of damage taken. This is opposite for defensive roles such as tanks where you might need to have a high amount of damage taken while making sure that your KDA is still good. You can review the amount of Damage Dealt/Taken you have at the end of the game by looking at the graphs section in the overview.

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How To Make All of This Work

Lee Sin showing Level 7 Mastery Flair

The most common mistake you might make is focusing too much on improving on specific areas that you forget to look at the other aspects of your performance in game. To make this work, you’ll need to lay out a good amount of practice to make sure that all the pieces fall together subconsciously. In that sense, being overly aware of getting an S Rank oftentimes leads to the point where you can’t get S Rank at all.

For example, focusing too much on KDA means that you’ll be too afraid to die so playing more cautiously is your go-to strategy. Doing this, you’ll sacrifice things like Damage Dealt and Vision Score since you won’t take the necessary risk to make aggressive plays in the map. To make this work, you’ll need to improve how to incorporate all these in order to make it work naturally and subconsciously without worrying about one thing or the other ruining the flow of the game.

Getting S Rank As A Support

Getting S Rank as a support is very different from how you would usually get it playing other roles which are more proactive during the game. For a support, your priority should be the supporting aspects of the grading system such as Assists, Vision Score, and Participation on Objectives/Skirmishes. While this might sound harder to do, playing support might actually be the easiest way to get an S Rank as you have less things to worry about in the game.

Importance Of Getting S Rank In Your Games

Striving for an S Rank doesn’t just benefit you as the individual of the present but will also help you improve your overall performance in League of Legends in general and do better for the sake of your team. Being able to play at a level that consistently achieves a ranking of S or higher means that you are at least a Diamond level player who understands the fundamentals of playing League of Legends as a team game with high-level individual skills.

In fact, during your mission to ensure that you are consistently getting S Rank or higher, you learn to become a major asset for you team. The 5 aspects of getting a rank of S can be seen most often in professional League of Legends games where Visions, Objectives, and Creep Score get a higher precedence in the overall gameplay of the team. Your ability to learn these 5 aspects will not only give you a sweet S Rank but also help you climb the competitive ladder as well.

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When Was The Ranking System Introduced?

Unlocking Shen's Level 6 Champion Mastery Flair

The ranking system was introduced alongside the Champion Mastery update included in Patch 5.6 back March 25, 2015. This update includes ways to reward players for sticking to specific champions and playing them continuously on different games and matches. On release, players who received high champion masteries were considered very rare. Nowadays, you’ll see someone with a perfect mastery on your games more often than not flaunting it all-round long.

Champion Mastery

Level 7 Mastery Flair

Champion Mastery is the main reason why you’re getting the Rank of S or higher in the first place. Champion mastery spans from Level 0 up to Level 7 being the highest possible rank you can get on each champion. Each of your champion will have different mastery scores and you can only get it by playing games on each one. Having a higher rank in the grading system will give you more points towards your progress in the champion mastery system.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting An S Rank?

As mentioned before, getting an S Rank will give you some vanity stuff to show off your mastery towards a specific champion. This comes in the form of Master Tokens which are necessary to upgrade your Mastery on a champion up to Level 7. Reaching level 7 mastery will unlock the highest mastery flair you can show off which is done by pressing [Ctrl + 6] on your keyboard. Aside from that, getting an S on a unique champion gives you a Hextech Chest as well.

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Why Is It So Hard To Get An S Rank In League Of Legends?

To put it simply, the grading system measures your mastery of specific champions. It only makes sense that those who have devoted a lot of time into practicing these champions get rewarded by getting a higher rank in the grading system. This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible though as it will just require that you put it more time into playing the game at a higher level to achieve a higher champion mastery in the future and hopefully climb higher in the rank ladder yourself. Use our Top Lane Tier List to help you find the best champions for the current meta.

Can I Get Champion Mastery On AI Games?

No, you can not. AI Games and Custom Games don’t offer any champion mastery points or apply the grading system to give you any ranking at all after the game. This is because it might prove too easy and abusable for players to achieve a higher rank especially if you’re playing with a default program that does not offer any challenge at all. You might as well go down to Iron and farm your Champion Mastery points there instead.

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