When Does League of Legends Season 12 End? (League Season End Date)

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The League of Legends season 12 has been going on for some time now. You might be wondering when is the League of Legends season 12 end date and when the next LOL season starts? Let’s answer those questions!

League of Legends season 12 started in January this year. It would make sense that we get some sort of ending or finale before it ends, but there are no announcements as to what Riot Games plans to do with this upcoming event.

Stay tuned for more updates on League of Legends Seasons!

When Will League Of Legends Season 12 End?

The long duration of a season in League of Legends is very variable. Riot Games has gradually settled on how long the season will be and for the last two seasons. Season 11 began on January 8 2021 and ended on November 15th 2021.

Season 12 started on January 7th, 2022. We expect season 12 to end around November 15th, 2022. 

Players can expect to increase their rank up to a month before the LOL season end date. The longest season in the history of the game was between 406 days and 296 days each of the six previous seasons. These last two years have averaged around 300 days.


League of Legends breaks up its playing in rated seasons to four consecutive rounds. Every season starts early in the year (usually in January) and concludes around November. You begin each new season unranked but can jump back at the next position by playing ten ranked games.

You’ll also get rewards along the way and depending on how high you climb at the end of the year you’ll be able to climb much higher than the final ranking from the previous season. The highest you can begin this season is Platinum I.

If you want to climb up the ladder, you need to earn a lot of LP (League Points) to make it to the top of the leaderboards.

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Seasons can be divided into three tiers lasting three months apiece. If you can generate enough points you can unlock all the Rewards to prove your progress. Splits are reset every time they split so you have to win games for each split to gain all split rewards.

Splits won’t reset your rank or MMR but are retained throughout the season with you. When you win too much for any split game you gain a lot of Points.

Split points

When points are a little short, their numbers reset and one more split can occur. Earning points is simple: Victory in Summoner’s Rift ranked (Flex or Solo/Duo) Earn rewards unique to this split.

Earn points from any ranked queue during split to earn split points.

League of Legends Season 12 Split 1 Rewards:

  • Vex Summoner Icon
  • Vex Emotes
  • Vex Champion Permanent
  • Series 1 Eternals Capsule

Previous League of Legends Season 11 Rewards

League Season End Ranked Rewards

Image from Daily Esports

The Victorious skin is made by one champion each year generally a champion that left an impact on the meta that season. This is the body that is only granted to players with gold and higher rank. Other rewards consist of logos and badges on the summoning account’s pages and profiles.

If you ended your campaign in Platinum then you will receive a platinum border banner and an icon. Finally, there is the reward for your respect level. These include ward skins, random emote skins, and key shards the quality depending on your own difficulty.

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Victorious Skins

Victorious Lucian Skin

Image provided by League of Legends

Victorious Lucian is the 2021 season’s exclusive skin. The exclusive skins include champion alongside extra chroma for each additional tier you climb above Gold. The skin is exclusive to players who end the Season Gold or Better in any ranking queue and possess at least a +1 level of honor.

Look below for last season’s Victorius Lucian Skin.


Honor Rewards

The specifics of the prizes change year after year so be aware of something announced before the end of season 12 to learn what prize the winners have won. Keep an eye on the winners in the next year and find out what you’ll earn. The prize depends upon the honor Level you achieve.

Honor Rewards LOL

Image provided by League of Legends

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League Of Legends World Championship

The 2021 League of Legends World Championship was a blast! The tournament kicked off on October 5 in the Laugardalshöll Indoor Sporting Arena, Hall A. Here are all things you need to know about last year’s most prestigious esports event:

The world’s best players and teams from across six continents have gathered together for one weekend only – don’t miss out on your favorite player or team by not watching it live on Twitch here.

We can expect the 2022 Worlds event to take place around throughout the year and will update this article when new information comes out.

Season 12 Preseason Period

Preseason runs from December to January. Competitive rankings will be reset at the beginning of season 12. You will still find out where you stand in the preseason but all rewards will be set in stone until the start of the 12th Season.

Riot Games could make adjustments during season 12. For more information about season 12 from Riot Games click here.

Closing Remarks

As we enter the last few weeks of League’s Season 12, it’s time to start preparing for what comes next. With new champions and ultimate skins on the way, there are a lot of exciting changes in store that will keep players coming back for more. If you’re looking to stay up-to-date with everything happening during this final season before it all starts again soon, then read our guide above!

Here at Gaming Edit, we have everything you need to know about how long League of Legends season 12 is? We’ve got the latest news on the LOL season 12 end date in 2022 so don’t miss out!


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