How To Fix Xbox Controller Keeps Disconnecting [SOLVED]

Xbox Controller Keeps Disconnecting

Controller troubles can be some of the most frustrating issues for console gamers. If your wireless Xbox controller keeps disconnecting, it’s not always obvious what the reason is. In this article, we’ll help you identify and fix the problem for good.  Xbox One Controller Disconnecting Issue It’s not always obvious why your controller is disconnecting … Read more

Top 5 Best Super Ultrawide Monitors In 2021

Super Ultrawide Featured Image

Do you think your LED screen is not wide enough to give you an ergonomic feeling? Are you thinking of shifting to a screen that is bigger than your current one? Shooting directly for the best super ultrawide monitor is the right option for you. Super Ultrawide Monitors are equal to two 27-inch monitors kept … Read more

How Much Have I Spent On League Over The Years

How Much Have I Spent On League

Have you ever wondered while purchasing a skin, “How Much Have I Spent on League?” Any gamer or Esports player knows that “free-to-play” games can end up being the most expensive games out there, and League of Legends is no exception. There are many items available for purchase in League of Legends, and we’ll show … Read more

Best Water Cooling Kit For Gaming PC In 2021

Best Water Cooling Kit

In this article, we’re checking out the best water cooling kit for your at-home rig. CPUs produce a lot of heat when they’re running, and a good cooling kit can keep the temperature low and keep the computer running more efficiently. We’ll give you the basics of water cooling kits, and show you the best … Read more

What Is The Best Resolution For Gaming? (1080p vs. 1440p vs. 4K)

Best Resolution For Gaming

When it comes to gaming, visuals aren’t everything, but they’re certainly a crucial part of the experience. If you’re serious about a gaming setup, you probably care about your screen’s resolution. In this article, we’re talking about the best resolutions for gaming. We’ll help you understand this concept, and let you know whether higher resolutions … Read more

The 9 Best RGB Motherboards In 2021

Best RGB Motherboard

With RGB lighting being a trend in the gaming industry, it’s important to find the best RGB motherboard to make sure your computer hardware is compatible and can take advantage of this amazing feature. The 9 Best RGB Motherboards In 2021 list offers an unbiased review on all of these products so you can buy … Read more

How Much Time Have I Wasted On LOL?

How Much Time Have I Wasted On LOL

It’s no secret that the internet is filled with games of all types. Whether you’re looking for something to kill some time or just want to have a little fun, there are plenty of options. One game, in particular, has taken over the gaming world and it’s called LOL (League Of Legends). This blog post … Read more