LOL Top Lane Tier List Patch 11.24 [2022]

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As we near the end of 2021, Riot Games has been hard at work at tweaking the game to get it just right for the new year. Patch 11.24 is live and with it comes a new top lane tier list for League of Legends.

Let’s take a look at who’s hot and who’s not in the top lane right now.

Top Lane LOL Tier List

Top Lane Tier List

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League Of Legends Top Lane Tier List (In-Depth)

Dr. Mundo – S Tier

Dr. Mundo is back in the top lane with a Vengeance! The newest iteration focuses on HP and armor, making him very tanky to match his already high damage output. Top that off with the fact that he scales better than tanks do traditionally and you have yourself a monster in the top lane. His win rate speaks for itself.

Teemo – S Tier

The most annoying champion in League of Legends is still an absolute pain to deal with. The best counter to him, Gnar, was nerfed into the ground and now it’s time for you to suffer at the hands of this furry monster. He can safely CS like a pro with his range over other top lane champions.

Fiora – S Tier

The Grand Duelist is back with a vengeance, slicing and dicing her way to victory. Her kit gives her high mobility, excellent damage, and even better sustain, making this one of the best champions in the top lane.

Tryndamere – S Tier

The Barbarian King is back, and he’s ready to take down anyone who stands in his way. His high damage, AoE ult, and tankiness make him a force to be reckoned with. Be careful when going up against him, or you might end up as nothing more than a bloody stain on the ground.

Irelia – S Tier

The Will of the Blades is still in full force, and she’s not going anywhere. Her high sustain and damage allow her to stay in lane for ages while also giving her a decent amount of health that makes her impossible to tower dive.

Yorick – S Tier

Yorick has been gaining a lot of popularity in the top lane lately due to his strong laning phase and ability to quickly take down towers. His new passive, Soul Weaver, gives him bonus health regeneration when he kills units, which makes his waveclear much easier. In addition to this, his E, Mourning Mist, costs less mana and spreads out to nearby enemies when the unit dies.

Garen – S Tier

Garen has always been a contentious champion, but with the buffs, he’s been receiving he’s definitely back in the conversation for contested champions in the top lane. His passive, Perseverance, now has an improved prototype which provides him with up to 30% tenacity and heals him based on damage dealt. In addition, his new W, Courage, grants movement speed and a shield that scales with health. Garen is the perfect champion to get an S rank and carry your team to victory.

Ashkan – A Tier

The Deathsinger is back with a vengeance. His kit now makes him incredibly hard to kill, allowing him to survive any lane as he builds more health and armor every game. Combine that with his damage output, and you have one hell of a lane bully.

Singed – A Tier

Singed is still a very strong champion and is perfect for playing against tanky champions. His E, Fling, now does more damage the longer it’s channeled for, making it easier to take down enemies. In addition, his passive, Insanity Potion, now increases his maximum health and mana pool. All in all, Singed is still a top pick for top lane.

Jax – A Tier

The Grandmaster at Arms is back and he’s ready for a fight. He brings his shield, stun, and high damage to the top lane and nothing can stand in his way.

Malphite – A Tier

The Shard of the Monolith is back and he’s ready to rock. His great initiation with his ultimate makes him a top pick, while also giving him high damage and decent scaling for the late game. His kit is so simple he’s also great for high elo games.

Renekton – A Tier

Once considered trash tier until his rework dropped, Renekton is back to stay. He has great split pushing pressure, high damage output, and good sustain in the jungle or the top lane. Watch out for his empowered Slice and Dice when he reaches level 6!

Sett – A Tier

The Steel Shadow is another one of those duels that will be fought at the top lane, and he’s got a lot of tools to take down his opponents. He has good waveclear, an AoE stun with his E, Blade’s End, high damage output, stealth detection with his W, Shadow Dash, and an ultimate that can cut down enemies across the map.

Urgot – A Tier

Urgot is back with his updated kit, and he’s ready to take on the top lane. His new passive gives him increased attack damage based on his bonus health, while also increasing his maximum health and mana pool at level 6. In addition, his E, Corrosive Charge, slows the target and marks them for 5 seconds, allowing him to deal extra damage. Combine that with his passive and ult, he can burst down squishy targets quickly.

Nasus – A Tier

The Curator of the Sands is back with some new tricks up his sleeve. His base health has been increased to help him survive in the lane, and his Q, Wither, now reduces a target’s damage by a percentage rather than a flat amount. Combine that with his passive lifesteal and you have a strong champion for the top lane.

Illaoi – B Tier

Not a ton has changed with Illaoi, but she is still a force to be reckoned with. Her new E, Test of Spirit can help her land some good counter ganks and overall just be annoying when it comes to roaming or team fighting. In addition, her W’s scaling has been buffed and she now gains more on-hit damage the longer the fight goes on. All in all, Illaoi is still a top pick for top lane.

Gnar – B Tier

Gnar is great for both split pushing and team fighting. His new passive lets him scale movement speed off his total bonus stats, making it easier for him to get around (especially since he’s a snowball champion). In addition, his waveclear has been improved and there is no longer a downtime on transforming into mega gnar.

Rumble – B Tier

Rumble has been receiving a lot of buffs in the past few patches and they’ve definitely paid off. He’s now much tankier than before, with his new W giving him a shield that scales with his maximum health. In addition, his Flamespitter now does more damage the longer it’s channeled for. This makes Rumble a great choice for top lane champions in the current meta.

Graves – B Tier

Graves… Graves has been having a tough time lately. His early game has been significantly nerfed and he can no longer rely on his burst damage to take down enemies. In addition, his passive, Bullet Time, now only lasts for 4 seconds and does significantly less damage. All in all, Graves is not currently a top pick for the top lane.

Shen – B Tier

The Eye of Twilight is a great champion for top lane. He has good sustain, great team fighting, and can easily soak up damage with his W, Spirit Visage. However, he falls off a bit in the late game and can be kited quite easily.

Kayle – B Tier

The Might of the Ancients is back and she’s better than ever. Her Q, Righteous Fury, grants her bonus movement speed when attacking an enemy (25% at level 5) and also does bonus damage to minions and monsters. This makes her great for both split pushing and team fighting. Plus, her E passively gives her additional attack speed and her ultimate can easily turn the tide of a team fight.

Quinn – B Tier

The Night Hunter is back in the meta with her updated kit. Her E, Blinding Assault, now has a lower cooldown and can be used more often to blind enemies through minion waves. This makes it easier for her to both roam and duel other champions. On top of that, she’s still very good at split pushing due to her passive, which gives her increased movement speed when out of combat.

Riven – B Tier

The Exile is back and better than ever. Her new Q, Broken Wings, grants her increased attack damage for every subsequent use, allowing her to do more and more damage as the fight goes on. In addition, her W now stuns enemies for a short duration, making it easier for her to land her combos. Finally, her E now scales with bonus attack damage, making her a great choice for top lane.

Kled – B Tier

The Rabid Rider is back in the meta and better than ever. His new E, Jousting, now does a percentage of the target’s maximum health as damage and also slows them for a short duration. This makes him great for both split pushing and team fighting. In addition, his W now gives him increased movement speed and attack speed for a short duration, making him even more deadly in combat.

Poppy – C Tier

The Iron Ambassador is a great pick for top laners. She has good crowd control, high damage, and can easily take down enemies with her W, Hammer of the Ancients. However, she falls off in the late game and can be kited quite easily.

Sion – D Tier

The Undead Juggernaut is a decent tank for our top lane tier list. He has high health, good crowd control, and can easily soak up damage with his W, Unstoppable Onslaught. However, he falls off in the late game and can be kited quite easily.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! This is the new top lane tier list for patch 11.24 of League of Legends! Gaming Edit is not endorsed by Riot Games and doesn’t reflect the views or opinions of Riot Games or anyone officially involved in producing or managing League of Legends.

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