The Best League of Legends Players to Ever Walk the Rift

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League of Legends is one of the most popular games ever, but it’s hard to keep track of all the players who have been at the top over the years. Who are some of the best LoL players in history?

We’ve made this list so you can easily remember these legendary names and their accomplishments. You’ll also see that many other professional gamers have listed them as inspirations for their own play styles.

We take a look at some of the best League of Legends players ever, spanning every role and region. The following is our list of “The Best League Of Legends Players To Ever Walk The Rift.” There will be many more updates to this article as new legends emerge into stardom. Enjoy!

The Best League of Legends Player List (Ranked)

1. Faker (LCK – SKT T1)


Image From Liquipedia

Lee Sang-hyeok has been referred to by many gamers as the best League of Legends player ever. Since February 2014, Faker has been one of the most successful league players. After winning several Korean national titles he is still dominating the competition.

He has also won eight domestic titles in Korea with T1 and has earned himself part ownership in the organization to secure his post-playing career. Faker has one of the most versatile champion pools the game has ever seen. He has played 71 unique champions in his career, making him impossible to target in drafts.

He has dominated the game since he first started playing and shows no signs of slowing down. He has won numerous MVP awards and is considered by many to be the best player in the world with insanely consistent play.

2. Doinb (LPL– LNG)


Image From Dot Esports

Doinb is a legendary player who is unknown to most of the western world. FunPlus Phoenix achieved a place as world champion throughout Europe at the 2019 World Championship. Kim Tae-sang adopted China as his home in China in the late 1990s.

In April 2017 he was awarded a Fifs+phenomenon World Cup. Doinb was also once ranked among the top shot-calling players in League of Legends. He seems willing to play League against meta-classes like Nautilus and Nocturne and still manages to win.

His biggest innovations have been Righteous Glory Ryze, a choice that helped him win a championship. Doinb can be an intelligent player whose technical skills are better used. During the course of that time, the jungler made calls from all across the globe to his teammates.

3. Uzi (LPL – Royal Never Give Up – Retired)


Image From Dextro

Uzi was an excellent AD carry. Originally retired from Royal Never Go after a stellar career with Royal Never Go it was his final season as the leading AD carry. During a tournament in 2019, he won a League Championship Title.

Uzi may still be the most talented esports athlete never to win a National Championship. Although he has won LPL and LPGA tournaments. Uzi’s hyper-carry style is an ideal player and is primarily devoted to his squad.

His athletic prowess and mechanical skill are legendary enough to help create such an aggressive defense that the players are nicknamed protected-Uzis. Then he became successful with all of the popular metas from Ezir, Sivir, and Kai’Sa.

Uzi is the 2018 Mid-Season Invitational champion from several continents and has won several Riot Games awards.

4. Mata (LCK – T1- Retired)


Image From Dot Esports

Mata invented a completely unthinkable economic framework to radically change the competitive meta. When Mata left Samsung, his career began as the best call-up player of all time. Mata has recently entered the South Korean market.

The two defending champions dominated this competition and captured the 1st place finish in the 2019 LCK Spring Split. Unfortunately, Mata tends to create one particular game style for his team, which may explain T1’s summer bench position.

He left the collegiate League in 2020 and went on to serve as RNG’s Managing Director. During their efforts under his direction, the teams have come back in sanitary form.

In his first season in 2012, he won the championships against Ozone, and earned MVP of 2012. Mata excelled by playing supports like Thresh, and Rakan that controlled game rules and fights. Although he cannot match the legacy of Faker, Mata’s contribution to League and Riot Games has probably been the greatest of his career.

5. TheShy (LPL – Weibo Gaming)

The Shy

Image From ESPN

TheShy is one of the most interesting players to watch in League history, as he was a part of Anarchy in 2014 and 2015 before joining Team WE. He left them last November though for Invictus Gaming who had just come second at MSI 2017.

IG’s Summer Season went much better than their Spring Season but it still wasn’t enough when they faced off against defending World Champions at a third-place match where The Shy got his revenge after losing 3-2!

6. Perkz (LEC – Vitality)


Image From Dot Esports

Perkz’s team has many unique personalities. During 2016 he made his EU LCS debuts establishing himself as one of the premier mid Laners for the region. His ‘tough wit’ mechanics influenced his team’s success in winning the following four games in succession.

As time goes by, he has continued building a very talented career and extending his game sense. He reached his highest rank at age 12. Luka Perković is among the few players who are included in this category.

He also achieved four consecutive NECL splits at G2. Perkz’s aggressive playing approach made him able to pick up kills in the mid-lane. He favors immobile mages such as Ryze, Orianna, and Azir and prefers achieving CS advantage.

7. Deft (LCK – DRX)


Image From Liquipedia

Deft’s an incredible mechanical inventor. His combining of gameplay skills in his unique style creates opportunities at all times and places him in a unique style. There had once been a time when his aggressive playstyle became more difficult when playing early.

The only reason why his game doesn’t get as high as we would like in LoL is that he wants more from himself.

In January 2022, he returns to the DRX with expectations of leading the LCK playoffs. As the chief leader in Hanwha Life, Hanwha was regarded for its uniqueness, carrying the team multiple times without interference.

8. Caps (LEC – G2 Esports)


Image From Dot Esports

Mid-laner Caps was a flashy and unreliable mid laner in his initial career. He enrolled with G2 Esports in 2019 and was selected to take part in statewide competitions in 2019. On the G2 sideline this season, he has always remained present.

With Caps’ innate intelligence he is the most competent player ever in solo action. Rasmus Caps Winther grew into one of Europe’s top Esports League players. He is an extremely flexible player who is consistent – he can be aggressive or passive when needs to be, depending on what his Team needs.

His third year in succession is focused on World Series competition. He’s going to probably go overboard with a more mature nickname this year for “baby faker”.

9. Rekkles (LFL – Karmine Corps)


Image From Dot Esports

Rekkles achieved 1,000 kills in EU LCS. The Swedish bot laner plays in teams representing great Europe. This makes him the one of greatest League players of his age. Currently, the only player is competing for his rival in G2. He was the top player in the competition and represents the best in the European Leagues.

In late August the star stepped down due to disappointing circumstances and had failed to adapt. He currently ranks 5th among all-time L.A.L. players.

Martin Larsson was an international leader for all of his professional career. Rekkles was named as the #1 ADC in Australia for the last decade. The results indicate that we don’t really think about him leaving LoL soon enough, he claims.

Rekkles was a consistent player they had been waiting for since his arrival in 2011. Sometimes when he can pull out some difficult games his team could go on, but his personability should suit everyone.

10. ShowMaker (LCK – Damwon KIA)


Image From Liquipedia

The recently renamed team Damwon is preparing for an important expansion during the 2019-2021 LCK. ShowMaker’s teammates have shown to make up for his inconsistent performances on an otherwise uneven roster allowing it to remain impressive and effective.

Despite having an impressive KDA at his highest peak he has shown that he is among the top League leaders of the time. But now ShowMaker has said his latest illness has been linked to deteriorating performances.

Eventually, it will be worth mentioning that in the end, he may win the title LCK and World Championship in 2022.

11. Bjergsen (LCS – Team Liquid)

TSM Bjergsen

Image From Dot Esports

Bjergsen is a formidable veteran who made himself visible through an intelligent laning style and brilliant team-fighting. His mechanics had the power to fight off the best League players ever. Throughout his life, he remained stunned by the lack of global resurgence.

The midfielder returns to the club in November 2022 in hopes of further serving the company in this area. He retired from TSM coaching in November 2021 hoping to help Team Liquid improve its performance.

Bjergsen is one of America’s greatest players and will always be known as such. Among its most remarkable achievements, TSM placed first in the NA LCS but lost the world title to Samsung White in 2014. It was him that began his first season in league as a top mid-getter and went as the top player in that position.

Although he doesn’t have the international success he will look to improve the NA LCS to a more competitive scene.

12. Doublelift (LCS – Team SoloMid – Retired)


Image From Dot Esports

Doublelift is among two North American professional LoL players on the list worldwide. He became a mechanical monster, but he managed to overcome the difficulties for himself to make a comeback. As an eminent legend, Doublelift is recognized as an accomplished athlete with many achievements.

A defeat against Invictus Gaming sent him straight into the MSI semifinals with a loss in the next match against G2. He clenched his third consecutive world championship in 2018 by defeating world governing champion Invictus Gaming.

CounterLogic Gaming released Double Lift in October 2015, which lasted only five months. His champion pool most commonly known to the audience were Caitlyn and Ezreal, with Lucian winning by an average of 69 out of 82. He and Team Liquid were a finalist at the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational.

Doublelift’s team made it through the Group Stage. He is very well known for his flashy greediness that caused huge variance errors and incredible overplay.

13. Chovy (LCK – Gen.G)


Image From Liquipedia

Chovy became the first professional League of Legends player to achieve a 100 overall KDA in LCK. He did it with a 2-0 victory against SK Telecom T1 and won the regular-season MVP award for LCS 2019 spring split as well!

Chovy’s ability has been gathering huge minion advantages during laning phase which makes him notorious all across Europe but also China where he played professionally once upon a time before switching over from LOL back when there was only one server available (European).

However many people still refer to “Choky” by English casters when they see poor play happening even though it’s not really accurate since chokes happen naturally sometimes without choice or intervention.

14. Karsa (LPL – Victory Five)


Image From Liquipedia

Karsa is an outstanding League of Legends player. He has long been loyal to his team. In December 2021 joined top esport transforming it into china’s best team for an LPL championship. In LMS and international competitions, his playing ability was excellent.

In addition to his mechanical ability, his objective gameplay style is widely respected throughout China. He’s one player with great future prospects. His next move comes after Royal Evergill’s win and Uzi’s won four leagues including the 2019 summer break and the 2019 midseason.

Karsa possesses great talent in jungle paths and decision-making. Lee Sin is perhaps his favorite champion with 117 matches, and he also enjoyed tremendous success from Gragas with 87.3% winnings in 60 games. The versatile man makes him an excellent addition to nearly all rosters.

15. DK Khan (DWG KIA)

DK Khan

Image From Dot Esports

Kim “Hanlabong” Dong-ha joined Prime Optimus as a top laner in October of 2013. The team had some success early on, making it to the group stage and beating SK Telecom T1 S but they still couldn’t qualify for playoffs with an overall record of 2-5 during their first season together; however, that didn’t stop them from trying again next year!

This time around though things were different – not only did he have more experience under his belt thanks mainly from playing alongside WE Academy over at China League Of Creativity (LCL) where we saw him achieve unprecedented successes including reaching the Quarterfinals once more before losing out 0 –2 against Star Horn Royal Club.

Final Thoughts

The League of Legends competitive scene is one of the most-watched eSports in the world. That’s because it has some of the best players to ever walk the Rift, who have made their marks on history with countless incredible plays and unforgettable moments that live on for eternity.

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