What Is A Gaming Laptop?

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If you are someone who loves playing games, especially multiplayer ones, then you are probably already familiar with the importance of a gaming laptop. For gaming purposes, you need a computer that has more computing power than an ordinary desktop. Or a laptop so that it is powerful enough to run your favorite game to its maximum capacity.

We all know that multiplayer games require a system that can process much faster. So you don’t get a delay in your game or face the issue of overheating while playing. Nothing is more frustrating than getting killed in a game because of this.

Although a gaming desktop setup remains the preferred choice between numerous PC gamers. At times, something that offers a bit more portability may interest you more. This is where a gaming laptop comes in as a solution. However, when you are in the market intending to purchase a gaming laptop you have to look more than just specifications.

You have to take into consideration some additional things as well. These include, for instance, an integral keyboard and the laptop’s display which is extremely important in a gaming computer.

In this article, we will look at the question “What Is A Gaming Laptop” as well as how a gaming laptop varies from an ordinary laptop that you use every day. Moreover, we will also discuss some important specifications and features that you must look for in a gaming laptop before you purchase it.

The Distinction Between An Ordinary Laptop And A Gaming Laptop

What Is A Gaming Laptop

An ordinary laptop that you use every day for work or lectures is quite different from a gaming laptop. This is because we expect a gaming laptop to comprise a lot more computing power than an ordinary laptop.


A gaming laptop is prepared to offer pungent performance. Unlike an average laptop that is only expected and used for tasks that require average performance. The gaming laptop has specifically designed cooling technology that is unlikely to be found in an ordinary laptop. This is because high-end performance can generate much more heat. Thus, as a result, your system may lag due to overheating.


Another thing that is present in a gaming laptop that makes a whole world of difference is a high end dedicated graphics as compared to normal laptops that only have integrated graphics. If you play an online multiplayer game, then you need extreme graphics and a high frame rate. It not only makes your game smooth but also makes it easy for you to spot an enemy. So you can use a high-end graphics card to enhance the graphic quality of your laptop hence giving you the attractive visual quality.


One thing that a gaming laptop excels in is the components attached within your mainframe. While we expect an ordinary laptop to have normal membrane keyboards and key lighting, a gaming laptop has more components like the Backlit RBG keyboard. It also has a much more attractive design and a brighter display as compared to ordinary laptops for an excellent performance.


A gaming laptop consumes far more power than an ordinary laptop, and this is because it has an extremely powerful processor. Ordinary laptops don’t have such high-end processors because they are not for carrying out powerful tasks. However, this comes with a downside as well because such powerful processors have high power consumption so the battery life of a gaming laptop is far less than an ordinary laptop which might bother some people out there who don’t like charging their laptops again and again and additionally these laptops are very expensive and can cost a fortune.

GPU Types

Gaming Laptop Graphics Card

Although certain games consume the CPU, there are many games out there that need a GPU, so this is one most the most significant decisions that you have to make and that is what type of GPU would you need.

There are two main types of GPUs. These are GTX or RTX GPUs and the AMD GPU’s however, most of the gaming laptops nowadays use the GTX GPU’s. RTX cards are premeditated to conduct ray tracing, and this can result in better gaming quality.

Some of the benefits of a GPU are as follows:-

High-end gaming

The first thing that a GPU card provides is high-end gaming; this means that installing a good quality GPU card will help you improve the graphics of your game. It means that you can run your games at the highest setting without much to worry about also installing such a card has shown a drastic improvement in the gaming quality.

A powerful GPU card can also support VR games that mean you can enjoy the end to end experience in almost every type of game.

There are countless GPU cards available in the market, and it all depends on your affordability and preference as to choose the best option for you.

Other Specifications

There are some other things that you may look for before buying a gaming laptop,


One of the most significant things in a gaming laptop is the CPU. You may choose to get a very potent Core i7 CPU or you can go for an option that you can overclock, for instance, the Intel Core i9-8950HK is a popular option.


PC Gaming can be RAM rigorous. Saying all that, the ideal recommendation for a RAM is 8 GB for regular productivity task. However, you can also go for 16 GB RAM if you want to enjoy the greatest gaming experience.

Memory Storage

You can either go for a hard disk or SSD; there are hard disks available out there that offer up to 1 TB storage. However, there are many gaming laptops out there also comprise a slight SSD to aid as a boot drive this result in lesser loading time in a game and better performance.


What you need to look for in a monitor of a gaming laptop is the display size which is ideally 15-17 inches; however, it depends on your personal preference. The next thing that you should consider is the Resolution that should not be less than a 1920 x 1080 display. You should avoid getting a touch screen laptop because it is an extra feature for a gaming laptop.


One of the most significant components in a gaming laptop is the Keyboard. You shall keep in the mind that a gaming laptop with lower Key Travel, Presence of macro keys allows you to perform the easiest tasks conveniently; the actuation force should ideally be between 65 and 70 grams.

The two most important features to benefit your in-game are Anti-ghosting in addition to n-key rollover. Anti-ghosting allows you to press multiple keys for combinations and carry out numerous actions with all of them registering. The N-key rollover means that all of the keys are individual. Hence, they will register regardless of the fact which key is pressed.

Pros And Cons Of Gaming Laptops

There are several pros and cons of buying a gaming laptop:-


Gaming laptops offer great portability, and you can carry them anywhere; this is one of the things that customers prefer.

When you build a gaming desktop, you may need to gather all parts individually. Like in a gaming laptop, where everything is fixed in a compact system.


Gaming laptops are quite expensive since the technology developed in it is pretty less advanced compared to a gaming desktop they cost a lot.

One of the biggest let down of a gaming laptop is the screen. There are many gamers out there that prefer a big screen display for gaming; this is unlikely to be in a gaming laptop.

The battery consumption of a gaming laptop is also extremely high, so you can not expect it to last too long. It can run out for 4 5 hours, which means you will have to charge it again and again.

Since the portability is great, you will also have to be extremely careful with the screen because it has a high chance of breaking.

Are Gaming Laptops Good For Everyday Use?

If you are someone looking to buy a laptop for office or daily use, then buying a gaming laptop might not be the ideal choice because of the reasons mentioned below. However, it depends on your personal preference.

The first reason is that gaming laptops are extremely expensive for ordinary use. You might get another more affordable and reliable option from the market. Gaming laptops also have a unique look. This means that all the fancy led lights might not look the best when using the laptop for office use.

Gaming laptops also tend to be heavier than average laptops. For everyday use, you may get slim and a more portable option which is easier to carry around; however, gaming laptops tend to be bulky.

These laptops are extremely fast, which means that you will be able to carry out the tasks much more quickly. If you don’t mind the certain disadvantage that comes with it, then you can get a gaming laptop for everyday use.

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