Best League Of Legends Settings In 2022 (LOL Settings Guide)

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League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world, but it can be hard to learn how to play well. We all know that improving our gaming skills and winning more is important, but also very hard. It takes a lot of time and effort to improve at League of Legends.

This guide will teach you how to optimize your LOL settings for maximum performance with minimum effort. Just follow these simple steps and we guarantee that you’ll win many more matches than before!

Best Mouse Settings For League Of Legends

The easiest mouse controls are those you enjoy. Changing mouse controls on the mouse will no longer guarantee that the game will continue with those settings. For some reason, you should consider mouse sensitivity, but choose one which will feel the most natural in your gaming.

You may want better practice with mouse settings – you’ll want the mouse clicks at their precise speed. A favorite method to warm up for playing League of Legends involves the “practice tool” without cooldowns and without any items to warm yourself up. Having the best mouse for League of Legends can also help!

Windows Mouse Acceleration: Turn Off

Best DPI For League Of Legends Enhanced Pointer Options


Mouse DPI: ~1000 – 1600+

Mouse DPI depends on personal preference and gaming level. It’s typically accepted that most players use a DPI from 1000 – 1600. However, some professional players opt for up to 4000 DPI as even more precise, while some beginners prefer around 400 because it has a lower resolution and is less sensitive to mouse movement.

The important thing is really to test it out and see what feels right for you! If you don’t know how to adjust your DPI settings, we recommend reading “What Is The Best DPI For League Of Legends“.

In-Game Mouse Speed: 25

In-game mouse speed set to 25 is a good middle ground between speed and accuracy.

In general, the higher your sensitivity setting, the faster you can move about in-game because you’re bounding from point A to point B much larger distances. This is great for movement-related tasks such as dodging or chasing enemy minions across a map.

However, it isn’t necessarily ideal for spellcasting scenarios where precision matters more than forcing your way through a mob of enemies. For those types of tasks, lower sensitivities work better since they will let you target individual spells directly without them being interrupted by other actions such as having to dodge an incoming minion attack at the same time. Using optimal settings will help you level up your League account faster.

Camera Move Speed: 20

Camera Move Speed Keyboard: 50

Best Keyboard Settings For League Of Legends

LOL Settings Quick Cast

Abilities: Q, W, E, R

Summoner Spells: D, F

Trinket: 6, Or Use A Mouse Button

Auto Level Up: CTRL + Ability Key

Quick Cast: All

One of the most important keys in League Of Legends is turning on “quick cast.” This allows you to select spells or abilities without having to click with your mouse within the game, giving it almost an arcade feel.

Quickcast is primarily ideal for chaining together spells, particularly when you’re using buffs. Whether it’s a hyper-carry with an attack speed buff or a support guardian who wants to give themselves mana back for their next heal, the quick cast does the job quickly.

Basically, if you know how to use the Quickcast keybindings efficiently enough then playing intelligently becomes second nature because all your abilities are right at the tip of your fingers which makes them much more accessible than they would be otherwise. If you don’t have a keyboard yet read “The best keyboard for League of Legends” to get one that fits your every need.

Best Interface Settings For League of Legends


LOL Settings Interface

HUD remains clear when setting it to 100. Mini Maps can be an integral part of your gameplay. It allows you a lot of freedom of visual thinking.

Hud Scale: 100

Keeping your hud at 100 will make all of the information you need clear and easy to see. You won’t have any problems lining up the gear, items, or anything else while also having a well-arranged screen in front of us!

Chat Scale: 50

Chat can get in the way of your climbing by distracting you during a match. I recommend turning this setting down to 50 or lower so that it does not distract from getting ahead on leaderboards!

Minimap Scale: 100

The minimap will be your best friend when you need to know where everyone on the battlefield is. Make sure that it has a large enough resolution so that all of its features are visible, and avoid using any color or icon layers near objects which might obscure what’s happening in them (elements such as trees).

Ganking can happen unexpectedly at any time! So make certain this tool doesn’t leave you blindsided with a small view.

Cursor Scale: 50

Death Recap Scale: 85

Client Setting: Enable Low Spec Mode

LOL Settings Low Spec Mode


Before you start with your specific LOL video settings though, there is an important change to make in the client. Head into “Settings” and enable low-spec mode for optimal performance! This will leave more PC power for when you are actually in-game.

Best Video Settings For League Of legends

Using a highly efficient PC you can maximize your visual experience without any performance degradations. Some less powerful machines could quickly handle League’s graphic loads. Please check the following LOL settings to ensure the most powerful results will be achieved.

It can be pushed through to a max setting and cause screen distortion. Effect quality influences the quality of a character containing flames or spells.


LOL Setting Best Graphics

Resolution: 1920x 1080

1920x1080 is the standard monitor size and uses the LCS format. Generally, they offer everything they need and are probably more suitable with large screens. One reason for 1080p monitors is their smaller viewing area to get you moved much quicker.

Window Mode: Full Screen

Graphics Quality: Medium – Very High

Character Quality: Medium – Very High

Character Inking: On, Or Off

Best Advanced Video Settings

Best LOL Settings Advanced


Frame Rate: Uncapped

This setting is great for when you want to take advantage of all the frames that are on your computer. The cap will make sure it matches whatever monitor refresh rate is currently being used, so don’t worry about having one or two too many!

Anti-Aliasing: Off

You’ll have a smoother experience with less graphic tearing if you keep this turned off.

Vertical Sync: Off

FPS below the monitor refresh rate will cause your game to slow down, so turn this setting off if you want a smooth gameplay experience.

Best Sound Settings For League Of Legends


Best Sound Settings LOL

There’s a set of sliders that are used to determine what sound should be boosted or muted based on how far away from you your champion or enemy champion is. Generally, you want the voice clarity at 75%. Other effects should be best left at 50% because they can include crowd noise, map ambiance, music, etc.

Make sure other sliders are set to whatever suits you best for gameplay – whether that means a higher volume or less bass. You should always play around with these sliders until it feels right! That said, these other options will all have some effect on your sound settings and will lead to clearer gameplay audio during your gaming sessions.

The ping volume should be placed above the announcer’s volume and above the music to be alert to your teammate’s game direction.

Master Volume: 50

Music Volume: 0

Announcer Volume: 85

Voice Volume: 75

Sound Effects Volume: 50

Abience Volume: 25

Pings Volume: 100

League Of Legends Ping

Low ping is essential, and professionals and Korean players have ping speeds of 1 to 20 ms. However, players from poor regions or poorly designed pings will play with pings as high as 400 ping.

If you are experiencing low LOL ping it could be from a bad internet connection. The best thing to do is to open other sites and check your bandwidth. If this does not fix the problem, you will need to contact your ISP about getting a new modem or router that supports better connections for consistent high speeds.

You can also unplug and reboot anything that has internet capabilities in the house especially if the issue only appeared recently: modems/router, TVs with Wi-Fi capability, and phones with WiFi capability all need to be turned off before turning them back on again 1-2 minutes later.

Best League Of Legends Settings FAQ:

How Can I Play LOL Smoothly?

It’s imperative that you have a strong, dependable internet connection for League of Legends to play smoothly. If at any time you believe your connection is experiencing technical difficulties, check out Riot Games’ network status page.

The main sources of a low frame rate are the graphics settings. If your frame rates have dipped because you’re hitting one too many effects at once, turn down an effect or two to see if that solves the problem. Enabling Low Spec mode in LOL settings weights certain graphical items as less important than others and will run smoother as a result.

What FPS Does LOL Run At?

League of Legends is a fast-paced multiplayer online battle arena game, meaning that it requires an FPS above 60 to not experience noticeable delays.

Most experienced gamers recommend using 120hz monitors ideally with at least 144 Hz monitors available as well because the lower the refresh rate of your monitor is, the higher chance you will have for experiencing input lag which can be angering when participating in intense battles spanning seconds or more.

What Is The Best DPI For League?

Most people will consider a rating of 1800 DPI to be the highest rating sensitivity level that is considered appropriate for League of Legends gameplay. This rating presents an excellent balance between precision and speed, while still making sure the player has enough control over their movements across the screen.

Many professional esports athletes will play with a rating of this magnitude or lower, which allows them to have more precise control over their mouse movements without sacrificing speed in any way.

How Do I Set Up League Of Legends?

Download the LoL installation package. Install and follow the instructions from the installation wizard. Let your gaming experience commence with League of Legends. The patcher will complete the installation of the game client.

What Is The Best Refresh Rate For League Of Legends?

144Hz monitors provide a minimal recommended refresh rate in most games such as League of Legends. The speed of these monitors is greater than most 60-Hz monitors. A few current graphics processing consoles have G-Sync (NVIDIA) and FreeSync (AMD).

This functionality lets you synchronize your GPU with your default GPU refresh rate. It’s crucial to prevent screens that are damaged. You can immediately notice the difference when gaming with 70Hz X 144Hz monitor.

It is fairly quiet but is quite noticeable when played at 60hz. You will experience accelerated performance at faster speeds than the 60Hz screen.

Final Thoughts On LOL Settings

The game has evolved so much in the last 5 years, and it will continue to do so with time. It is important that you keep up on your settings for optimum performance. Player attitudes are changing as well, which means that some of these settings may be more or less popular than they once were when the game was first created.

Our goal here at Gaming Edit is to arm you with all of this information, but also give you a chance to experiment and find what works best for YOU! We hope we’ve helped clear things up about how League Of Legends (LOL) handles its settings – now go out there and have fun!

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