How To Check Available League Of Legends Names? (LOL Name Checker)

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If you’re looking to get into League of Legends but don’t have a name picked out yet, then this blog post is for you! We’ll go over what makes a good name and give you some tips on how to find one using a lol name checker. When picking your name, just keep in mind that it should be easy to spell and pronounce.

It’s also important that it doesn’t use any symbols or numbers since they can cause issues with the game’s chat system and other players will not know how to type them correctly. So if you’ve been looking for help figuring out what to call yourself when playing LoL look no further!

How Do You Change Your Summoner Name For League Of Legends?

The total cost is 1300RP (Riot Points) or 13900BE ( Blue Essence). Riot Points are a currency that you can buy using real cash. Blue essence is a reward you receive when you’ve won a game and you complete the mission. It shouldn’t take too much time to get to 13900 Blue Essence in LOL.

Use The League Of Legends Client Name Checker

Use the League of Legends Client to find out if your name is available. You will be reminded of your username automatically. You can always check whether a Summoner Name is available in the client store.

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Step 1) Open your League of Legends Client and click on the store.

lol Name checker Store

Step 2) Once inside the store page click on Profile in the top right corner.

lol name checker Profile

Step 3) Next click on Summoner Name Change

lol name checker Name Change

Step 4) Now you can test any League of Legends username using the in-game name checker to see if it’s available!

lol name checker

What Is A League of Legends Summoner Name Checker?

There are a plethora of name checker websites to use for this. I recommend using LOLNames to find your perfect League Of Legends Summoner name because they have the most up-to-date database of names that have been already taken by other players.

The great thing about these websites is that the process will be faster when registering for your account with them because you’ll know if someone else already has it before you put in the username and password.

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Use A LOL Name Checker

LOLNames permits you to see if a League of Legends profile already exists. If a LOL profile exists it can then check a match’s history. After that, it is possible to determine the start date in case the name becomes available.

30-month non-availability will result in a removal of the League of Legends account. Other sites exist but they are not as reliable and some are facing challenges connecting to Riot API services. The Site gives a calendar date to when the name might become available next.

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Can You Swap A Summoner Name With Another LOL Account?

A summoner name is an email address on which you have access, so there are no restrictions preventing you from swapping it with a different LOL account. There are some considerations that you should be aware of when considering the process of transferring. The best way to swap summoner names is to close out the account that you want to swap to freeing up the summoner name to be used again.

1) If both accounts are more than 1 week old then the transfer will not incur any IP/RP penalties, however, if they are less than one week or were just created then IP/RP may be lost by transferring.

2) The transferred account does not get anything – their inventory appears at 0 RP until they make a purchase to recently log in and start acquiring things again.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a new name to use in League of Legends, it’s worth checking out the available names that are currently unclaimed. You can do this by logging into your account and navigating to the LOL settings tab. Here, scroll down until you see “name availability”.

Once there, type in any possible variations of your desired username and find out if they’re free! This is also an effective way to make sure no one else has taken up your own unique League of Legends name before settling with another idea. If all goes well, congrats you’ve found your next League of Legends Summoner Name.

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