League Of Legends Loss Prevented Explained

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The League of Legends client provides an excellent way for players to view the results of their matches post-game. This comes in what we call the match history. Usually, it will display whether a player’s match resulted in a win or lose. However, in the rarest of circumstances, the match history can show that a match has “Loss Prevented” recorded in it. What does this mean for that particular game?

Match history displaying the game flagged as Loss Prevented

League Of Legends Loss Prevented Meaning

Loss prevented is a rare match history result shown when the official Riot Games servers are experiencing technical difficulties. Unlike in the case of a regular loss, you won't won't take any negative hits as a result of defeat. Since the loss was most likely out of the players' control, the loss is considered forgiven. However, this will only come in to affect if a large amount of players were affected by the server error or technical difficulty.

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What Causes A Game To Result As Loss Prevented?

It is mentioned that the only reason a game results in this way is through technical errors in the side of Riot Games’ servers. To be specific, here are some of the specific reasons for this result:

1. Server Lag

Server lag is probably the most common reason for players to experience server error. Server lag can come from the overload of users at a given time. However, since Riot Games has been continuously upgrading their server capacity, you can expect that this won’t be as common in Riot’s main server. There is a chance that this happens in newer regions where the League of Legends third-party hosting has not been properly established yet.

2. Gameplay Bugs

Gameplay bugs are not as common as server lag as new versions of the game always go through several play-throughs and beta testing before being released to the public. Of course, you will hear news of other people experiencing gameplay bugs every now and then. However, for this to be counted as loss prevented, the gameplay bug needs to affect a large group of players or else it may not be counted as loss prevented.

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What Will I Lose?

You will lose absolutely nothing. If you lost the match due to a widespread server error, factors such as LP or MMR will not drop as a result of the loss. Although, the player will still gain the full amount of EXP from the match. If you won the match, you will receive half the LP and MMR you would normally gain from the winning. Missions, masteries, and legends will still count post-game.

How Do I Know If My Game Results In Loss Prevented?

After the game, the result will immediately display as Loss Prevented instead of Defeat. You can also check the status of the game in your match history list to determine if your game was flagged as Loss Prevented.

How Often Does This Happen?

The chances of this happening are extremely rare. As stated before, Riot Games has been continuously upgrading their facilities and gaining more resources to maintain the integrity of their servers. You can probably expect that during your entire career as a League of Legends player, you’ll experience this a couple of times.

What Should I Do If I Think My Game Should’ve Been Loss Prevented?

Generally, the system automatically flags your game as Loss Prevented if the match deserves to be so. If you really think that your game deserves to be flagged as loss prevented, then you may contact Riot Games Support in order to discuss any concerns you may have.

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