Is GTA 5 Cross-Platform?

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Due to the various advancements of technology that we have seen over the last several years, one of the most beneficial extensions would be the ability to play different games with friends that live in different parts of the globe at the same time.

Due to the feature of cross-platform, you can now play games as well as connect with your friends and family no matter the type of console they use for gaming.

What Does It Mean To Be Cross Platform?

A game that has the option of cross-platform can be played across multiple types of operating environments simultaneously and in sync.

There are many types of cross-platform systems including software, hardware, and systems that need a separate build for a particular platform or that are made to work in an exact manner across different types of platforms.

Cross-platform is also called platform-independent or multiplatform.

A cross-platform system in the form of a virtual system runs in a wireless network or a cloud computing environment, which is most commonly seen when it comes to online games such as PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG), Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto (GTA).

Grand Theft Auto V

Is GTA 5 Cross Platform

Grand Theft Auto is a video game series created by Mike Daily and David Jones. It consists of action-adventure scenarios and missions that the player has to complete. Over the years, it has gained massive popularity in the gaming society.

Grand Theft Auto or GTA is widespread among teenagers and young adults. Moreover, over the years, it has also included options for multiplayer. This further increased its user base and attracted new players.

Currently, Grand Theft Auto has sixteen different games in the series in addition to the two expansion packs used for the original game and two expansions of GTA 4 and a multiplayer feature.

A while ago, GTA V which is the fifth part of the series was released and one of the most asked questions among the gamers is whether GTA 5 is cross platform.

Well, GTA V does have cross-platform support but it exists between a few platforms. People who have PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can play with the players having the PC version of the games. However, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players cannot play with one another.

It seems a bit confusing, right? Let’s get into the detail.

PC Players

People who play the renowned game after purchasing it on the PC are the lucky ones. Because the PC version has the option of cross-platform as compared to the other platforms! So, yes, GTA V is cross-platform but only if you buy it for PC.

Other Players

Unfortunately, even in today’s era, it can be a bit difficult to play cross-platform if you do not have the right kind of console. Hence, buying a specific console can be extremely beneficial especially if you want to play with your friends.

We do have a solution for you but it is not necessarily cheap either. You can buy a specific console to play cross-platform like in PUBG or Fortnight! You can either invest in an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4. Whichever you find applicable to your style as well as purpose.

Particularly, the January Sales after the New Year have low purchasing rates for Xbox One! Hence, if you can wait that long, better label a jar as an Xbox One! And start dropping in money until the sales arrive!

If you do not want to buy a brand new console then you can also invest in a second-hand console. Just make sure you check its condition and functions in person before the purchase!

GTA V Online

Regretfully, the online version of the game does not support cross-platform either. None of GTA’s Online platforms; Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC use the same types of servers which would allow the players from all these platforms to play together in the same lobby.

Reason For The Inability To Cross Platform

The rationale behind the incapability of the feature is the dissimilarity between the controller and the control scheme (keyboard and the mouse). Moreover, the companies which control different platforms have their own unique methods of maintaining and managing the different networks.

Interoperability is the attribute of a system or product that has an interface that is completely understandable and easy to work with other systems without any restrictions. Regretfully, interoperability was not designed into the game.

One of the most common restrictions is that there cannot be more than 16 players online in a particular lobby. This restriction usually exists because PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 do not support it. Current platforms like Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC allow more than 30 players to play together.

Thus, the difference in the number of players allowed on different consoles and the difference between the technicalities of the consoles play the main part in the inability of cross-platform playing in GTA V.

The closest you can get to playing cross-platform is if you purchase the game on a particular type of system in trend and transporting the information from the previous system into the newer one. Furthermore, there is an option of ‘Backward Capability’ in Xbox One.

Backward Capability Feature in Xbox One

xbox one

This feature became available in the Xbox One console in November of 2015. It allows the users of Xbox One to play games of Xbox 360 in their console. It also contains a multiplayer feature which lets you play with one or more player in possession of an Xbox 360.

In A Nut Shell

Thus, the universal answer to the question ‘Is GTA 5 Cross Platform?’ is a big fat NO! Though, it has an exception in the case of Xbox One due to its marvelous Backward Capability feature.

Folks, you can play with players that have the same generation console as you. But, unfortunately, you cannot play with players using other platforms. Unless you have the purchased version of GTA V on your PC, you can leave the hope that there would be an option for cross-platform anytime soon.

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