Is A Gaming Monitor Worth It?

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Since childhood, we have been playing games on the computer screen, but times have changed. From the revolution of telephone to the smartphone, those ugly big computer screens encountered it too, and have now become large monitor screens with an exquisite resolution.

It was like a dream come true moment for gamers because with such screens you need not worry about ghosting, blurry pictures or screen jittering. This is the reason that irrespective of whether it is a gaming club or your home’s gaming corner, a quality gaming monitor is mandatory.

Higher refresh rates, shorter input lag, and better graphics have changed gaming from its core. Also, as technology advanced, better monitors have become cheaper, so they’re not restricted to just pro gamers anymore. If you want to find out Is A Gaming Monitor Worth It, keep on reading.

Is A Gaming Monitor Worth It

Features Of A Gaming Monitor

A gaming monitor has millions of features that you don’ find in a regular computer screen, and some of them are:

1) Input lag

Input lag affects your gaming enthusiasm like nothing else. This is easy to understand, just imagine that you are playing a game and you press a key on your controller to shoot your enemy, and this demand takes so long to proceed, that your enemy shoots your character.

This difference between the order and the action is known as the input lag and we can understand what havoc it causes. But in the case of the gaming monitors, you will not face any such trouble, and you can relish the smooth gaming time easily.

2) Response time

Let us just simplify it a little for all those new to a gaming monitor, the response time, you can say is the time that pixels take to change from one color to another and it often takes milliseconds.

The easiest way to grasp this feature is that the lower the response time is, the better images you get. Of course, in this way pixels change quickly so you don’t see any sort of lagging on the screen. It may sound a lot like response rate, but it is different.

Response rate is how many images appear on the screen within a timeframe of one second, but for the individual pixel performance, the gaming monitor focusses on the response time, now you can have an idea of why gaming monitors are always amidst the hype.

3) HDR

This is one of the most premium features of a modern gaming monitor. It stands for High Dynamic Range and it means that it brings your screen the most vibrant and stunning color experience. We even assure you that if you come across a 1080p monitor and an HDR, you will find the latter more worthy of your money.

It is pretty obvious but HDR may cost you a little more, but if you are really into a gaming monitor, you may want to think of the best features.

4) Quantum Dot Technology

Quantum Dot Technology is just another feature that explains why gaming monitors have outclassed the bulky computer monitors. This technology uses small semiconductor crystals which emit a very strong color of their own. The manufacturers just take the red and green color emitting crystals and stick them together.

When they reflect blue light from this layer, viewers come across the most vibrant color experience they have ever imagined. This technology has revolutionized the whole monitor market and the best thing about it is, it doesn’t cost that much. So more manufacturers go for it. As a result, most gaming monitors possess this feature which makes it a great choice.

The purpose of all this quantum discussion is that you don’t have to play games on that old dull-colored screen when such a technical advancement has fan zoned a multitude of gamers across the globe.

5) Color Space

It is the range of colors a monitor can display, that’s why you see a color difference between two monitors. The color space can be an sRGB or an AdobeRGB, each color space carries its color range.

These days, mostly the manufacturers go for the sRGB color space and confidently declare that their gaming monitor covers X percent of the sRGB color space, so if this space carries certain colors, the monitors will enhance and display only those colors to the extent of X.

Let us clear your misconception, it doesn’t put a limit to the color range. The fact is, these colors are more than you will ever need. It just creates a subset so that the colors can merge up together to produce a better image on the screen.

In the best gaming monitor, you will see that there will be a higher percentage of the color space. That is why it reproduces a more vibrant and realistic image.

6) Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is the number of times your display updates with a new image each second. The traditional refresh rate for most monitors is 60 Hz which means the display refreshes 60 times per second. As a matter of fact, universally all new screens come with a default refresh rate of 60 Hz. For gamers, it is important to have a fast refresh rate for a smooth experience, in order to keep everything sharp and have a fast reaction time.

Gaming monitors now have up to a 240 Hz refresh rate which makes the gaming experience better than conventional monitors with 60 Hz or below. Even for non-gamers, a refresh rate below 60 Hz will start to hurt your overall PC experience.

Also, don’t believe the things you read about the human eye not being able to register anything above 60 Hz, it’s proven to be a myth. The change from 60 Hz to 144 or 244 Hz is definitely noticeable and if you have the money it’s definitely worth it.

Advantages Of A Gaming Monitor

Let us put all the advantages in a nutshell before it boggles your mind.

  • The gaming monitor can offer you a better picture quality as compared to a regular one
  • It exhibits the Quantum Dot Technology. It uses primary colors and produces an infinite range of the secondary colors on your screen
  • The response rate is very smooth. The images go through transition as per the sequence, you won’t find any ghost images.
  • It reduces screen jitter to a minimum.
  • The crystal technology separates the gaming monitor from all the previous screens.
  • They also care about your eyes. The protective layer on the gaming monitors saves your eyes from reddening and itching.
  • These screens have set a benchmark for prime quality image production. You will find them everywhere, in offices, gaming clubs or even studios.

Disadvantages Of A Gaming Monitor

Since we are covering gaming monitors from all angles, we want you to know its downsides as well.

It doesn’t have many cons, the only disturbing aspect is the value scale. We know that there are cheap ones available. But as compared to the regular screens, these still cost a lot more.

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