Is A Gaming Keyboard Worth It?

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If you are a PC gamer odds are that you are already familiar with the importance of a keyboard, They are an essential part of a gaming setup because they control the whole movement of your character in-game and If the movement is slow especially in a multiplayer game then that will get you killed in no time.

So, you must look for a keyboard that processes as soon as you press the key.

There is a wide variety of keyboards available in the market. However, the two most famously used and known types are mechanical keyboards that are labeled as the old school choice and the latest invention that is the membrane keyboard, but which one of these is perfect for gaming and is a gaming keyboard worth it?

We look at the significance of a gaming keyboard through this article and how it has an impact on your gaming ability; moreover, we will look at the two types of keyboards in more detail considering the important distinctions between them.

This article will help you conclude as to which type of keyboard would be the best for you for gaming purposes. It will mainly focus on the importance, durability, and flexibility of both of these kinds of keyboards.

Importance Of Keyboards

Is A Gaming Keyboard Woth It

The importance of a keyboard should not be underestimated. Most gamers and typists, when asked about it, claim that a good quality keyboard helps them in typing or playing faster and more precisely. For gaming purposes, a gaming keyboard is considered necessary, and that is for several reasons.

The first thing you will notice on most gaming keyboards is there Led or RGB lights, and this is for a more appealing or unique look. A lot of gamers enjoy customizing and playing with the look of their gaming setup, so for some people, this is an essential feature of a gaming keyboard.

The mechanical switches are important for improved key pressing contrivance. Your keys must be highly effective, and we will look at the importance of mechanical switches down below generally they are preferred by gamers. One more thing that gamers prefer is additional keys and more composite software to permit commands and to switch among commands in a faster way.

Kinds Of Keyboards

Two main kinds of keyboards are in use most often these days. Previously, mechanical keyboards were the best choice, and they were most popular in the ’80s and early ’90s. Such keyboards had mechanical switches below the keyboard keys. Mechanical keyboards are widely known for their accuracy, response rate, and tremendous durability. The unique click and compact feeling of each stroke made on a mechanical keyboard are components that are conspicuously not found in the latest types of keyboards. However, as fast as these keyboards might be one thing that may not be preferred by many people out there is the high noise level that these keyboards are known for making when a button is pressed but if the user is not too bothered by this, it won’t be a problem.

The other main type of keyboard is the membrane keyboard; these are the popular choice now a day; this is due to their trendy look and portability. Such keyboards are often lightweight, making them easier to carry around. The membrane keyboards are also manufactured more cheaply. So many companies out there prefer their manufacturing compared to their counterparts.

We shall now look at some features of both the keyboards and distinctions between both of these; additionally, we will also discuss as to which keyboard is the best choice if you are someone who loves playing multiplayer games like League of Legends or Fortnite where movement is everything.

Speed And Accuracy

When you are looking for a keyboard for gaming purposes, you expect it to work fast. The response rate is necessary for games like League of Legends and Fortnite because if you are not fast enough, you will get killed.

Mechanical keyboards have a reputation for having a fast response rate. Most of the time, you only have to push a mechanical switch halfway for it to register a keystroke; this effectively means that you won’t miss a response when you push a button. Principally, mechanical keyboards enable a frugality of movement, unlike membrane keyboards.

The force of actuation that is necessary to record a keystroke on membrane keyboards is most often considered to be extremely small in comparison to mechanical keyboards, and this can result in typing errors and finger slips. It is the cause of a problem when you are playing a multiplayer game because you can’t miss a keystroke. Mechanical keyboards are a lot more precise as compared to membrane boards.

Reliability is a key aspect for a gaming keyboard; players are dependent on every keystroke for gaming, especially when it comes to multiplayer games like League of Legends and Fortnite because even a little delay can get the player killed.


When you are building your very own gaming PC, you expect it to look great. Apart from the performance, the next thing that a gamer cares about is the look of their setup. The most intimidating things about mechanical keyboards are that they vary a lot from each other.

Mechanical keyboards often have Cherry MX mechanical switches. These switches vary in colors that means you get a wide variety of choices to choose from. The most infamous colors that people often prefer are white, black, red, and green.

Every type of Cherry MX mechanical switch has its particular qualities. Typists often prefer the Blue MX switch because of its excellent response rate and accuracy; however, everyone might not prefer it. This is because such switches provide an extremely high response rate.

While at the same time, it makes a loud noise which might not be liked by every user out there. However, if you are a gamer that likes the sound of keys, then this can be the perfect choice for you. So at the end of the day, it all depends on your personal preference.

The membrane keyboards, on the other hand, have a pressure pad along with membrane switches. This might not offer a high response rate compared to a mechanical keyboard.  So we might not suggest these very highly for gaming purposes; additionally, such keyboards are not as fast in comparison to their counterparts.


When we talk about the resilience of both the mechanical and membrane keyboards, it is important to look at certain important factors. We look for an option that you can invest in, and you expect it to operate for a long time. So we must look at the life cycle of these keyboards.

We have already described above that the mechanical keyboards have cherry MX switches. Such switches are assessed to have a life cycle of up to 50 million keystrokes. This is an excellent life circle for a keyboard. Since you can use the switches for such a prolonged period you expect something else to break in keyboard before a fault arises with these switches.

Meanwhile, the Stock membrane keyboards habitually have a life cycle of 1 to 10 million keystrokes. This can sometimes go as high as 20 million keystrokes. Despite having 20 million keystrokes if you are someone who has to sit in front of the computer screen for a long time then membrane switches might not last so long

When you compare the keystrokes of both types of keyboards, you notice that the mechanical keyboards have a superiority factor compared to a membrane keyboard. So investing in a mechanical keyboard will be a better choice when you consider resilience. We expect it to operate for a way longer period in comparison to a membrane keyboard.

Is A Gaming Keyboard Worth It?

In the last couple of years, mechanical keyboards have achieved the reputation of being the ideal choice for gamers and typists. It is because they prefer an excellent quality keyboard that excels in performance, speed, and durability. Gaming keyboards have grown onto become rather erudite and frequently attribute mechanical switches.

The authority and reputation that the membrane keyboard has established are in jeopardy as more people discover mechanical keyboards since a gaming keyboard should prioritize reaction times and rapidity instead of typing comfortability.

Thus, for the purpose, a mechanical gaming keyboard is the ideal choice. Especially when you intend to play multiplayer games like Fortnite and League of Legends.

However, Such Mechanical keyboards may have cons as well. The first one being is the high sound, which is not specifically a problem if you are not much bothered. However, they have a reputation for being noisy. Another thing is that the keyboards are quite heavy as compared to membrane keyboards.

Therefore, you cannot expect them to be portable, unlike a membrane keyboard that has much better portability. These keyboards are also expensive as compared to membrane keyboards. But if you are someone that is going to build a gaming system and portability, noise level and price isn’t a problem, then you should go for a gaming mechanical keyboard.

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