How To Level Up Honor In League Of Legends

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The League of Legends Honor system was first introduced in 2012 as a means for players to give credit to teammates who performed exceptionally or brought about a great gaming experience during the match. In earlier renditions of this system, you couldn’t level up honor but you were able to earn crests as rewards. Nowadays, the honor system provides a wide array of rewards from the progression system which entices players to aim to get honor after games.

How To Level Up Honor In League Of Legends

How To Level Up Honor In League Of Legends

There is only one way to receive honor points in the game and that is to receive honors from other players. This is done after every match where you get to choose a set of eligible players to honor from a set of three honor choices. Generally, you can get honored by other players if you’ve performed well or acted in a way that has helped the team achieve victory. However, there is no guarantee that you’ll get honor points after every game as the choice to do this still lies with your teammates.

Honor Progression

Honor Progression Rewards

Honor progression is a way for Riot Games to make the honor system a relevant function of the game. By receiving a certain amount of honor from other players, you can essentially build up your honor level and receive loot boxes or exclusive rewards as you progress through earning honor points. These rewards are earned after reaching specific points through your progression which are:

1. Honor Levels

The highest level you can reach when you level up honor is Honor 5, after which you will have received the final set of rewards from the honor system. Reaching each level before that will also give you Honor Capsules as rewards. Each summoner starts out as Honor 0 for new accounts. When you’ve reached Honor 2 or higher on a previous season, you’ll start out as Honor 2 every season that follows.

2. Honor Checkpoints

Honor checkpoints are like mini levels in-between honor levels. Each level, starting from Honor 2, will pass through 3 honor checkpoints before gaining another level to progress. Reaching these checkpoints will also give you rewards in the form of Honor Orbs which is similar to Honor Capsules. These checkpoints reset every time your honor level goes up except in Honor 1 and 5 where there are no honor checkpoints available.

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Honor Rewards

The best way to encourage players to progress through the honor system is to give them rewards. After all, the players want to have a way of being compensated for going through the arduous task of carrying the team to victory. Thankfully, Riot Games gives its players rewards for such a backbreaking feat. These are the rewards you can claim from the Honor Rewards system:

1. Honor Capsules And Orbs

Honor Capsules for Honor 3, 4, and 5

We’ve mentioned getting Honor Orbs and Honor Capsules before but what exactly do they give? To put it simply, Honor Orbs and Capsules are similar to Hextech Chests except they don’t need Hextech Keys to be opened. These loot boxes give you a chance to gain skin shards which you can use to unlock skin permanents for champions you already own. You can also gain a bit of blue essence, orange essence, and champion shards in these capsules.

2. Loading Screen Flairs

Honor Flair

By reaching honor levels, specific flairs will be shown as a border around your profile on the loading screen before a match begins. While it doesn’t exactly give you any direct benefit, it showcases the credibility of your account by telling people that you’ve achieved such a high honor level. Maybe it’ll help convince your teammates to listen to calls you make during the game.

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3. Hextech Key Fragments

Combining 3 hextech key fragments to create a key

Hextech Keys are used in opening Hextech Chests which also have a chance to drop skin and champion shards. Leveling up your honor will give you 1 key while reaching checkpoints will give you a random amount of key fragments. You’ll need to collect three key fragments in order to create a complete key that you can then use to open Hextech chests.

4. Exclusive Skins

Medieval Twitch Full Art

There are two exclusive skins you can acquire when you reach Honor 5 before the season ends. These are the Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch skins. Note that you won’t get these skins directly but will instead get an Honor 5 token to be exchanged for one of those skins. If you already have these skins then you will be given the option to claim a Chroma belonging to one of those skins instead.

Honoring Allies

It’s common courtesy for players to give out honor points at the end of the game. Understanding how the honor system works will help you get a better chance of getting these specific honors while in the game. By knowing how to earn each of these honor points, you can act accordingly during the game which will prompt other people to see that you’re deserving of the honor point.

Honor Stayed Cool Emblem Stayed-Cool

Most of the time, a game doesn’t turn out the way you want to. There will come a time where a series of unfortunate events befalls you and your team. At this point, you’ll need to do your best to keep everyone together so that you can pull an epic comeback. No matter what the outcome may be, your teammates will appreciate the fact that you continued fighting on even though the game felt like it was already lost.

Honor Great Shotcalling Emblem Great Shotcalling

Communication is a key feature in ensuring a successful game. Being able to call out the right plays or necessary information at crucial times will turn the tide of a fight more often than not. A great shot caller will be able to efficiently lead his team to make the right plays at all times. However, be cautious, as sometimes other people might take your shot calling as being bossy and find you annoying. Be sure to call out only when the information is relevant to the situation at hand.

Honor Stayed Cool Emblem Honor GG GG <3

The most common way a person gets honored after a game is if that person contributes to the game’s success. This is done by carrying the game to victory, securing objectives, or being a great supporting player. This honor point is given to players who help create a great game for the team. Show off your skills on the rift and impress your teammates so that they’ll see that you’re worth giving an honor.

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How To Quickly Gain Honor

Honor Trading

Honor trading is done when you have a pre-made party of 2 or more. You and the person you play with can choose to honor each other after every game regardless of the outcome. If you have a pre-made party of 5 you can ask all your teammates to spam honor points to you. This is the fastest and most secure way for you to earn a large number of honor points in a short amount of time.

Carrying The Game

As mentioned before, carrying the game is the most common way to earn honor points especially if you’re with a random party. The person who contributes the most to the game’s success is most likely to be the one who will be honored by the entire team. However, you should provide healthy communication so that your teammates won’t be put off by any toxic behavior and choose not to give you the honor even if you deserve it.

Can I lose Honor Points?

Yes, you can. You can lose honor points if you have recently been punished for bad behavior. You don’t immediately lose your honor when you get reported or behave in an unsportsmanlike manner. Although, when you receive punishment such as chat bans or temporary suspension, it will also reflect on your honor rating and Riot Games will place your honor level back to Honor 1 or Honor 0 if you were already Honor 1.

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