How To Get Blue Essence In League Of Legends

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League of Legends is a free-to-play multiplayer game that features no pay-to-win elements. It offers different types of currency that are accessible by players through pure gameplay. While players can choose to purchase prestige items by using real money, a lot of the necessary items are purchased through an in-game currency called Blue Essence. Keep reading to learn how to get blue essence in League Of Legends

What Are The Currencies In League Of Legends?

There are four main types of currencies in League of Legends:

  1. Riot Points
    Riot points are received by purchasing prepaid cards or directly buying it on the Riot store via Debit/Credit cards or PayPal. You can buy almost everything using Riot points if you have the resources to do so.
  2. Orange Essence
    Orange essence is a rare currency used to craft skins shards. Alternatively, disenchanting skin shards is also one of the few ways to earn this currency in-game.
  3. Event Tokens
    Event Tokens appear during major events such as during the release of new game modes, anniversaries, tournaments, and even skin releases. However, event tokens can only be used to buy specific event items and expire after a few days after the event has concluded.
  4. Blue Essence
    Blue Essence is the primary currency in League of Legends and is used to purchase essential parts of the game.

When Was Blue Essence Introduced?

Blue Essence was a currency used to unlock champion shards introduced in Season 7. However, after patch 7.22, Riot Games announced that it will be merged with Influence Points (IP), which was the main currency used to unlock champions back then to create a uniform currency system in the game.

LoL Champion Store

Today, it is the main currency in League of Legends used to buy champions or unlock champion shards in your inventory as well as purchasing additional rune pages to use during the game. However, unlike IP, Blue Essence is not acquired simply by playing games. 

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How To Get Blue Essence In League Of Legends

Even though Blue Essence can’t be acquired every time you finish a game, it is still relatively easy to acquire.

1. First Win of the Day

How to get Blue Essence in league of legends

While Riot Games has removed gaining currency after playing games, they still aim to promote playing games by introducing an alternate reward system. Winning a game each day will not only give you a lot of exp, but it will also reward you with a bit of extra Blue Essence.

2. Missions

League Of Legends Mission

Missions pop up during special events such as during the release of game modes or skins. Each event features different rewards and prizes when completed. You may exchange prizes from this event directly into blue essence or other prizes that have a chance to drop Blue Essence.

The best way to maximize these rewards is to make sure that you finish all your daily or weekly missions before they reset. Also, exchange your event points by buying Hextech Keys not Blue Essence since champion shards offer the best amount of Blue Essence.

3. Disenchanting Champion Shards

Draven Champion Shard

Champion shards are earned in various ways and are acquired randomly. Getting the champion shard of a champion you already have or have no plans of using becomes a blessing in disguise. Disenchanting champion shards offer the highest amount of Blue Essence you can acquire in the game.

You should also note that disenchanting champion shards yield 20% of the original cost to buy the champion at the shop. This means that the more expensive champions will give you more Blue Essence while the cheaper ones are almost not worth disenchanting at all.

4. Hextech Chests

Hextech Chest

The Hextech chest is the most common way to acquire champion shards. You can acquire Hextech chests through missions or by earning an S-rating during a game. However, you’ll need a Hextech key to open these chests which are significantly harder to find. Additionally, Hextech chests have a chance to drop Blue Essence in addition to the champion shard.

You can also buy Hextech keys and chests using RP as they are available in the League of Legends shop. However, if you’re planning to spend real money to buy chests then you might as well buy the champion itself using your RP. If you MUST buy something using your limited RP, then you should buy Hextech keys since they are relatively harder to get than Hextech chests.

5. Champion Capsules

Champion Capsule

Champion capsules act like Hextech chests but don’t require Hextech keys to open. These are easier to acquire during the earlier parts of the game but will take more time as your level grows. These also have a higher chance to drop a good amount of Blue Essence and more champion shards to disenchant.

6. Honor Capsules & Orbs

After achieving Honor Level 3, 4, 5, the player receives Honor Capsules and Honor Orbs which also function like Champion Capsules which drop champion shards and Hextech key fragments to help open Hextech chests. Unfortunately, receiving these chests are much more limited and difficult than the other methods.

Honor Capsules are earned after reaching Levels 3, 4, 5 while Honor Orbs are earned after reaching checkpoints between Levels 3, 4, 5. If you have friends you can play with then it’s easier for you to collect Honor points by honoring each other after the game.

7. XP Boosts

XP Boosts don’t directly give you any Blue Essence or champion shards but help speed up your progress in order to gain Champion capsules faster. It is important to note that there are two different types of XP Boosts which have different XP values given.

  1. Duration Boosts increase your XP gain by double regardless if you win or lose. You can purchase these using RP at the League of Legends shop and will last depending on which duration you availed. 
  2. Win Boosts, on the other hand, increase your exp by 210 but only if you win the game. Unlike duration boosts, this will not expire and is best for people who don’t play League for long intervals of time.

8. Garena Spin (Southeast Asia Server Only)

Win Blue Essence

For Garena servers, the mobile Garena app gives access for players to play the Garena spin minigame. This offers you a chance to win Blue Essence, Ward Skins, Rune Pages, or Player Icons at random. You can download this app directly from the Play Store. 

Additionally, the Blue Essence given by Garena spin ranges randomly from 100-1000 BE which is quite a lot. This also resets every 8 hours so there’s a chance to get a boatload of Blue Essence even if you don’t actually play the game during the day. Within the Garena servers, this is the best and easiest way to earn Blue Essence without having to exert much effort into getting it.

Fastest Way To Earn Blue Essence

Perhaps the fastest way to earn Blue Essence outside Garena is playing XP Boosted PvP matches. 5v5 Summoner’s rift games offer the best amount of XP regardless of whether you win or lose. Use duration boosts to maximize this effect and allot a specific amount of time to play during your free time.

Be sure to play only PvP games since AI games don’t give a lot of XP and even though you can finish AI games faster, the amount of XP lost is simply not worth it. During this time, you should have leveled up by at least 5 levels and earned 5 champion capsules in the process.

Tips On Effectively Using Blue Essence

1. Unlock champion shards instead of buying champions from the shop.

 It is important to note that champion shards are significantly cheaper which leaves you more Blue Essence left to unlock other champions. This is especially important if you are aiming to unlock 20 champions immediately in order to play ranked games.

2. Don’t level up champion mastery

Unless you’ve already collected a decent amount of champions in your pool, leveling your champion masteries are a complete waste of Blue Essence. They do not offer any significant boost in the game other than your ability to flex on your opponents.

3. Don’t buy champions included in the free rotation

Prioritize buying champions that are not included in the free weekly rotation. By doing this, you’ll have a wider pool of champions to use. Sometimes it’s best to be patient in order to get the best value out of your Blue Essence.

4. Unlock champions on roles you usually play.

Being flexible and playing various roles may be a good way to play to improve at the game, but it becomes very expensive especially if you don’t have a reliable champion pool to start with yet. Use champions which fits the role you are most comfortable with in order to win more games and earn more Blue Essence in the long run.

5. Have only one rune page.

Rune pages can be very expensive, luckily for you, you don’t need to have that many rune pages. Rune pages can be changed and customized during the champion select phase which means you can virtually build all the rune combinations before the game starts.

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