How To Delete Your League Of Legends Account

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League of Legends has become one of the most competitive and time-consuming games to appear in online gaming. Sometimes, having a League account conflicts with other things in a player’s personal life. As a result, there’s only one thing left to do – delete your League of Legends account.

How To Delete Your League Of Legends Account

Reasons To Delete Your League Of Legends Account

There are many reasons why people want to delete their accounts. 

1. Restarting The Game

Some people who have had their accounts ever since they started also keep their win-loss ratio that came with those trial and error days. When you want to have a better ELO, you may be interested in restarting your account to join higher MMR brackets.

2. Privacy Invasion

Account security is an important thing for anyone online. Being able to protect your personal information may be one of your top priorities. If for some reason your account was compromised and you have very sensitive information, then you’d want to delete it as a last resort.

3. Health And Personal Life

Unfortunately, not all players have the capability to balance other things while playing League of Legends. Especially so for those who are not physically capable of playing the game altogether. If you think League of Legends is a hazard or a distraction to your health and personal life, then you may consider deleting your account.

4. Quitting

Interests and passion may come and go. Not everyone is obsessed with playing this game so they decide to move on to the next game. If you have no plans on going back to playing League of Legends, deleting your League of Legends account is a feasible option.

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What Are The Benefits Of Deleting Your Account?

  1. Deleting your account opens up the username you used on that account. You’d want to do this if you already have another existing League account you want to inherit the name.
  2. Deleting and creating a new account will reset your profile’s MMR. If you plan to play with and/or against better players, you start the game all over again.
  3. Abstaining from playing games opens up new opportunities to try out other things in real life. Give yourself a chance to play sports, make new friends, or even focus on school for a while.
  4. Playing the game from scratch offers a refreshing take on the game that you haven’t seen from the first time you played it and will offer you a brand new perspective of the game. 

How To Delete Your League Of Legends Account

Here is how to delete your account in 5 easy steps:

STEP 1: Go to the official League of Legends website, the URL depends on which region you come from but is generally If you’ve made it here, look for the SUPPORT section on the upper tab of the website.

League Of Legends Homepage

STEP 2: Click the SUPPORT button and select League of Legends as the game you need help with, it should redirect you to the official Riot Games support page. Scroll down until you see the red “Submit a ticket” button.

Riot Games Support Page

STEP 3: You will once again be redirected to the request page where you’ll need to select which request you want to have. Choose Account management, data requests, or deletion.

Submit A Request

STEP 4: From here, you’ll have to fill out the form on the screen. Fill it out according to the example below:

  1. Choose a request type: Account management, data requests, or deletion
  2. I need help with: I would like to delete my account
  3. Subject: Account deletion
  4. This is an account registered on the public beta environment? No
  5. Description: 
  • Account Name (The Name you log in to the LoL Client with):
  • Summoner Name (The name your friends see in-game):
  • The server you play on:
  • Creation date of the account:
  • The location that you registered the account from (City, Country):
  • The email address used to originally register your account:

LOL Account Deletion

STEP 5: Submit your request. Now, you’re all done and your account will be deleted after 30 days. 

 Things You Might Want To Do After Submitting Your Ticket:

  • Cancel the deletion processif you want to cancel your request after you’ve submitted a ticket, you’ll have to message Riot’s support staff directly. 
  • Delete any personal information – you still have 30 days to access your account, this means you have the liberty of deleting any remaining information you don’t want to be archived with your account.
  • Check your email – the Riot Games staff may message you regarding your request and ask for any additional information regarding your ticket. You should keep your email open to ensure that the ticket will not be rejected due to the lack of information provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between account deactivation and account deletion?

Account deletion is going to permanently delete all of your personal information that is associated with that account. Before you delete it, you need to be 100% sure you’re making the right decision. 

Can I get my account deleted faster?

If you need to urgently delete your account, you might want to message the support staff directly and explain your situation to them. Otherwise, there is no way to get it deleted faster.

Can I recover my account even if it’s been 30 days?

No, once the account has been deleted it cannot be brought back. Be sure to think carefully about your decision to delete your account if the time comes.

I forgot the necessary information to delete my account, what should I do?

You’ll have to provide other proof to verify ownership of your account. You may want to think about other things that will strengthen your case in the matter.

Can I use the information on this account to create another account?

Yes, once the account has been deleted after 30 days, you can reuse the information on that account. 

Can I use the email on my previous account to register another account?

Yes, the Riot Games system will disregard your previous account information and accept your email as if it had never been used before. However, you might need to verify your email again after you register your new account.

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