How Much Time Have I Wasted On LOL?

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It’s no secret that the internet is filled with games of all types. Whether you’re looking for something to kill some time or just want to have a little fun, there are plenty of options. One game, in particular, has taken over the gaming world and it’s called LOL (League Of Legends).

This blog post will explore how much time gamers spend playing this popular game. Now let’s find out how much time have you wasted on LOL.

How Much Time Have I Wasted On LOL (League of Legends)?

Riot Games won’t tell you how many hours you’ve played League of Legends. They do however show you how much ranked time you have played. So if you only play ranked matches you can find your playtime each season right in the LOL client.

If you are a hardcore player, you have to use websites of third parties. Similar goes for Riots other games, including Legends of Runeterra Teamfight Tactics & Valorant, but there are still ways to track your playtime.

Here are ways to learn how you spend hours playing the game online using a third-party site such as Riot Games websites that may not actually provide details about your usage on that site. The game has been around for more than ten years and is responsible for the most prominent eSports events each year.

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League Client Time Played Stats

Updates to the Stats tool in the League client. If you navigate to your profiles you notice a section under statistics it shows an option to see how many games you have played and where during what season that was. It is the most accurate tool to measure the time spent on League and does not track data before 2018.

Step 1) Open your League of Legends client and click on Profile.

How Much Time Have I Wasted On LOL Stats

Step 2) Once inside your profile click on Stats.

How Much Time Have I Wasted On LOLClient

Step 3) You can now see how much time you have spent playing League of Legends over the past year.

How Much Time Have I Wasted On LOL Time

Wasted On LOL

Wasted on LoL covers any account on Riots servers. Accounts from China and South East Asia have yet been excluded. This third party does not know exactly how many hours the game has been played since its origin.

Nonetheless, it’s the closest you can get to your hours spent playing the game. Click here to see how much time I wasted spent on League of Legends. You can buy RP and check the 20 Top Players listed in the region based on how much players have been spending in the game.

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Is Accurate? is a third-party app that takes information from the Riot Games database. Although how many hours played on this site is not 100% accurate because they only account for the current season. This also depends on whether or not you have access to your local area on this website.

Alternative Way To Find Out How Much Time You Have Spent Playing League Of Legends

If your region isn’t available at Wasted on LoL there can be another way to find out how much time I wasted spent on League. Other alternatives include doing the calculation yourself. You can watch your game number on sites such as

Chinese websites can also be used to give you a count of the many hours you have to spend on games. offered an accurate summary in the latest time played and also an average daily time played for all prior seasons but the site has been taken down since November 5th of 2019.

How Much Money Have I Spent In League Of Legends?

If you want to find who has spent the most money on League of Legends click this link. Here you register and receive the amount of spending you have in your current region. This is a Riot email link so all the information you submit is complete information accessed through your account.

We also have a great article discussing the easiest way to check how much money has been spent on your League of Legends account. It’s really easy and we think you will enjoy reading about it!

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League of Legends Timed Played FAQ:

How Long Has Faker Played League of Legends?

Faker played League of Legends for the first time on October 17, 2009. Since the inception of Faker’s career, he has spent a total of 2,836 hours playing League.

Since League of Legends was released in 2009, Faker has been active for over eleven years and accumulated 2836 hours on the game. That works out to be roughly eleven full days each year that he spends playing ranked. This doesn’t include any of his scrimmages, practices, or competitive tournaments.

However, the rate rapidly declines with his ranking inside Korea. He does not usually play ranked matches outside of Korea and returns to areas like North America or Europe where even though he still receives a high rating they are not as competitive as Korea.

What’s The Average Time Someone Spends Playing LoL?

The average League of Legends player spends 832 hours on the game, which means they spend about sixty-five days each year of their life is spent playing the game. LoL seems like it can take up a significant chunk of one’s life if you play enough.

Why Is League Of Legends So Addictive?

League of Legends (LoL) is a fast-paced competitive game. This means that the “engagement loop” takes about 5 minutes to complete, meaning players can get in their 10–15 minutes before getting bored and moving on. This allows LoL to addict gamers at a tempo that’s impossible with slower games such as Minecraft or WoW, which take many hours to end.

Additionally, the fact that people either win or lose against one another creates an addictive system whereby people try to improve their skills in order to win more often; it gives them something continually rewarding and tangible overtime played instead of just endlessly grinding for items and stats in an open world environment like many MMORPGs.

How Do I Find Out When I Started Playing League of Legends?

One way to answer this is to use OP.GG, which is a web application that League of Legends players can use to keep track of their games and statistics. Using the service you could find your previous season’s ranked history by clicking “Ranked” in the left-hand navigation menu, then selecting “Season”.

From here, just click on what rank you remember being at that time and the season will appear below it. Afterward, scroll down for an area called “Time Spent in Rank” and look at what date this number starts at – this will likely be when (roughly) you started playing LOL.

Closing Thoughts

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to the release of League of Legends and how much time has been wasted on LOL. The game was released over ten years ago and is still going strong, so maybe we’ve all spent too much time playing this addictive online battle arena video game?

Let’s take a look at some stats: there are currently more than 27 million active daily players worldwide who spend an average of 2 hours each day in-game. In total, that adds up to 10 billion hours each month or 240 billion hours annually!

It seems like everyone from teens with social lives to adults without one have picked up what many would say is just another fad.

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