Gaming Mouse Vs Regular Mouse – What Is The Difference?

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When a regular mouse gets all your work done just fine, you may think that the hype regarding gaming mice is exaggerated. We realize that many people wonder whether gaming mice are worth their price, so they want to know the difference compared to regular mice. We will explain the difference to you and help you decide whether you need a gaming mouse.

Let us start with one basic aspect. If you are a gamer, this is something that can easily be termed as a must-have. Gamers have no business using regular mice unless you play Tetris on your PC.

Similarly, the gaming mouse also has a silhouette and shape which makes it apt for gaming, unlike the regular mouse, which has the conventional shape. Today’s age gaming mouse has multiple features like buttons on the side, therefore it not only belongs to the gamers, but to everyone who enjoys a multi-functional mouse.

There are tons of differences between the two, however, we have simplified them so you can give it a quick read and make an informed decision.

What Is A Gaming Mouse?

Gaming Mouse Vs Regular Mouse

A gaming mouse is just like a desktop mouse, but with improved efficiency. It has got several keys, a multitude of features and smooth movement, which make it distinctive from a regular mouse.

The response rate of a gaming mouse is always higher as compared to a regular mouse and that is the reason in most of the high-end tasks and advanced level programming experts usually show an inclination towards the gaming mouse. Let it be sensitivity, performance or proficiency, gaming mouse vs. regular mouse always stirs a huge debate.

Can A Gaming Mouse Be Used As A Normal Mouse?

To cut to the chase, a gaming mouse is a perfect replacement for a normal mouse. Considering the details and concerns, the first purpose is that a gaming mouse is a lot faster as compared to that of a normal mouse. When you have something that can perform this well, it’s time to say goodbye to normal mice.

A normal mouse needs you to wait until the processing of your demand ends, but if we talk about the gaming mouse, the response rate is so high that the demand procedure takes no more than a blink of an eye.

The gaming mouse works with intricate smoothness, the buttons on either side of the scrolling wheel, all this makes it versatile and a great option for most people. We all do have an idea that contrary to this, a regular mouse has tons of restrictions and you can never expect such autonomy while working.

Gaming Mouse Vs Regular Mouse – Most Notable Differences

There is an endless list of differences between the two sorts of the mouse, but let’s have a glimpse at some of the most basic ones.

1) Additional Buttons

Additonal Buttons On Gaming Mouse

We had to place this number one, because this is the most highlighted difference between the two, as, on a regular mouse, you won’t notice a whole lot of buttons on either side, but when it’s a gaming mouse, this is something very common.

The buttons are present to lessen your efforts so you don’t have to opt for the keyboard to perform every single function. Using these buttons you can command your pc directly, that is how it contributes to cutting down the burden for its users.

Specifically for gamers, it is perfect since they can play games through the control options present on either side of the mouse. This helps in improving accuracy, controlling the character mobilization and also targeting specific locations.

If there is one reason that gamers love these mice, it’s the ability to map custom actions to the extra buttons located on the mouse.

2) Polling rate

If we take into consideration the gaming mouse vs regular mouse comparison, the polling rate needs a special focus. It means the response rate, how quickly the demand is fulfilled within a small period, and gaming mice have mastered this feature very well. In a regular mouse you won’t see any such response rate, it is because the basic function of a regular mouse is just to fulfill the command irrespective of how long it takes.

The gaming mouse has changed the game. It not only performs fast but also shows a better polling rate than a regular mouse. The one thing that you need to have in mind is that the polling rate isn’t the same in every gaming mouse, they have got varieties so you can choose one that works well with your PC.

If you go for a gaming mouse, that has a higher polling rate, you have to make sure that your PC can support the efficiency required to complement the mouse, otherwise, this could create an opposite effect.

Your PC may work slower than before, or show continuous error interrupting the workflow. So pairing your PC with the right mouse is also very important.

3) Durability

The durability matters a lot when you spend a fortune on buying the perfect mouse for your PC. This is one feature where the regular mouse lacks a lot. We know that both gaming and regular mice have got a similar composition. But if we talk about longevity, then the gaming mouse surely is one point ahead.

A regular mouse may be good for a time. But if we compare it with a premium gaming mouse, the latter surely outclasses it. Durability is one of the ultimate foundations of the gaming mouse vs. regular mouse debate.

As gaming mice have become so popular, you can find them on a whole range from the lowest to the highest price. If you are a beginner, then we will recommend you to go for the cheapest gaming mouse. In this way, you will be able to see if you like this type of mouse, without any risks involved.

If you are a gamer or a high-end artist, then this means you already know your way to the best gaming mouse. A good investment in an expensive mouse may cost you a lot upfront. But in the long run, it can become a great long-term purchase.

4) Ergonomics

The biggest stereotype that you may have heard is that a gaming mouse is only good for gaming purposes. It is wrong and we will tell you the other side of the story. Suppose your office job needs you to perform a lot of computer work. At the end of the day, there comes a time when your wrist hurts and you wonder why?

The answer is that the regular mouse needs your wrist to be at a certain angle for a longer period. And hence, the pain is just the outcome. This is something you can avoid by choosing the gaming mouse over a normal mouse. A gaming mouse is ergonomically designed in a specialized way, so you can use it throughout the day and won’t feel even a hint of discomfort.

It fits in your hand and is so light in weight that you can do your work in a better way. This ergonomic feature just gives more significance to the gaming mouse over a regular mouse. So if gamers can bet on their gaming mouse, we now know the actual reason behind it.

5) Dots per inch (DPI)

This feature is no less than a dream come true phase for the gamers and we will tell you the secret behind it. The dots per inch, also known as the sensitivity of the mice means a smooth performance without any hindrance.

This is a very special part because, in all the regular mice, the dots per inch almost end at 1000 DPI. This is good and works just fine, if you seldom do any computer work, this could be enough for you.

However, if we discuss the same aspect in a gaming mouse, the cheapest gaming mouse shows sensitivity greater than 1000 DPI, and it may range from 1500 and end at 3200 DPI. This is some next-level performance, and you can easily experience it even with the least bought gaming mouse.

Of course, it is no less than a godsend to all the gamers. However, let’s look at this from a different perspective. If you are a fashion designer, the sensitivity of the mouse may mean more to you even than the gamers. Because we do acknowledge how crucial it acts for all those intricate designs.

Just think about it, if the cheapest gaming mice can show 3200 DPI. Then the most expensive gaming mouse can surely outperform them.

6) Customization

Customization Gaming Mouse

This discussion can’t be complete if we don’t mention this feature which adds to the never-ending aspects of a gaming mouse. This just acts as a bonus if you opt for a gaming mouse. Suppose you are playing a game and the buttons aren’t up to your convenience. Rather than going for any compromise, there is the best alternative solution to it.

All you have to do is just switch the buttons around. You not only get to change their location but order as well. You can simply place it the way you feel convenient, and voila! No more compromises. This is certainly going to make you love your gaming mouse even more.

This can be a quite challenging task if you are a layman to the gaming gadgets. You need not worry, all the companies provide manual instruction which describes the way to change the buttons. We will suggest you read that first rather than troubling yourself without any understanding.

In essence, the debate gaming mouse vs regular mouse has no end, both are drastically different. However, to keep up your pace with this modern era, a gaming mouse can be your best companion.

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