Fastest Way To Level Up In League Of Legends

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When it comes to determining what the fastest way to level up in League of Legends is, it all comes down to how fast you can earn experience points. Experience points are the value you earn from the game which determines how often you’ve completed games. By earning a certain amount of experience points, your summoner level increases and gives you rewards and access to more features in the game once you reach a certain level.

Fastest Way To Level Up In League Of Legends

How Do I Earn Experience Points?

There is only one way to earn experience points in League of Legends, that is to play the game. Of course, there are a number of game modes for you to play and oftentimes players are given experience points in the form of rewards from missions but ultimately you’ll need to finish a game to be able to get these. While playing games is the only method summoners can earn exp, there are several efficient ways to earn this.

Why Leveling Up Matters?

Your summoner level determines how much time you’ve invested in the game. For both the game company and competitive players, having a higher level gives you more credibility of your ability to play the game at an advanced level. In general, you’ll need to be at least Level 30 to access the ranked game feature which is one of the main game modes in League of Legends. In addition, leveling up gives you additional champion capsules, which give you champion shards to play during the game.

There are many reasons why leveling up can prove to be an advantage to players. Riot Games has ensured that players who have invested the most time in playing the game receive exclusive rewards through summoner level milestones like frames, loot boxes, and even premium currency like gemstones. For seasoned players, their summoner level has even become a source of pride as it shows how much they’ve dedicated to improving themselves and playing the game competitively.

What Are The Perks Of Leveling Up Faster?

We’ve mentioned that there are perks to leveling up in League of Legends. However, what are the perks you would get by leveling up faster? Here are some of the reasons why you should level up quickly:

1. Getting Summoner Spells

Summoner Spell Page in Collections Tab

Summoner spells are a crucial part of League of Legends. Getting access to summoner spells like Summoner Spell - Flash Flash or Summoner Spell - Smite Smite faster can prove to be a game-changer. Smite will open up the jungling role which is, in a way, exclusive only to champions with the smite summoner spell. By the time you reach summoner level 10, you will have access to all the available summoner spells in the game.

2. Runes and Keystones

Precision Rune Set - Conqueror Sett

Again, at pre-level 30, you’ll receive crucial gameplay features such as Runes and Keystones. By level 17, you will have access to all the runes and keystones including the Inspiration Runepath Inspiration runepath which is used in many rune builds at the moment. You’ll need to familiarize yourself with customizing the champions you use with specific sets of runes and keystones in order to create the best champion builds for each matchup.

3. Earning Blue Essence

Blue essence is the primary currency available in League of Legends. You’ll need to have a lot of it if you wish to buy champions, change your name, and a lot of other stuff. At pre-level 30, you’ll be given a lot of blue essences while leveling up. Take advantage of this so that you’ll be able to have more resources later in the game when the time comes that you’ll need to spend it.

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4. Champion Capsules

Champion Capsule

After leveling up to summoner level 30, you’ll stop receiving blue essence as a reward for leveling up and will instead receive champion capsules. Champion capsules will give you champion shards which is where you should spend all the blue essence you’ve earned pre-level 30. Champion shards are much cheaper to unlock than buying champions directly from the League of Legends shop.

5. Milestone Rewards

Emote Wheel Showing All Legend Emotes from Milestones

Milestone rewards come in many different forms. You can receive ward skins, emotes, summoner frames, and even gemstones. These all offer you a chance to upgrade and personalize your summoner page or add some in-game aesthetic. The higher your level is, the more exclusive the pool of rewards become.

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Experience Gain Pre-Level 30

Pre-level 30 is the best time for summoners to level up as they gain increased experience yield from Coop vs AI games amounting up to 100%. This is a campaign by Riot Games to ensure that new players are motivated to catch up with veterans and play in the ranked series alongside them as soon as possible. Encouraging new players to catch up promotes a growing community and an increase in the game’s player base.

What is the highest summoner level you can get?

Currently, there is no limit for the highest level you can get. However, it is important to note that you will stop receiving special milestone rewards after you hit summoner level 500, wherein you’ll receive the Legend 20 emote as the final prize. From here, you’ll still receive the usual champion capsule from leveling up. As of now, summoner Nolife Fynn from the EUW server holds the highest level in the world at Level 2,273. You can follow him on his twitter account @nolifefynn.

League Of Legends Experience Per Game Mode

A table showing the difference in experience gained per game mode

This table shows the average amount of experience points gained per game mode for victories and defeats. We can’t include the number of experience points gained in special event game modes such as URF since they are not always available and generally give low experience points anyway.

Fastest Way to Level Up In League Of Legends

There are several methods in order to make sure that you are following the fastest way to level up in the game. By following these methods, your experience gain should be boosted dramatically and ensure that you are leveling up quicker than you would normally.

1. Don’t Play Coop vs AI Games

While a lot of other people claim that Coop vs AI games offer the best way to level up since it is faster to finish, we still discourage that you do this. One, this is not entirely true especially if you’ve passed the level 20 mark. AI games seem to have a higher experience yield since the XP yield is increased by 100% for summoner whose levels are 20 and below. Second, playing AI Games will not count towards special event missions which also give bonus experience and additional rewards.

2. Only Play Summoner’s Rift

Other game modes offer a more refreshing take on League of Legends and once in a while you might want to play these instead of the standard Summoner’s Rift. However, if you’re in a tight deadline to reach a certain level, you might want to hold off trying them out. Summoner’s Rift provides the highest amount of experience points gained whether it is played in Normal Games or Ranked Games.

3. Aim For Victories

Now, this isn’t exactly the most ensured way to do it but it is still relevant to mention in the list. Victories offer a higher gain of experience than how much you would gain if you’ve lost that game. In addition, winning your games will award you your First Win of the Day reward which also rewards you with a high amount of experience points every day. To have higher chances of winning, party up with your friends so that you’ll have better communication and hopefully play better together.

4. Surrender Early if the Game is Way Behind

Dragging out a game that is already doomed to fail won’t benefit you in any way. Sure, there is always a chance for your team to come back but it is suggested that you give up and hope that the next game will be better. This method ensures that you don’t lose valuable experience in losses and have a higher chance of getting wins. The hard part though is convincing the rest of your team to surrender the game with you.

5. Play Aggressive Champions

Aggressive champions with a high kill and/or split push potential can significantly boost the pace of your game. Being able to end the game quicker means that you’ll have more time to play more games compared to playing a dragged-out game while playing passive tank champions. Always try to push to end the game or move in for a kill so that you’ll accelerate the pace of your match.

6. Buy Experience Boosts

Experience boosts are purchasable through the League of Legends shop by using Riot Points. These experience boosts significantly boost the amount of experience you gain after every game and are undoubtedly the most effective method to boost your experience gain efficiently. There are two types of experience boosts you can buy in the shop:

Win Boosts

League of Legends Shop - Win Experience Boosts

Win boosts give an additional +210 XP every time you win a game. Win boosts don’t have an expiration date and are best for players who play on an irregular schedule. However, the downside of using this is that you’ll only be able to get the experience boost if you win the game. It might also cost more if you do end up using it and playing for a longer duration of time since you’ll have to purchase the boost again when you’ve consumed the number of win boosts in the package.

Duration Boosts

League of Legends Shop - Duration Experience Boost

Duration boosts are the most efficient boost between the two. These boosts double the amount of experience you gain regardless if you win or lose. If you play at least 3 games in a day, then duration boosts are definitely the better option for you. The only downside of this is that duration boosts expire after a certain period of time which is wasted if you only get to play a few games per day in an irregular schedule.

Combining Both Boosts

To maximize the amount of experience you gain and if you’re really in a hurry to gain ridiculous amounts of experience, you might want to purchase both boosts at once. Yes, they will still activate and function normally if you buy and activate them together. This will guarantee that you’re receiving a massive amount of experience especially if you win games. However, be careful about spending too much as you’ll also need a ridiculous amount of Riot Points to be able to maintain doing this method.

How Many Games Should I Play Each Day?

That really depends on your personal schedule. While it is understandable that you want to reach a certain level in the shortest amount of time possible, you should still take into account other responsibilities such as work, school, or family. League of Legends can be incredibly addicting especially if you put too much attention into playing the game. Generally, 2 to 4 games per weekday should be enough for you to play without affecting your life too much.

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What Are Account Boosters?

Account boosters are seasoned veterans who offer their services in playing your account for you. These people are generally individuals who have higher rankings in League of Legends and will play Ranked Games for you. These people not only boost your overall rank and division but also level up your account in the process. The risks of account boosting are high as you’ll need to surrender your account to the account booster.

What are the other risks of account boosting?

If you are from South Korea, where the esports competitive scene has been incorporated into traditional sports guidelines and rulesets, there is a chance you will land in jail or get a fine of more than 20 Million Won ($18,000). This has been a long time issue and has even made headlines after a famous League of Legends player was caught offering boosting services to other players.

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