Best Wireless Gaming Headset Under $100

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Games in general are becoming much more immersive these days. Both casual and serious gamers alike can appreciate the level of quality that gaming has reached. 

There are a few considerations to keep in mind, though. Having the console and a great controller/keyboard is one thing but, to really take your gaming to the height of experience, you will need a great wireless gaming headset.

Wireless gaming headsets are great for use with any platform; PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, etc. We have found the best wireless gaming headset under $100 just for you.

best wireless gaming headset under 100

You can find a lot of great options that are budget friendly. As long as you think about features like comfort, sound quality, compatibility, etc., you will do just fine.

Best Overall

Premium Pick

Budget Pick

Best Wireless Gaming Headset Under $100 Comparison Table

At first glance, wireless gaming headsets may all seem very similar. But there are several features that you need to check for features such as comfort, durability, compatibility, and sound quality and, of course, you want something that looks good too.

Here is a table comparing these features among the top 10 best choices.

1. HyperX Cloud Stinger Core – Best Overall

The HyperX Cloud Stinger Core is the top choice for its great features and reasonable price. This headset has virtual 7.1 surround sound with HyperX NGENUITY as well as a 40 mm audio driver. It has a 2.4 GHz frequency and 20-20,000 Hz frequency response. The microphone is swivel-to-mute, making it easy to use and keeping it out of the way when not in use.

Our Pick

HyperX Cloud Stinger Core

This headset is made for both comfort and durability. It is lightweight and has adjustable steel sliders. It has a closed ear design and padded ear cups. In addition, this headset has an impressive battery life of 17 hours.



2. Turtle Beach Stealth 600

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 has fantastic audio quality due to its 50 mm audio driver and Turtle Beach Virtual Surround Sound. It has a 2.4 GHz frequency and 20-20,000 Hz frequency response. It also features an omni-directional, adjustable mic which lets you adjust the volume of your own voice in the headset. This headset has the Turtle Beach Superhuman Hearing setting to enhance audio as well.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600

This headset is also very user-friendly. You can flip up the mic to mute and it also has high-sensitivity. In addition, it has a closed ear design with padded ear cups and a ProSpecs comfort-driven design to work well with people who wear glasses. It has a 15 hour battery life.



3. Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset

The Logitech G533 has excellent sound quality thanks to Pro-G drivers and DTS 7.1 surround sound. You also have an adjustable boom mic and on-ear volume and mute controls. It has a 40 mm driver, 2.4 GHz frequency, and 20-20,000 Hz frequency response. This headset also has a good connection range at 15 feet.

Logitech G533

This headset has a closed ear design with padded ear cups. You can use the Logitech Gaming Software to perfectly customize audio and equalizer settings. This headset lasts for 15 hours of continual use. It is also compatible with a variety of platforms.



4. SteelSeries Arctis 1

The SteelSeries Arctis 1 comes at a fair price and has great sound quality. This model has the same high performing speaker driver as the Arctis 7. It has a detachable noise-cancelling mic which uses bidirectional design for clearer audio. You can adjust the volume level and mute/unmute with on-ear controls.

SteelSeries Arctis 1

This headset has a 2.4 GHz frequency and 20-20,000 Hz frequency response. The SteelSeries Engine Software allows you to customize audio and equalizer settings. It has a padded closed-ear design and steel-reinforced adjustable headband. It also has a longer battery life than usually with 24+ hours.



5. PDP Lvl50 Wireless Headset

The PDP Lvl50 Wireless headset is an officially licensed headset which has an average price. It has a 50 mm audio driver and an incredible range of 40 feet. It has on-ear volume controls and a quick flip mute. It has a 2.4 GHz frequency and 20-20,000 Hz frequency response. This headset also has a decent battery life at 16 hours.

PDP Lvl50 Wireless Headset

This headset is very comfortable for users with closed-design, breathable mesh ear cups. The headset, itself, is lightweight and comes with an adjustable headband. The mic is also a little longer than usual and highly flexible.



6. Mpow Air I

The Mpow Air I is slightly cheaper than others on this list but still comes at great quality. It has double chamber, 50 mm audio drivers and 3D surround sound. It has a range of about 40 feet, 2.4 GHz frequency, and 20-20,000 Hz frequency response. It also has great compatibility with a variety of platforms and devices.’

This headset has a detachable, noise-cancelling mic and closed-ear foam ear cups. It has a smart sleep feature as well as 17 hours of battery life. It has a glasses-friendly design. It also has easy access volume control. It comes in red, light blue, and silver.



7. Corsair Void RGB Elite – Premium Pick

The Corsair Void RGB Elite is the premium pick on this list and for good reason. It has great audio quality thanks to a 50 mm high-density audio driver. It has a 2.4 GHz frequency and 20-30,000 Hz expanded frequency response. This headset produces 7.1 surround sound and multi-channel audio for immersive gameplay.

Our Premium Pick

Corsair Void RGB Elite

This headset is also incredibly comfortable, durable, and easy to use. It has closed-ear memory foam ear cups with a breathable microfiber mesh. It is built with aluminum yokes for added durability.

It also has an omni-directional mic, 16 hours of battery life, and 40 foot range. In addition, it has a flip-up mute function with a built in RGB LED light indicator.



8. PHOINIKAS Gaming Headset – Budget Pick

The PHOINIKAS Gaming Headset is the most budget friendly option on this list but still comes with some great features. It comes in blue but there are green, orange, and red choices. This headset has a 40 mm aperture driver and 7.1 surround sound. It has stable audio and NFC Technology.

Our Budget Pick

PHOINIKAS Gaming Headset

This headset has an LED on/off key. It is also comfortable thanks to closed-ear protein leather ear cushions. You also have the choice of an external mic (traditional), which comes with the headset, or the Bluetooth built-in mic. It has a range of a little over 30 feet and a 40 hour battery life, much more than usual.



9. HUHD Wireless Gaming Headset

The HUHD wireless gaming headset is a great choice for all gamers. For starters, it has great sound quality. It has 7.1 surround sound, great bass sound quality, and a 40 mm audio driver. This also has a 180 degree microphone with a flip-up mute function for excellent sound input as well.

HUHD Wireless Gaming Headset

You will also find this headset to be comfortable and user friendly. It has great construction using metallic and other high quality materials for increased durability. In addition, it also has plush memory foam ear pads. This headset is easy to use with its USB plug and features 2.4 GHz frequency and 20-20,000 Hz frequency response.



10. TOKSEL Wireless Gaming Headphones

The TOKSEL Wireless Gaming Headphones comes last on the list but is still a great choice at a decent price. This headset has a built-in Bluetooth mic with noise-cancelling features. It has a 40 ms low latency and is plug and play. It has a 15 hour battery life.

TOKSEL Wireless Gaming Headphones

This headset is also built for comfort. It has soft protein ear cups with a closed-ear design. It has an adjustable headband that flexibly fits with your head as well. This headset is also foldable so it is a little easier to store.



How To Select The Best Wireless Gaming Headset Under $100

As you can see, you have a lot of choices for budget-friendly wireless gaming headsets. Though many gaming headsets may seem similar and have identical features, they do vary. There are a few key features that you should look out for when buying a wireless gaming headset. Here are the most important ones:

Ear Cups

This somewhat comes down to user preference though, for most gamers, closed-ear designs are preferred. These help close the audio around your ears and filters out excess noise. They are also made of different materials as well. For instance, some are regular padding while others are memory foam. They will also have different materials covering them. Generally, you have a choice between mesh and leather (or faux leather). These each have their pros and cons. Leather ear cups are better for noise cancellation but not so much for breathability. On the contrary, mesh or cloth ear cups are generally more comfortable but do not block out as much noise.


First, you want to look for a headset that is lightweight since all of it will be held up by the headband. If you wear glasses, you should look for one specifically designed to be worn with or without glasses. Headbands are not always adjustable or flexible to fit your head, though this is obviously preferred. Some headsets can also fold for easier storage and transport, which is important if you need to be moving it around a lot.


You have a choice between an external mic or a built-in (Bluetooth) mic. Mics vary in how adjustable they are as well. Some are not adjustable at all, some move in only a few directions, and some are omni-directional. You can also find headsets with fully detachable mics. In addition, there are a few ways that you can control the mic. For volume control, this is usually a dial or switch on the ear. Regarding mic input, you usually have the option to mute yourself but there are a couple different ways to do it. This is generally either a button/switch or a flip-up mic.

Audio Driver

This is the part of the headset that actually directs the sound into your ear canal. Driver size correlates with sound quality in that a larger driver means better sound. In general, you should aim for at least 30 mm though the 40-50+ mm range is preferred.

Wireless Gaming Headset Under 100

Frequency Response

This is simply a measurement of the range of frequencies the headset is able to reproduce. The typical range is between 20 and 20,000 Hz though higher is always better. A higher range means that it will be able to produce a wider array of sounds and, even though some may be inaudible, it really does enhance your gaming experience.

Surround Sound

Put simply, surround sound (usually labeled as 7.1 surround sound) allows the headphones to produce sounds from a variety of angles and distances. This helps to improve audio quality and make gameplay more immersive. It also adds a new layer to your gaming experience since you can then gauge enemy locations better. Most gaming headsets nowadays have this and it should always be specified. Because it is common, you likely won’t need to worry about it but this is something to keep in mind.

Battery Life

Most wireless headsets charge within a few hours but how long that charge lasts can vary greatly. Most headsets fall around the 15 hour battery life mark though longer is always better. Some headsets can even get to 40+ hours without needing to recharge.

Build And Durability

Each headset is built with different components. Beyond comfort, you also want materials that are going to hold up over time. For instance, many gaming headsets have flexible steel or aluminum headbands to improve durability. You also want a mic that has a tough build too.


Finally, one of the most important features you will need to look for is platform compatibility. Getting the best headset in the world means nothing if it does not connect to your gaming platform. A good number of wireless gaming headsets are compatible with many different platforms; PlayStation, Xbox, PC, mobile, Nintendo Switch, etc.


Though often overlooked, audio quality is one of the core components of a good gaming experience. The best wireless gaming headsets can give you surround sound, a diverse range of frequencies, and crystal clear sound quality. You now understand that you should look for features related to both audio quality and comfort. With the above list of the top 10 best wireless gaming headsets under $100, you can easily make a choice and start taking your gameplay to the next level. Also looking for studio headphones? Check out the best studio headphones for gaming.

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