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It cannot be denied that WALI is one of the most trusted brands of monitor arm in the market today. However, it may still be challenging for you to find which product suits your specific needs. Worry no more because, in this article, we will discuss the top 5 best WALI monitor arms that you can choose from to meet your standards and expectations.

Best Overall

Premium Pick

Budget Pick

1. WALI Dual Monitor Mount Stand – Best Overall

If you have high standards for your monitor arm needs, the WALI Dual LCD Monitor Adjustable Mount Stand can be the best option for you. Its dimension is 32 inches wide and can handle up to two 22 Ibs monitors. It has 2 VESA size support and an adjustable height compatible with VESA mounting hole. You can easily adjust the monitor arms in a comfortable position. 

Our Pick

WALI Dual Monitor Mount Stand

With that, you can lessen the strain on your eyes and neck. It features a sturdy metal mount and has an excellent quality, which can offer a good value for your time and money.


  • High-grade arms extend and retract, +/- 90 degrees tilt and swivel for an easy shift of reading angles
  • 360 degrees which can be rotated from portrait to landscape mode
  • The package includes 1 WALI Dual Monitor Mount, mounting hardware kit, user manual, as well as 10-year protection
  • Cable management system and adjustable twisting screw



2. WALI TV Wall Mount – Budget Pick

If you want a heavy-duty design monitor arm at a practical cost, this WALI monitor arm is the best solution. It can hold monitors for about 33 pounds. It features a detachable VESA plate and available with 10 years of protection. It is adjustable and has +/- degrees tilt, 360 degrees rotate, and 180 degrees swivel to give you comfortable viewing flexibility. It is a space-saving monitor arm, so you can enhance the overall look of your monitor.

Our Budget Pick

WALI TV Wall Mount

The package has 1 WALI Articulating Monitor Arm, a user manual, mounting hardware kit. This adjustable monitor arm can be your efficient partner to have a more convenient viewing experience.


  • It has Max. VESA 100×100 mm
  • Can be extended to 14 inches and compressed 2 inches from the wall for great space-saving
  • Full motion heavy duty wall mount for 13 up to 30-inch flat panel display



3. WALI Vertical Dual Monitor Arm

If you are a budget-conscious customer but still want a quality monitor arm, the WALI Vertical Dual Monitor Arm is the right product for you. It is available at a low price but can still provide you with quality performance. It can provide various configurations for the setup of your desk. You can also use it in a standing position with different accessories.

It has a 31.5 inch pole that is ideal for both curved and straight monitors. It comes with a heavy base that can hold monitors in a safe manner. With this adjustable monitor arm, you can have an ergonomically and comfortable position to prevent eye and neck strain. 

WALI Vertical Dual Monitor Arm

The package comes with a user manual, 1 WALI dual monitor mount, mounting hardware kit, and 10 years warranty. This product is ideal for home, school, and other working environments.


  • Dual vertical monitor placement
  • Includes a grommet base
  • Strong construction and made from top-grade materials for a stable and strong connection with monitor screen
  • Max height adjustment of about 31.5 inches
  • Elegant design that can make your working space look sleek and modern



4. WALI Premium Single Monitor Arm

This WALI model is one of the top monitor arms you can get in the market. It can hold monitors about 17.6 pounds. The arm can be extended to 18.3 inches from its mounting base.

This WALI product is made with strong construction to give a stable and sturdy connection with your monitor screen and desk. It is a great combination of functionality, cost, and design. With its amazing features and efficiency, the time, effort as well as the budget you invest for it can provide you a big and satisfying return.

WALI Premium Single Monitor Arm

The package can provide you with user manual, 1 WALI single monitor desk mount, mounting hardware kit, and 10 years warranty.


  • Gas spring tension adjustment
  • Demountable plate
  • Quality construction for great efficiency
  • Maximum height of 23.62 inches
  • Made from top-quality aluminum and steel



5. WALI Heavy-Duty Monitor Arm – Premium Pick

The WALI Single Monitor Heavy-Duty Desk Mount can be your WALI monitor arm for your work needs. It is made for heavy monitors that come with strong construction. You don’t need to doubt about its performance because it can safely hold your monitor. This monitor arm features quick-release VESA plates. 

If you want a quality monitor arm that can provide you with a comfortable working position, choosing this product is the best decision. It delivers convenient reading angles. This monitor arm can also be rotated from portrait to landscape mode.

Our Premium Pick

WALI Heavy-Duty Monitor Arm

The package comes with a WALI gas spring single monitor desk mount, user manual, mounting hardware kit, and 10-year protection.


  • Quick-release and detachable VESA plates
  • It features a grommet base and C-clamp
  • Can fit desks about 3.5 inches
  • Double productivity and efficiency through opening up desk space for adaptable positions to lower neck and eye strain



How To Select The Best WALI Monitor Arm

Here we go, so that is the list of the top 5 WALI monitor arms that you can choose for your specific needs. With its features, advantages, and disadvantages, you can already make a wise decision to pick the right one for your working space.

To help you choose the right product for your needs, the following is a list of the important factors to consider in buying one.

This is one of the essential factors you should consider while buying is the size of the monitor. Make sure to get a product that is compatible with your monitor size.

  • Cable manager

Although most products have an in-built cable manager, you can prefer for those who can conceal the cords completely. With that, you can avoid wires from being damaged and keep your desk organized and clean. It is also an advantage if the product offers extra clips for securing the wires in place.

  • Mounting base

Every mount type has a different thickness. It is highly advisable to choose to monitor arms with a grommet mount and C-clamp.

  • An adjustable gas spring mechanism

Another important factor to consider is the adjustable gas spring mechanism. Gas spring can provide better stability and control. So, purchase a product that is easy to adjust.

  • Additional features

It is also an advantage to look for additional features when buying monitor arms. These features may include rotation that allows you to adjust the monitor from portrait to landscape positioning. It is also good to choose products with features like modularity and tilt. A comfortable viewing experience is guaranteed with these features.

  • Design

You must also consider the design of the monitor arms. You can choose the design and color that suit your working environment. With this, you can create a balanced and relaxing working space.

  • Quality

Consider the quality of the product when buying one. Make sure to buy from reliable providers, so you have the assurance that the money you invest for it is all worth it. In addition, you can have an efficient monitor arm that can offer you with convenient viewing.

  • Cost

The cost of the product is another important thing to consider when purchasing your monitor arms. Make sure to get one that suits your needs and budget. Take note that the main basis for a product quality is not its price.

By considering these buying tips, you can surely get the best monitor arms suitable for your needs and expectations.

Best WALI Monitor Arm

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you buy the best monitor arm, consider the following frequently asked questions.

Q: What are the best ways to use the product?

A: The best way to use the product is to follow the instructions given in the manual. Most monitor arms are easy to install, so you can have more convenient use. You can prefer a product with strong construction which can hold heavy monitors safely.

Q: Who is the product best for?

A: The product is perfect for those who need a more convenient working space. If you want to reduce neck and eye strain, a quality WALI monitor arm is perfect for you. It is ideal to use for home, office, school, and other working environments.

Q: What are the important things to consider in buying a monitor arm?

A: If you plan to buy a monitor arm, you must consider important factors such as quality, cost, additional features, size of the monitor, monitor base, and more.

Q: Should you prefer expensive products?

A: Different monitor arms in the market come at different prices. Additionally, the cost of the product is not the basis for the quality of the product. You can choose a quality one without sacrificing a large amount of your budget. However, make sure to get one that perfectly suits your budget, needs, and standards.

Q: Where to buy quality monitor arms?

A: There are lots of monitor arms available in the market, so you must buy only on reliable brands to get a quality one. You can buy on the official website of the manufacturer to get original versions of the product. 


There are lots of monitor arms in the market. With that, you must decide wisely to get the best product for your specific needs. If you want to get quality monitor arms, you can choose one from the product mentioned above. Each product comes with its main features, advantages, and disadvantages that can influence your purchasing decision.

Do you want comfortable viewing in your working space? What are you waiting for? Get the best WALI monitor arm today! 

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