Best VIVO Monitor Arm

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Looking for that added level of premium comfort in your home office or gaming setup? Look no further than a monitor arm, only the best VIVO Monitor Arms to be specific.

There are numerous benefits to installing a VIVO monitor arm to your home office. Monitor arms lift the screen to eye level, reducing neck pain, back pain, and eye strain because of improved posture. The “gamer’s hunchback” isn’t a good look after retirement. 

The monitor arm also allows for a setup beyond the traditional desk environment. Pull the arm to the maximum height to stand while you work for a slight change in routine. Many monitor arms rotate to provide landscape or portrait views. 

Best VIVO Monitor Arm

The added comfort and various setups makes your work life at home a little easier or gives you an advantage in your PC games over other gamers. These little things add up and can really improve your quality of life.

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Best VIVO Monitor Arms

Purchasing the best and most efficient monitor arm for your space is the most important part of the process. Whether you need a more comfortable setup in your home office or an easier view in your game, there’s a monitor arm just for you.

Listed below are the top five VIVO monitor arms for your viewing pleasure. We’ve done the research for you!

1. VIVO Dual Monitor Arm – Best Overall

A heavy-duty monitor arm is a necessity at home for your working, gaming, and leisurely needs. You can find all styles of VIVO monitor arms on Amazon and get them shipped directly to your house. 

Our Pick

VIVO Dual Monitor Arm

The Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount can carry two monitors up to 22 pounds each side. Each adjustable arm can support monitor sizes ranging from 13” to 27”. The dual arm option is excellent for multitaskers, as having two monitors doubles the screen space and places them side by side. 

The Desk Mount has a 360° rotation with a 180° swivel and +80°/-90° tilt.

A few drawbacks in this model are the adjustable arms and desk clamp grommet. Previous customers have mentioned a slight tilt in the adjustable arms when securing their monitor. Occasionally there were also complaints that the desk clamp grommet jammed and would not tighten or loosen.



2. VIVO Full Motion Dual Monitor Arm

Once again found on Amazon, the Dual Monitor Free-Standing Desk Stand offers an excellent option for a frequently mobile work space. The product includes a 3-year Manufacturer Warranty to ensure customer satisfaction.

Also Good

VIVO Full Motion Dual Monitor Arm

The Dual Monitor Free-Standing Desk Stand supports two monitors ranging from 13” to 30” in size. The stand supports 17.6 pounds in weight. This model also features a center height adjustment pole with 360° rotation, -45°/+45° tilt range, and a 180° swivel.

The Dual Monitor Stand features excellent adjustability ranges and options, but it is free-standing and not secured to the desk, table, or whatever surface you use.  Adjustability is very important if you constantly change the rest of your setup.

A drawback that accompanies most free-standing monitor arms is a balance issue. If the monitors are pulled too far forward, they leave the stand’s center of gravity and tip over.



3. VIVO Pneumatic Spring Arm Monitor Mount

This third VIVO model has a great ergonomic design in an average price range for monitor arms. The design features pneumatic spring arms using a counterbalance tension to stabilize the monitors. This model, just like all other best VIVO monitor arms, can be found on Amazon.

VIVO Spring Arm Monitor Mount

The spring arms give a height range from 6” to 16.5”. The mount’s adjustability options include a 360° rotation, 180° swivel, and -45°/+90° tilt range. In order for the counterbalance tension to work the monitors must be at least 4.4 pounds but cannot exceed 14.3 pounds.

The Desk Mount supports screen sizes from 17” to 27”. The Desk Mount’s C-clamp can mount to desktops 0.4” to 3.2”, and there is also an optional desk grommet to accommodate for various locations.

One drawback for this VIVO product is a balance issue. Having monitors of two different sizes/weights may negatively affect the counterbalance tension.  That can be very bad if the tension is to great.



4. VIVO Single Monitor Arm – Budget Pick

VIVO also has a product for those who have just one monitor. The Single LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand has great design structure and stability, and once again can be located on Amazon with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Our Budget Pick

VIVO Single Monitor Arm

The Single LCD Monitor Stand’s adjustable arm offers 360° rotation, 360° swivel, and +90° to -90° tilt with height adjustment along the center pole. The monitor can be placed in portrait or landscape orientation.

The mount supports screen sizes ranging from 13” to 27” with a maximum weight capacity of 22 pounds. It comes with integrated cable management to keep your workspace organized.

One of the drawbacks to this model is the lengthy installation process. The directions are simple to follow, but the process takes a long time. For those looking for a dual monitor support or more, the single monitor capacity is a drawback. I’d opt for another selection in this article if that is you.



5. VIVO Dual Vertical Monitor Arm

In this product, VIVO features a vertical monitor stand, monitor above monitor, setup. Once again offered on Amazon, the Dual Monitor Free-Standing Mount comes with a three year manufacturer warranty.

VIVO Dual Vertical Monitor Arm

The mount has great adjustability with a 360° rotation, 360° swivel, and a -45°/+45° tilt range. With its excellent adjustable qualities, the desk mount also allows for monitors to be placed in landscape or portrait mode.

It supports screens 13” to 30” weighing up to 22 pounds each monitor. Although free-standing desk stands usually minimize adjustability, the Dual Monitor Free-Standing Mount has a heavy duty base to ensure stability.

A few drawbacks to this model is the slight wobble and tough adjustments. With such a sturdy build, any mount adjustments may require use of tools.



How To Choose The Right VIVO Monitor Arm

No matter the model of VIVO monitor arm you choose to purchase, you will have gained a quality product for your home office. Each different style of monitor arm has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, but choosing which benefits overset the drawbacks depends on your needs for your workspace.

Here is a list of key features in a each monitor arm to consider before you choose the one for your home. 


To reach its full potential and benefits, a monitor arm needs easy and wide range adjustability. Without the complete adjustable benefits, the stand may not achieve less neck and back pain for you. Before purchasing your monitor stand, ensure you are able to adjust the height to your requirements. If you know you will want to move your monitor around, also ensure the arms allow for the proper tilt and swivel movements you need. 

Think of the work space your monitor arm will be set up in as well. If you think you will only need to move the monitor up and down, adjustability is not as important; however, a variety in routine or standing/sitting work setups require a higher adjustability.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a monitor arm is extremely important. Depending on your monitor or multiple monitors’ sizes, you’ll need to find a monitor arm that can support that weight. Keep in mind you should give the monitor arm’s weight capacity some leeway. An arm with a 24 pound weight capacity should not be holding a 24 pound monitor. This may cause sagging or harder adjustments.

Size Capacity

Without even realizing it, you will move your monitor more than you first intend. Most people don’t sit completely still as they work, and many people enjoy standing from time to time to change things up. Because of this movement, you need to consider the size capacity of your monitor. 

Even if a monitor arm features fantastic adjustability, setting the arm up with a monitor larger than the arm can hold will decrease the product’s capability. The size is not as important as the weight, but it is better to remain safe and buy a monitor arm designed for the size of your monitor.


There are few things more annoying than adjusting your monitor to that perfect position, just for it to slowly fall back into the spot it started in. This is why the sturdiness of your monitor arm is so important. Not only is the material of the arm important, but also how well the arms tighten into place. Steel or other strong metals are always a good material choice. 

When it comes to how well the product stays in place, it’s always good to read over a few reviews to see how previous consumers felt about the sturdiness of the monitor arm. Keep in mind one bad review does not mean the product as a whole is unreliable.

VIVO Monitor Arm

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “How can monitor stands save space?”

A: Generally when you are using a monitor arm or stand, you won’t keep the monitor at its sitting position. You will move the monitor up to eye level. This allows for storage space under the computer that isn’t accessible without the monitor arm.

Q: “Is it possible to remove an arm after purchase to change the stand to a single monitor setup?”

A: For almost all VIVO monitor arm products, arm removal is possible to limit the capacity to single monitor instead of dual or triple monitor capacity.

Q: “How do I know I need a monitor arm?”

A: Specifically needing a monitor arm is based on personal preference. If you sit at your computer more than 6-8 hours a day, and you wake up with neck or back pain, you may need to look into a monitor arm. Adjusting the height to eye level will help better your posture from looking down at the screen.

Q: “How much should I spend on this product?”

A: How much you spend on your monitor arm also depends on personal preference. More expensive does not always mean higher quality, just like cheaper does not always mean lower quality. No matter the price, it’s always good to look over the reviews of a product to see how satisfied previous consumers were with their choice.

Closing Thoughts

The proper VIVO monitor arm for your lifestyle could mean better sleep, less back pain, and an easier setup for your eyes. Choosing the right style or structure for your space is important because the wrong choice may make you think you wasted your money. Wasted money is never a good thing. With VIVO arms, the sturdy and heavy duty structure causes some strength issues with the adjustments. Be patient with the product and use tools to unscrew and screw the articulating arms. The best VIVO monitor arms have been detailed out for you, now go find the perfect one for you!

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