Best Vertical Monitor Stand

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Finding the best vertical monitor stand to accentuate your home office space or gaming experience can be a tough task. The benefits of these monitor stands, however, are endless. They improve your posture which in turn improves the quality of your work. They quickly and easily allow you to adjust their tilt angle, height, and position to best fit your needs. 

You can also use them at standing/traditional desks, yet they can also attach to the back of a desk as well or come freestanding. There are countless options to choose from, but which one fits your needs exactly?

Best Vertical Monitor Stand

Best Overall

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Best Vertical Monitor Stand

Vertical monitor stands were created as pieces of equipment that ensure your PC/Gaming monitor is raised at an angle that is convenient for the consumer to watch without much strain. They are ideal for movies, theatres, gaming, home theater systems, and presentations. They are made to accommodate monitors in various sizes and weights, and come in multiple different designs, hooking styles, and colors. 

They also give peace of mind without placing your monitors on tabletops or desktops again. The main reason consumers buy these monitor mounts are for their own comfort, and to boost their project productivity.

Below are our five top picks for Vertical Monitor Stands:

1. FLEXIMOUNTS Vertical Dual Monitor Stand  – Best Overall

This specific monitor mount sticks out for a variety of reasons. It comes with dual holders on a swivel mount system so you can easily and quickly adjust your monitor mount. You can tilt, rotate, or swivel this monitor mount independently because each has its own arm.

Our Pick

FLEXIMOUNTS Vertical Monitor Stand

This also comes with an easy-to-install C-clamp mount base that was made to attach securely to your desk. This allows you to install multiple monitors in landscape or portrait orientation.

Another immense advantage of this monitor mount is that it comes with cable management channels, so you don’t ever have to worry about pulling them.



2. EZM Dual Vertical/Horizontal Gas Spring Monitor Stand

This monitor mount stand stands out on its own in many ways. It can hold up to two monitors and has a maximum weight of 13.2 pounds per monitor hold.

EZM Dual Monitor Stand

It allows for easy adjustment, and the ability to adjust each monitor independently. It also supports a variety of different monitor weights, sizes, and configurations with the ability to rotate a full 360 degrees.  

C-Clamps are so imperative when it comes too selecting a monitor mount. This monitor mount comes with a heavy-duty steel C-clamp designed to clamp to your desktop. You can clamp it to the side of your desk, or if you would prefer a little extra security, you can choose to run a bolt through it. It comes equipped with a gas spring setup, which makes it is easy to adjust the monitors without resistance.



3. AmazonBasics Premium Dual Monitor Stand – Premium Pick

Amazon is what consumers consider a “household brand”. Normally, “household brands” such as Amazon, Great Value, Up&Up, etc does not hold their value with the average consumer due to their lower price and not so great build. 

However, this monitor stand is the exception. Amazon does offer third-party brands for multiple monitors, but out of all that were tested, this one performed most amicably. This stand is price friendly and beats out its rival expensive alternatives.   

Our Premium Pick

AmazonBasics Vertical Monitor Stand

So, what makes this monitor stand so different than other third-party brand competitors? This Premium Dual stand boats an all-metal construction equipped with gas-spring arms, ensuring that your monitors will stay right where you placed them.

This mount also has three joints on each metal arm that earns an impressive 70-degree tilt angle. It also comes with an optional bracket if you choose to mount it to you desktop (although if you don’t have a hole in your desk already you will have to drill one), which comes with cables and cable ties for total control. 

However, you will not need any special tools if you choose to go with the standard clamp mount. Although, the one possible drawback is that there is only a 2.4-inch maximum clearance of this clamp… which may not be able to fit onto larger desks.



4. North Bayou Dual Monitor Desk Stand

If you are in the market for a dual monitor stand that is budget-friendly, this will be the monitor mount for you. This monitor mount has a great price but that being said, with its low price, some things aren’t included as the more expensive mount. But, they are at a minimum.

North Bayou Dual Monitor Desk Stand

This dual monitor stand boasts a flexible gas-spring arm structure in a relatively smaller set-up. It is similar to the Amazon model listed above, but at a much cheaper price. It includes cable management (which is crucial), a desktop mount, and a wider base.

The only perk to this mount is that if you choose a higher desktop model, you won’t have too drill a hole in your desktop. Their mount is made to accommodate any desktop, in any specification.

As in any cheaper product, the only thing you are giving up is the quality of your materials. Instead of higher quality mounts being made of steel, this mount is made of plastic. The other drawback is its arms may be a bit short, depending on your desk size as well. But, if you are willing to take that chance, it is a steal for the price.



5. VIVO Dual Vertical Monitor Desk Stand – Budget Pick

This stand boasts an aluminum and steel base for higher durability. It is made with high-grade materials, which also comes with a higher-grade price. However, it has a wider foot range than most of the mounts listed above, which makes this option sturdy and stable. It is stable enough to hold two larger monitors that can be up to 27 inches, and 33 pounds without an issue. 

Our Budget Pick

VIVO Vertical Monitor Stand

As with most mounts, you can install your monitors in either portrait or landscape modes depending on your needs, without issues arising. It also has a 360-degree swivel structure, and a 60-degree tilt.

This allows you to customize and modify these monitors to fit your needs. This monitor also is equipped with high grade materials that make it easy and fast to put this mount together.



How To Choose The Right Vertical Monitor Stand

If you are looking for a Vertical Monitor Mount, you are going to want to start by identifying your need for it. They have many benefits: they free up space on your desktop, offer productivity support, and offer flexibility you did not have with just one monitor. However, there are a surprising amount of variety that come with these mounts – these go from multi-jointed arms, gas-powered springs, and freestanding mounts, just to name a few.

To start, you will probably want a fairly simple mount. If you want to keep both your screens in the same place (for example, dual screens for desktop work), you will need to consider your desktop setup and what would work best for your productivity. You’ll also need to see if your desktop supports the intended clamps with the monitor mount you’re looking into buying. If your desk is made of particle board, it will more-than-likely not support any kind-of mount – therefore, you’ll want to look into a mount with a freestanding design or maybe even a wall mounted one. If you are sharing screens with a co-worker, you will also want to invest in a multi-jointed mount.

Remember – while looking into your desired mount, you will need to make sure that your monitor is compatible with VESA-standards. The typical size for these mounts are 100mm. You can also purchase U-shaped adapters that can replace the base included with the mount with a different mounting point. Add-on mounting typically run anywhere from $20-$50 depending on the size. All third-party mounting systems use the U-shaped adapter, but some do exclude it in the monitor designs (these are usually the cheaper and thinner models). While looking for a monitor mount, keep a look out for the slimmer models: they are the ones you usually will not have to find a different adapter for.

Here are a few key features to consider before you purchase your ideal Vertical Monitor Mount:


Keep a look out for third-party mounts that replace steel with plastic. You want your monitor mount to be made out of the sturdiest material so your monitors will not come crashing down onto your desktop, causing much more stress than needed. If you need to spend a little more for peace of mind, it would be encouraged to do so. Ideally, you would want something made out of steel, aluminum, or a combination of both of them. Any mount made with all plastic, a replacement for plastic, or a combination of both plastic and aluminum/steel will most-likely be rated poorly, and not worth your money. Before you buy, pay special attention to attachment points and hinges because these areas will have the most strain due to your monitors.

Vertical Monitor Stand


If you are looking for your vertical mount to correct your posture or boost your job/work productivity, you are probably going to be wondering about your intended mounts flexibly. You will want a mount that allows you to flip, tilt, and rotate both your monitors in order to fit your comfort and needs. You will also want to buy a mount that allows you to tilt your monitors up and down, rotate 360-degrees, and side-to-side. Another immense perk of this these monitors are being able to flip these monitors horizontally or vertically. Remember – if you’re looking for productivity placement or posture correction, you will be looking for your own comfort.

Number of Monitors

This is obvious – but needs to be said. If you are working from home and your job requires multi-tasking, your ideal choice of a monitor mount would be one that can hold anywhere from two to three monitors, depending on your needs. If your desktop can only accommodate two monitors, and you need three (or even four!) monitors, you would be better off getting a vertical Quad mount to increase your productivity. Depending on your job, and what you need your mount for, you can usually opt to get anywhere between two to four dual monitor mounts.


Standard monitor stands usually are rigid and allows minimal movement from the consumer. If you are looking for posture correction, you will want to look for a monitor mount with much more flexibility. The most important thing to consider while looking for a monitor mount with adjustability are going to be the rotation ratio from the mounting arms to the vertical pole, left and right swivel angles, and what the maximum ratio for the backwards and forward tilt is. It is very important to stay close to the height and length of the vertical pole since this is what determines the monitor’s position to your line of sight. Remember – your eyes shoulder always be on the same level as your monitor’s display. This ensures that you do not strain your back or neck in order to properly view your monitor. This also helps with posture correction.

Closing Thoughts

The benefits of mounted monitor stands are endless. They improve productivity, with all their features put together. Whether you are gaming, working, programming, or even working from home, these reduce the hassle of your workload significantly. They also align multiple monitors on the same level. Keeping multiple monitors properly aligned to meet your direct line of vision is vital in keeping your posture correct, and also better on your eyes. It does not strain your back and neck to see correctly. This in turn, also increases the space on your desktop. Usually, monitors are known for filling up your desk space. 

However, with mounted monitor stands, you can simply clamp them on the back or side of your desktop, making the process easy and stress free. You also can use these stands to hold up to six monitors at a time, freeing up maximum space on your desktop, and even clearing it completely.

Depending on if you are using your mounted monitor stand with co-workers, they also promote productivity with them. Instead of calling them over to see what you are working on, you can easily swivel your monitor to show them without the hassle of getting up and taking turns looking.

Mounted monitor stands are also highly adjustable, and can be set to the perfect height in order for you not to put stress on your eyes, neck, back, and shoulders. This ensures that there will not be any extra pressure on these vital parts of your body, which in turn also promotes much better posture whilst sitting at your desktop. Always make sure your monitor is an arm’s length away from your eyes and is always mounted with the top slated upwards to ease the strain on your eyesight.

Most consumers prefer the side-by-side set up, but if you want to use the vertical option, the EZM Vertical Dual LCD Monitor Mount would undoubtedly be the best vertical monitor stand for you. Any issues with the hinged steel arms go away when both monitors are mounted to its heavy centralized pole, which means you can use these mounts for oversized displays used for gaming or home theater systems. They are also used for projections, and in classrooms, mostly for presentations.

Depending upon what your intended use for a mounted monitor stand is, there are many different options to choose from. Once you narrow down what your most prominent use will be, it should not be hard to choose which mount will fit your needs the best.

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