Best USB Hub For PS4

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While the PS4 console comes with a multitude of attachments and ports for various devices, avid players nonetheless may sometimes lack for necessary ports. With the addition of extra USB ports, you can get a lot more storage space on your PS4 with hard drives and flash drives, as well as being able to connect any USB-compatible device directly to your console. 

The best USB Hub for PS4 can be versatile, portable, durable, and advantageous to various situations, from multiplayer play to upgrading storage space. With new USB 3.0 technology, data transfer speeds have reached 5 Gb/s, meaning that you can transfer movies and games near instantly from storage devices. 

Best USB Hub For PS4

Above all, these additions to your setup are not costly like other console attachments and modifications are; they’re utilitarian, and serve their purpose well.

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Best USB Hub For PS4

For the Playstation 4, you can choose from a variety of USB Hubs to fit just what you need, within your budget. Here’s a list of hubs with a wide range of capabilities and specializations, from massive all-in-one charging stations made exclusively for your console, to sleek and portable plug-n-play hubs that can be taken on the go at a moment’s notice.

Below are the nine best USB hubs for the Playstation 4:

1. Anker 4-Port Unibody USB Hub 3.0 – Our Top Pick

The clear frontrunner for PS4-compatible USB hubs is Anker’s 4-port, unibody USB 3.0 hub model. It blends durability, lightning-fast transfer speeds, and affordability into the ultimate package, and with four extra USB ports, it’s more than enough for most necessities.

Our Pick

Anker USB Hub

It’s compact, lightweight, and portable, able to plug in on the go and small enough to fit in your hand or pocket. At five gigs per second, transfer times are downright negligible, and a built-in surge protector keeps your data and your devices safe.

It comes with an easily attachable cable, as well as a Velcro bottom, so that it can be stuck anywhere to save space or keep it in place. This Anker model is built with a specific purpose in mind- to get you more fast, reliable USB ports- and it does it perfectly.



2. Kokovolta Vertical USB 3.0 Hub

While the Kokovolta Vertical Data Hub doesn’t necessarily add anything new when it comes to USB Hubs, it does it with a peerless aesthetic. The entire model gives off a far-future, space age vibe that brightens up every room it’s put in. The in-house LED lights and crisp white sheen to the model’s frame make this port a must-have for any gamer concerned with the look of their setup- and it doesn’t sacrifice affordability to look so good, either. This setup will look especially good with a white PS4 to go with it, or when kept in white-scale rooms. 

Kokovolta Vertical Hub

The model is a bit bulkier than the Anker 4-Port, and doesn’t have a Velcro attachment, making it a bit more cumbersome to use in practice, which is why the Anker still outshines it- but for an absolutely exquisite design to your USB hub, look no further than the Kokovolta.



3. Skywin All-In-One PS4 Stand

If budget and space aren’t an issue with your set-up, have a serious look at the massive Skywin All-In-One Playstation 4 Stand. It has sections for every possible attachment, from dual controller chargers, to four new USB ports, to the Playstation VR’s headset charger, all in-house in this massive stand.

Skywin All-In-One PS4 Stand

For the avid PS4 fan with a high budget and a large setup, this is just what the doctor ordered, with myriad accessories to make your game time easy and accessible. It’s an all-in-one, with every possible desired functionality, and then some.



4. Gyorgkshi USB 3.0 High Speed Hub

Looking for a slim and durable USB port that gets the job done? Look no further than the Gyorgkshi High Speed Hub. It’s small and portable, like the Anker 4-Port, and durable like the Skywin All-In-One, at a tiny fraction of the size and price of the latter.

Gyorgkshi USB Hub

With built-in surge protection and 5Gb/S speeds, transferring files of any kind, in any condition, is a breeze. The LED lights on the surface of the model indicate activity so that there’s never a question of hardware connectivity issues.



5. Linkstyle USB Hub For PS4

If you’re looking for a USB hub that’ll look natural when attached to your PS4, then the Linkstyle 5-Port is the model for you. It’s built in the same style as a standard PS4, to look like a perfect extension of your console. It fits perfectly onto the front of your PS4 and offers much more versatility than the standard array of options, with 5 new USB ports to choose from.

Linkstyle 5 Port Hub

Because it utilizes USB 3.0 technology, it has transfer speeds of up to five gigabytes, making every exchange of data a breeze. It’s still relatively small and portable, though it only works on a PS4, as opposed to the other options on this list.



6. Anker 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub

While the Anker’s 7-Port model doesn’t have quite the same feature set as their 4-Port Unibody model, it is still an affordable and worthwhile investment for anyone searching for a USB hub with a few more ports than usual.

Anker 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub

With the 7-Port, you never have to worry about running out of ports; and all of them are contained within a small, durable, and fairly portable model with built-in surge protection as well as 5 gigabyte transfer speeds.

It comes with an easily attachable cable, with enough length to keep the model fairly maneuverable if your setup is a little cluttered.



7. Sabrent 36W 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub – Premium Pick

Another larger pick for the list is the Sabrent 7 Port hub. With built-in Bluetooth and syncing options for card readers, phones, and hard drives, this USB hub is a little more versatile in its possible applications than the Anker. However, it also comes at a heftier price, making it a good investment only for people who don’t only intend to use this for their Playstation console.

Our Premium Pick

Sabrent USB Hub

Its LED lights indicate when hardware is connected, and its sturdy design means it can take some punishment, able to be stuffed in a bag at a moment’s notice, and its long cord can unwind to attach to anything in the reasonable vicinity.

Like most of the other choices here, it utilizes USB 3.0, allowing for lightning-fast data transfer at top speeds of 5 gigabytes per second; offering movies and games instantaneously.



8. Sunky PS4 Pro 5 USB Ports Hub

Like the Linkstyle 5-Port Hub, the SUNKY PS4 Pro hub is specially tailored for the Playstation 4 Pro. It slides right into the frame of the console and looks like a natural addition, complete with 5 new USB 3.0 ports. While this design makes it the perfect add-on to your PS4 Pro, it also means that this particular hub is largely incompatible with other devices, so versatility is a little bit down.

Sunky PS4 Pro USB Hub

It makes up for this with easy installation and a relatively low price as well as profile; this USB hub is not going to clutter up your setup while it’s sitting smooth against that Playstation Pro. While it is small, durable, and portable, it can’t be utilized for other applications, which places it a little farther down the list.



9. MefeCoorel USB 2.0 6-Port Hub – Budget Pick

The MefeCoorel USB 2.0 6-Port Hub rounds out at the back of our list, with a smooth and futuristic design that is reminiscent of the Kokovolta’s Vertical Data Hub at a small fraction of the price. It’s incredibly affordable and stylish, and has no less than six ports for all your USB needs, and more.

Our Budget Pick

MefeCoorel USB 2.0 Hub

It’s slim and lightweight for easy travel, and is one of the more portable options here. It also has built in surge protection, making sure your data and devices are safe at all times. With an easy plug-and-play design, this hub is compatible with fairly much any device, from laptops to keyboards to hard drives.

However, it runs on USB 2.0 rather than 3.0, with top transfer speeds of 480Mb/s. Now, that’s still not a number to sneer at, especially for most practical uses. If you’re looking for a high quality USB hub, with built in protection, light weight, and an aesthetically pleasing design, all at a very affordable price, the MefeCoorel 6-Port is the choice for you.



How To Choose The Right USB Hub For PS4

When choosing a USB hub for your Playstation 4 console, there are a lot of factors to consider. How many ports do you need, and how many are just too many? Will it break if shoved into a backpack, or dropped on the ground? Can I use it for more than just my Playstation? 

With so many options on the marketplace, it may be confusing and difficult to find the hub that’s right for you. To aid with that endeavor, here’s some things to consider when looking for the ideal USB hub.

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Number of Ports

Arguably the most important part of the USB hub is simply the number of ports on it. Each USB port allows another device to be connected straight to your PS4, but too many ports makes the hub large, bulky, and harder to travel with. Plus, it’ll take more space up within your setup, unless it has a ridiculously long cable- or a Velcro underside. 

Unless you’re trying to seriously up your game, the standard four-port models aren’t a bad investment; and do quite well in most situations. However, some people will still prefer the opportunity, power, and versatility of the larger hubs.


The hubs on this list are durable to a fault; they’re definitely not items to be thrown around. However, they will survive a fall to the floor from Playstation height, and are tough enough to get thrown into a backpack. When looking out for the durability of a certain USB hub, it’s best to look into the reviews of that specific hub. 

But it’s not just physical durability you have to worry about; many hubs are protected from overvoltage by built-in surge protectors, which are a worthwhile investment. Breakages abound, and it’s best to know your hub before you buy.


USB hubs, in general, are not the most expensive addition to your gaming setup. Prices range from a mere five dollars on the low end to half a hundred for a seriously large and fast hub. Still, as with everything, it’s best to know your own budget and buy within that. Should you decide that the massive 8-port hub just isn’t worth it for your needs, there are plenty of quality hubs for a much more affordable price.

Playstation 4 USB Hub


It’s always good to look at the specifics of the hardware you’re buying. While some of these hubs, like the SUNKY and Linkstyle, plug directly into your console, others come with cables of varying length. In general, the longer the better, since that gives you more room to position your port so it’s out of the way of your general gaming setup. Many have detachable cables, so you can mix and match with others to find just the right length for you. 

The vast majority of these hubs are simply plug-n-play: just hook the cable into the port on your console and you’re ready to go, no further hassle needed. Others, like the Skywin All-In-One, are so bulky that they’re a bit difficult to position unless you’ve got a lot of spare room, and a long cable.


The larger the USB hub, the more ports and features it has, in general. But here you must ask yourself which features are necessary, and just how many USB ports you expect to be using. The larger the hub, the higher the price, and the harder to position within your setup. 

The small plug-n-play hubs, like the Anker 4-Port Unibody, can fit in the palm of your hand and go nearly anywhere without cramping up the room, while others are more permanent installations that are a little less suited to a life on the go. Both have their merits; and in this case, it depends on your play style and lifestyle which choice is better for you.


Some USB hubs are designed specifically for your Playstation console, such as the SUNKY or Linkstyle, and have limited applications on other devices, such as a computer or smart TV. If you’re only planning on using a hub as a permanent installation on your Playstation, then that’s fine- but if you’re looking for more versatility, it would pay to look into hubs with more forgiving designs. 

Some hubs, like the Sabrent 7-Port, come with built in Bluetooth and syncing options for card-readers, smartphones, and hard drives, while others are more simplified and utilitarian, offering basic services done right.

Closing Thoughts

In today’s market there’s a great deal of additions for your Playstation console, but USB hubs stand out for their functionality. By hooking in a few hard drives you can effectively double the capacity of your Playstation, all with a handy little device that’s affordable and easy to set up. 

Plus, modern technology had made data transfer near instantaneous, topping speeds out at 5 gigabytes per second with the new USB 3.0. With dozens and dozens of good models to choose from, there’s no reason not to buy the best USB hub for PS4.

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