Best PS4 Keyboard And Mouse Adapter

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Many gamers agree that using a keyboard and mouse gives you a much greater advantage over using a controller. As you can be a lot more precise with a mouse over a joystick and press many more buttons with a keyboard. When it comes to competitive gaming, having fast reflexes, great accuracy, and good control is very important. So switching over to a keyboard and mouse is something to consider.

A keyboard and mouse by themselves won’t make you spontaneously better. It won’t, but what it will give you, is the opportunity and the ability to be a more skilled gamer. For those who are looking to take gaming seriously, using a keyboard and mouse is one of, if not, the first step most people would take.

Best PS4 Keyboard And Mouse Adapter

With that though, it may not be as easy at plugging your keyboard and mouse in, as some games won’t support them or your console might not even allow a keyboard and mouse setup. For that reason, we look towards the best PS4 keyboard and mouse adapter.

The way it works is as follows, it converts the inputs of your keyboard and mouse as if it were coming from a controller – pretty interesting. That means you have the ability to remap the keys on your keyboard and mouse to the controller.

Best Overall

Also Good

Budget Pick

Best PS4 Keyboard And Mouse Adapter

You may be wondering how we ended up with the keyboard and mouse adapters below, right? We went through extensive research, testing, and listened to what users had to say. These products are not only what we recommend but what most people would say are of the top adapters.

Whether or not you are going to game with a keyboard and mouse, these adapters are equipped with that versatility. So without further ado, here is a list of the top 5 PS4 keyboard and mouse adapters.

1. XIM APEX Keyboard Mouse Controller Adapter – Best Overall

WIth the XIM APEX being one of the most well-known keyboards and mouse converters out there, it’s without a doubt that this is our #1 choice for a keyboard and mouse adapter.

Our Pick

XIM APEX Adapter

By giving the unsurpassed gaming performance for console users wanting the PC experience but on a console. This not only has great performance but it also offers incredible build quality, as well as, many other fascinating features.

Setting up the adapter isn’t a challenge by any means. You literally just have to plug the adapter into your console and then connect up to three devices of your choice.

You have the cool feature to use a smartphone to easily change profiles or with a similar device using a wireless connection. You do this by using the XIM APEX manager, you can save profiles, as well as, change your settings.

If you are looking for the best PS4 keyboard and mouse adapter, this is our #1 recommendation in terms of best overall adapters.



2. IOGEAR KeyMander Keyboard and Mouse Adapter

The IOGEAR KeyMander came in second as it also is a fairly popular keyboard and mouse adapter. It maintains a clean, durable design while being at a great price. This adapter, like the other mentioned in this guide, has the ability to be used on a lot of the more popular consoles.

Also Good

IOGEAR KeyMander

The build quality on this keyboard and mouse adapter is like none-other, giving you a fully aluminum case that is incredibly durable and holds up to a number of durability tests. It allows up to 3 USB type-A ports and each is labeled for mouse, keyboard, and gamepad. For everything to work just right, all your peripherals should be plugged into the adapter.

The downside of using a PS4 keyboard and mouse adapter is that there are going to be a few cables. You will need a power cord – obviously, right? And it will also have to be plugged into the console. The few extra cables though, may not look very nice, but definitely worth the increase in skill that can be archived with a keyboard and mouse.

All in all, it is a great choice in our book. It may not provide the same level of performance as our number one pick, the XIM APEX, but the durability factor can be a big bonus. With just about all the adapters, the software is provided and is needed to set up custom profiles and remap buttons to your liking. Overall, it is a great pick that will last a long time.



3. Xim 4 Keyboard And Mouse Adapter

Once again XIM made it on our list coming in at number three. If you know anything about the brand XIM, you will be aware that this adapter came before our number one pick, the XIM APEX.

Xim 4 PS4 Adapter

The materials used are quite durable and will last. It also offers many of the same features as the XIM APEX. Along with its unique design, it also provides 3x USB ports for your keyboard and mouse and an extra for headphones, for example

As I mentioned, this adapter is both durable and has a cool shape, so if durability and style are important to you, look no further.

As you may expect, however, the performance is not quite as enjoyable as it looks. Being the successor for the XIM APEX, it obviously won’t be able to compete with the almost lag-free experience with our number one pick. If you’re just looking to get into keyboard and mouse gaming but don’t want to break the bank, this is a great all-around adapter.

Using the software, you are able to remap all the keys and set profiles to your preferences. It is easy to use – as you would expect coming from XIM and comes with a bunch of interesting features.

A great pick if you are just entering into a keyboard and mouse on console.



4. ZJFKSDYX C91 Keyboard And Mouse Adapter – Budget Pick

If you are on a budget but still looking for great value – the C91 keyboard and mouse adapter is a great pick. We think it’s the best bang for your buck when it comes to the best PS4 keyboard and mouse adapters.

Our Budget Pick

ZJFKSDYX C91 Adapter

There was a bit of input lag, which is to be expected at this price range. Though, we were surprised by its performance when gaming. There is a bit of tweaking to do that makes it run smoother but for a casual gamer, this is a great adapter.

With its smaller design, it looks quite nice. It has 3x USB Type-A ports that can be used for your keyboard, mouse, and either a set of headphones or something else that you use. When it comes to durability, you don’t have to question if this adapter will last or not because with decent care, it will stand the test of time. So no worries there.

This is a great entry-level PS4 keyboard and mouse adapter.



5. IFYOO KMAX1 Keyboard And Mouse Adapter

For our last choice as an honorable mention is the IFYOO KMAX1 keyboard and mouse adapter. This adapter is the cheapest one on this list but it comes with some pretty cool features that may be handy.


In terms of the build, its quality, and design may not be completely desired, it still gets the job done. Compared to the others on this list, this adapter may not last as long as those ones would.

However, if you’re just looking to just the keyboard and mouse a shot, or perhaps, you just want to use a keyboard and mouse instead of the controller. Then we would recommend this, as the price is good while providing deceit performance.

Because of the cheaper design, you do feel some flex and cheapness to it. Having said that though, it is very easy to use and set up. It comes with 4x USB ports for any peripherals you use, like a keyboard, mouse, headphones, or even a gamepad.



How To Pick A PS4 Keyboard And Mouse Adapter

When buying anything you want to know what to look for, right? There are a few things we think you should consider before you make your purchase. You wouldn’t want to spend your hard-earned cash on something you are not 100% sure is right for you.

Below we’ve outlined the more important factors for buying the best PS4 keyboard and mouse adapter.

Console Compatibility

The first and most important thing to check is if your console is even compatible with the keyboard and mouse adapter. This guide is targeted toward PS4 consoles, most of the adapters we recommend are actually supported by other consoles.

However, the cheaper alternatives on the market may not offer half as much versatility, only being able to support a few consoles. We should also mention that finding an adapter for older consoles may be tricky.

Typically though, the manufacturer will make it clear what console it supports, so if you look closely you will likely not have a problem with compatibility.

Does It Support All Your Peripherals?

Once you’ve concluded that your console is supported, next you’ll want to make sure that there are enough ports for all of your peripherals (keyboard, mouse, headphones, etc). Trying to win a battle royale without any audio can be quite a challenge if you ask me.

Now, while not many offer that much support, there are quite a few adapters in the market that will meet what you require. Just don’t forget to find out how many ports you need and see how many are being offered.

For example, you obviously would want at least three. One for your keyboard and another for your mouse. The third one would go from the adapter to your console. If, however, you want to use headphones, you will either need to plug then directly into the console or TV or find an adapter that provides you with an extra USB port.

Keyboard And Mouse Adapter For PS4

Build Quality & Price

With any purchase, doing some research to ensure that the quality is up to your standards is a good idea. Even though a PS4 keyboard and mouse adapter are not too pricey, having to replace it ever so often is still a pain and that’s money you could have spent elsewhere.

In this guide, what we’ve recommended has been proven and tested for quality and value. We have made sure that these adaptors are up to proper standards so that you won’t waste your time or money.

Whether or not you choose what we’ve recommended and you instead decide to shop around, just be sure that the quality is decent.

That would include the materials that are used and also the design. Some plastic usually would not last, unless handled with care. Remember, just because something is priced so high, that doesn’t always mean it is the best product out there, right?

Do It Have Wireless Support?

Wireless peripherals, nowadays, are what is popular. And rightfully so, as it can be visually appealing, much easier to manage, and the fact that you won’t be tripping over all the cables anymore.

This is a big thing if most of your peripherals are wireless. It would be a big annoyance to find out that your adapter doesn’t support a wireless keyboard and mouse. Or even worse, the wireless it offers is complete trash – it’s like having WIFI but it takes 30 minutes to load.

Though, while having wireless peripherals may be nice, you may have to spend a bit more. To make matters worse, It also can be hard to find an adapter that supports wireless. However, if you do end up finding one just make sure that it offers support for multiple devices and has high connection speeds

What Are The Reviews?

When buying anything, the first thing I always do is look at the reviews and do a quick search to see what people say about it.

Users usually will be a bit more honest than the manufacturer as you would expect. If you are reading this, you are already doing a good job with your hunt to find a PS4 keyboard and mouse adapter.

Nowadays reviews determine the value of the product.

Closing Thoughts

After reading our detailed guide and going through our recommendations about the Best PS4 Keyboard and Mouse Adapters, we hope you are now more informed and feel more confident about where to spend your hard-earned cash.

Here is our final roundup of the above recommendations:

Our number one pick was the XIM APEX as it is recognized as one of the best adapters because of the unmatched performance and excellent build quality. XIM really does a great job and we here are not the only ones who think so.

Moving on to our number two spot, we gave it to the IOGEAR KeyMander as it is a well-built keyboard and mouse adapter with acceptable performance for a great price. It doesn’t quite meet up with our number one pick in terms of performance, it does though, in terms of build quality as it is equipped with an aluminum case – this adapter will be sure to last.

Taking the third spot in our guide, went to the XIM 4 for being a great all-around adapter that offers premium features. Even though it may be a little older, it still gets the job done and it does it well. If you are wanting an adapter from XIM but don’t quite want to spend too much, this is a great alternative.

C91 keyboard and mouse adaptor took our number four spot as it is a great budget option for those who are not looking to break the bank but still want the keyboard and mouse experience. Even though it may look a little weird, it does what you would expect. In fact, we were surprised by its performance because of its price.

And for our final spot, we gave it to the IFYOO KMAX1. It offers a simple and clean design with the most basic performance. However, it is a good option to get your peripherals up and running. This is the one you wanna go for if you really can’t afford to spend a whole lot but still really enjoy the experience a keyboard and mouse provides.

If you have any questions about keyboard and mouse adapters don’t be afraid to ask. Or any questions at all for that matter. Also, don’t forget to check out any of our other articles.  You can also leave a commit below.

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