Best Portable Monitor For MacBook Pro

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The world is evolving, and stand-still, immovable desktops just are becoming less and less convenient for the modern world. Your job or lifestyle today is most likely extremely mobile and fast paced, and for that, you need the best portable monitor for MacBook Pro.

Purchasing a portable monitor to connect to your Macbook provides plenty of various benefits for you. Most monitors have very sharp and clear displays, also featuring specialized technology for those looking for a monitor for specific purposes such as gaming, video-editing or graphic design. These monitors are efficient and easy to set up. 

All devices are also amazingly simple to connect to your MacBook Pro. Many products come with a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your experience, or even offer high-end warranties (anywhere between thirty days to three years). Having an extra screen increases your ability to multitask and get more things done at a faster pace than what you usually get with just one screen – anything from business work, pleasure, photography, videography, etc). Nowadays, the portable monitor is a necessity for a mobile lifestyle and for competing with others.

Best Overall

Premium Pick

Budget Pick

Best Portable Monitor For Macbook Pro

Although all portable monitors would be a great choice, not all styles will work best for your lifestyle. Different monitors feature different benefits or have other drawbacks, so be sure to keep in mind what benefits will offset the drawbacks.  

Also remember to keep in mind what you are looking for as a consumer, and what your needs will be in terms of your portable monitor. Are you going to use it predominantly for business purposes versus pleasure? Are you a looking for a small business or big business model? All of these possibilities come into play while looking for the right portable monitor, so while searching, do not settle for one that does not cover all of the needs at hand.

Listed below are the six portable monitors for Macbook Pro we recommend for you.

1. GeChic 1503H 15.6-inch IPS 1080p Portable Monitor – Best Overall

Gechic brings us our top recommended portable monitor.

Our Pick

GeChic 1503H Portable Monitor

The Gechic Portable Monitor features a lightweight, incredibly mobile 15.6” screen, which works really well when you’re on the go. It comes with rear dock port expansion for an easier connectivity solution.

The monitor is a great choice for multi-use needs, as it is compatible with laptop, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and a few other devices. It has a 170° portrait and landscape viewing angle as well.

A few drawbacks to this monitor are the price and the sound quality. The Gechic Portable Monitor is a bit on the pricey side if not found for cheaper on other sites. There have also been a few customer complaints that the monitor had low quality sound. This may be a factor for customers using the monitor for gaming purposes.



2. HP Pavilion 22CWA

Once again found on Amazon, the HP Pavilion 22CWA offers an excellent option for a lower budget work space. The product includes a 1-year manufacturer warranty with 24/7 available tech support to help you with any issues no matter your schedule.

HP Pavilion 22CWA

The Pavilion has a 21.5 inch full HD screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio and an anti-glare IPS LED-backlit panel. The monitor has a great brightness range and adjustable -5°/+25° tilt with 178° positional viewing.

It supports HDMI and VGA cables, and the shipment includes a VGA cable. The Pavilion will connect with all OS devices and PS4.

A couple of drawbacks about this monitor have to deal with the supported cables. As VGA cables are becoming a bit outdated, it seems unreasonable to have VGA support but not DVI, which is what many devices use now. The product also does not come with an HDMI cable, so this must be purchased separately.



3. G-STORY 4K Portable Gaming Monitor – Premium Pick

This third portable monitor, also can be found on Amazon, is our top choice for avid gamers. The monitor has different highlighted features because its main purpose is to play high resolution games. 

Our Premium Pick

G-STORY Portable Monitor

The Gaming Monitor has a 15.6 inch screen that supports HDR (High Dynamic Range). It has USB-C and HDMI ports and is compatible with a high number of devices: laptops, computers, phones, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Switch, and many others.

The Gaming Monitor has dual built-in multimedia speakers with great sound quality. If you are unsatisfied, the product has a one month free-exchange satisfaction guarantee and a 13 month protection warranty. Overall, this is a great choice for the best portable monitor for MacBook Pro



4. Acer K202HQL 20-inch Monitor

The Acer K202HQL Monitor is another excellent budget choice even cheaper than the budget choice recommended above.

Acer K202HQL

The Acer display size is 19.5 inches, 20 inch monitor size. It supports HDMI and VGA cables, but only the VGA cable is included in purchase of the product. The monitor has HD resolution and a response time of 5 milliseconds.

For its low price, the Acer Monitor does well, but there are many drawbacks to any customer looking for a high tech experience. The brightness and resolution are not always the best, and the monitor will not support many games whatsoever. This product is recommended to customers who don’t need the bells and whistles associated with the other products on this list.



5. Newsoul Portable Monitor – Budget Pick

Once again, a highly recommended Amazon purchase, the Newsoul Portable Monitor is a great choice available for multiple uses. This is a great budget choice for gamers looking for the best portable monitor for MacBook Pro to support all of their games.

Our Budget Pick

Newsoul Portable Monitor

The Newsoul Portable Monitor features fantastic 1920 x 1080 resolution visuals on its 15.6” screen. There is an HDR option for all the gamers and designers requiring motion support.

The stereo speakers on the monitor feature a 360° immersive sound technology for premium gaming and music experiences. Several different cables are supported with the product’s high tech interfaces. The monitor can also connect to  laptops, PCs, phones, PS3, PS4, XBOX ONE, mouse, keyboard, and others.

A couple drawbacks from the Newsould Portable Monitor derive from its high tech capabilities. The power cable is short, and it takes a long time to fully charge. This would make sense with its high resolution and excellent sound quality. The monitor also has a limited brightness range.



6. Eviciv 4k Portable Monitor

The Eviciv Portable Monitor is our final recommended MacBook Pro Portable Monitor. Overall, the Eviciv Monitor is just a great buy and once again can be purchased through Amazon.

Eviciv Portable Monitor

The Eviciv Monitor features a wonderful, clear display (4x the normal full HD). The monitor is great for gaming, watching shows and movies, and other motion graphics. The monitor has HDR and FreeSync technology, so we especially recommend this product to gamers.

It is compatible with consoles, PCs, Chromebook, PS3, PS4, XBOX ONE, and other devices. Tech support for this device provides a no-worry service for the monitor’s lifetime.

Some of the only drawbacks for the Eviciv Monitor are a glitchy power button and an occasional flicker in the display. This may cause a few issues with fast-paced games.



7. Asus Zenscreen Go

The Asus Zenscreen Monitor is another fantastic choice for anyone looking for a high quality tech experience.

Asus Zenscreen Go

The monitor offers full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution which gives a good gaming or video experience without a high strain on the device. It has a 5 millisecond response time for better performance in fast paced, precise gaming or video editing.

The 15.6” Zenscreen features anti glare technology providing even backlighting throughout the entire display. With the purchase, you will also receive a USB-C cable and USB-C to USB-A adaptor.

One drawback agreed upon by numerous customers is the extreme low quality of the case/stand that comes with the monitor. The case is not very sturdy and does not hold the monitor up well.



8. ViewSonic TD2230

The ViewSonic TD2230 Monitor is great for those requiring a larger display screen. This specific device is highly recommended for retail work, education, and enterprise. It can also be found on Amazon.

ViewSonic TD2230

The ViewSonic Monitor features a scratch resistant touchscreen (again, great for retail) with HDMI, DisplayPort, USB 3.0, and VGA inputs. The display is 22 inches as a free standing tablet design with a muted black finish.

It comes with an adjustable stand and two built-in speakers. Supplies included with the monitor are the devices power cable and adapter; HDMI, USB 3.0, and audio cable, Quick Start Guide, and ViewSonic Wizard CD.

The ViewSonic Monitor has a few inconvenient drawbacks. The monitor is eight pounds in weight, making it less portable than other devices we recommend. It also requires quite a few cables for connection. Even with all the drawbacks considers this is still one of the best portable monitors for MacBook Pro.



How To Choose The Right Portable Monitor For Your MacBook Pro

Although all portable monitors for your MacBook Pro will give you a general quality experience, not all will be the same for you personally. When purchasing your monitor, you not only have to consider your workspace, but also what you will be using your device for.

Below you will find a few factors we would recommend for you to consider before purchasing your monitor.

Screen Size

Portable monitors do not greatly vary in size, but this still depends on what activities you will be conducting on the device. For work purposes, a smaller 15” screen may suffice and not cause much inconvenience for you. Gamers may prefer a larger screen size to enlarge the features and setting of their game. Also think about your workspace. At home, you may have plenty of room to work with two monitors on your desk, but why are you purchasing a portable monitor? Also consider the accommodations of the places you will be bringing your monitor to. 


The weight of your monitor is a huge factor for your mobility. It is assumed that you are purchasing a portable monitor to be mobile and have the ability to move with ease. A heavy monitor will become annoying, no matter the quality of experience. Lugging a large monitor onto a plane or to your next location will be inefficient. Make sure you check the size of your device before purchasing, so you don’t end up with a brick in your laptop bag. 


The quality of your monitor is very important depending on the software and applications you will be using. Most general work websites or Microsoft software do not require a high resolution or HDR software to do the job. For customers requiring only basic needs and uses, a high resolution is not important. On the other hand, gamers, designers, and photo/video editors cannot live with anything less than incredible resolution. Avid gamers and designers should look for high resolution, HDR, FreeSync, and EyeCare technology.

Best Portable Monitor For MacBook Pro


For many monitors, there is a common complaint about supporting VGA and not more modern cables. VGA cables are a bit outdated, and fewer and fewer devices support them. Consider the types of cables you will need to connect. All monitors will easily connect to your MacBook pro, but if you want to connect other devices, you will have to connect the product’s connectivity. Does it support HDMI, DVI, or USB? What other cables do you need? Be sure to check the device’s compatibility as well. The product description will tell you if it can connect with Xbox, PlayStation, other devices, etc.


Considering the speaker on the monitor generally only applies to gamers, video editors, or customers listening to music through their monitors. Your best bet for high quality sound is any of the devices recommended for gamers. All monitors designed for gaming use will have built-in speakers that will work very well. If sound quality does not matter to you, skip over this factor for consideration.

Closing Thoughts

Finding the best portable monitor for MacBook Pro for your needs can be stressful and daunting. When it comes to buying a monitor, there are a lot of features described, some seeming unnecessary or some that you don’t understand. Always come up with a list of needs for your monitor and some lists of wants that won’t make or break whether you purchase the device or not. Once you narrow down your needs, it will be easier to navigate around the other features. 

Amazon is not the only website for these monitors, just an easy access website with many choices. Do not settle on the first website you find with the monitor of your choice. Search over many websites for your monitor to find the website that will offer you the most benefits.

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