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Valorant is a fast-paced competitive game. Having the best mouse for Valorant could give you the slight edge you need to win in a split second. Valorant is a first-person shooter, so having a good mouse can make a big difference during the match.

Finding the perfect mouse can be overwhelming, there are so many different options to choose from online. It is important to know what you are looking for and to pick the mouse that is the best fit for your gaming style.

We have narrowed it down to the six best options for serious gamers that are looking for the perfect mouse.

Best Mouse For Valorant
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Our Top 6 Picks For Mouse For Valorant

Best Mouse For Valorant Comparison Table

Valorant is a truly unique FPS that requires teamwork and lightning-fast reflexes to stay in the action. When it comes to picking the perfect mouse, there are several key features to keep in mind.

The smallest details can make some big differences while playing. DPI determines how sensitive the mouse is, wireless vs. wired, and also programmable buttons can be useful to some gamers but they can also be inconvenient for others.

Here is a table to compare the top six options to choose from when searching for the best gaming mouse.

Best Overallgminge-table__image Zowie EC2
  • DPI: 3200
  • Type: Wired
  • Buttons: 5
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Premium Pickgminge-table__image Logitech G Pro Wireless
  • DPI: 16000
  • Type: Wireless
  • Buttons: 6
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Budget Pickgminge-table__image Redragon M602
  • DPI: 7200
  • Type: Wired
  • Buttons: 7
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gminge-table__image Logitech G502 Lightspeed
  • DPI: 16000
  • Type: Wireless
  • Buttons: 11
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gminge-table__image Razer Deathadder
  • DPI: 20000
  • Type: Wired
  • Buttons: 8
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gminge-table__image Razer Naga Trinity
  • DPI: 16000
  • Type: Wired
  • Buttons: 19
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1. Redragon M602 – Budget Pick

This mouse is a solid choice for gamers that are looking for a simple and stylish option. The Redragon M602 has up to seven programmable buttons to customize. There are two buttons just below the roller that adjust the DPI, but the placement could potentially be inconvenient depending on how you hold the mouse while you are playing.

Our Budget Pick

Redragon M602

This mouse looks really slick. There is a strip of RGB lights that change colors based upon the DPI setting, and they can be changed with a click of the button on the mouse. The design fits nicely in the palm, making it an ergonomic mouse for most gamers.

It is a wired gaming mouse, which just comes down to personal preference. The cable itself is a braided cord, which means it is very durable, and the 6-foot length of the cable makes it convenient for any PC setup.

For the price, it is most definitely a solid choice for competitive gamers. It checks many of the most important boxes for a gaming mouse and it has a stylish design that will set it apart from many other cheaper options.

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2. Logitech G502 Lightspeed

The Logitech G502 is an absolutely incredible gaming mouse for anyone who is diving into the world of competitive FPS gaming. This gaming mouse has plenty of features that make it unique and definitely a premium option.

Logitech G502 Lightspeed

The mouse is wireless, and the power play capabilities allow you to charge the mouse wirelessly with a compatible gaming pad, so you can charge your mouse while you play. 

There are 11 customizable buttons on the mouse that can control the DPI, the RGB, and to check the battery level. The Logitech G502 has a modern design, complete with programmable RGB.

One of the more unique features is the programmable RGB. Not only can you choose the colors, but you can also program the colors to change with certain actions. So you can customize the lighting to change to match the action of the game you are playing. It is a really cool feature that takes the action of any game to the next level. 

This mouse also has adjustable weights that can be moved around to fit the comfort of the player.



3. Zowie EC2 – Best Overall

When it comes to gaming mice for FPS competitive games, there are few that can match the perfect design of the Zowie EC2. This mouse may look simple, but it is designed for fast-paced gaming. Valorant is a competitive FPS, similar to games like CS:GO. This mouse is the ideal pick for this style of game.

Our Pick

Zowie EC2

The Zowie EC2 features an optical sensor and an adjustable DPI that maxes out at 3,200. While there are other mice that have higher DPI, this mouse is proven to be a reliable choice for gamers.

The shape is comfortable and simple. It is a wired mouse, but the wire is installed at an angle that is designed to prevent any sort of interference while gaming.

This mouse is also a plug and play mouse. This means that there is no downloadable switch that is required to use this mouse. It can just simply be plugged in and it will function right away.

One of the potential cons to this mouse is the limited customization. There are no RGB settings to customize, or profiles to set within the software. It is a simplified gaming mouse that does not have many of the bonus features of other gaming mice. This could be a missing feature for gamers who like to personalize their gear, but this mouse makes up for it with a nearly perfect design for competitive gamers.

Overall, the EC2 is one of the best picks for competitive gaming because of the simple design that has been perfected. This mouse is the most popular choice amongst CS:GO players. Since Valorant is an FPS, this mouse is definitely a reliable choice for this type of game



4. Razer Deathadder

The Razer Deathadder is a popular choice amongst gaming mice because of the sleek and simple design, along with the highest quality features that make it stand out. This mouse has a really stylish look to it, with an ergonomic design that makes it a comfortable mouse to use while gaming.

Razer Deathadder

The Deathadder has a 20K optical sensor that makes it incredibly accurate and responsive, which is one of the most important features for competitive gamers. The mouse also has adjustable DPI all the way up to 20K.

You can customize several sets of DPI ranges that can be adjusted in-game with the buttons on top of the mouse. The two buttons on the side can be programmed with the downloadable software that comes with the mouse.

This gaming mouse is on the more expensive side, but it is certainly well made and it comes from a trusted gaming company that is very popular. Razer has made plenty of reliable and stylish products, the DeathAdder is certainly among the best products that they have to offer.

There are programmable lighting features, but they are pretty minor. If you think that the lighting could potentially be a distraction, they are a rather small aspect of the design of the mouse. The lighting just adds a level of style to the mouse that completes the look and makes it stand out, but it is not as distracting as some other options.

This mouse is lightweight, which could potentially be a downside to the design. If the mouse is lightweight and also incredibly accurate, it may be easier to move the cursor too far in split-second moments in-game. However, the DPI can be adjusted, so the weight of the mouse just comes down to personal preference. It really just depends on what feels the most comfortable to you as a gamer, whether you like a lighter or heavier mouse.

Overall, the DeathAdder is a stylish mouse that ticks many of the boxes of professional gaming mice. It is made by a trusted company and the optical sensor is of the highest quality. This mouse adds a lot of value despite having a higher price than some of the other choices.



5. Logitech G Pro Wireless – Premium Pick

Logitech is certainly one of the top companies in the world of competitive gaming gear. This mouse is a very well rounded product that has some really strong features for professional players.

Our Premium Pick

Logitech G Pro Wireless

The mouse is wireless, but there is no latency or lag in any way. The Hero sensor makes this mouse operate wirelessly with absolutely no drop off in speed or accuracy.

The mouse can reach up to 16,000 DPI and it can be adjusted within the software that can be downloaded. You can create custom profiles to set the DPI range and program the available buttons within the software.

The ambidextrous design makes this mouse comfortable for any player. There are two programmable buttons on either side that can be turned off or programmed however you choose. The sleek design makes this a comfortable mouse for fast-paced FPS games.

Having a wireless mouse can be a solid feature for gaming because you do not have to worry about the cord messing with how you are playing in any way. The downside to a wireless mouse would be worrying about connection issues, but that is not a problem with the Logitech Pro. It is designed by and for professional esports players, so it is a reliable choice for professional gaming.

One potential downside to this mouse is the weight. This mouse is an ultra-lightweight mouse. While the weight is definitely a feature to consider, this mouse makes up for it by having an incredibly strong and well made outer shell, so it is still durable. It may take some learning to get used to a mouse this light, but it could be worth it to have the rest of the features this mouse offers. 

While it may be expensive, the Logitech G Pro wireless is a very solid choice for professional gamers.



6. Razer Naga Trinity

The Razer Naga Trinity is truly a unique gaming mouse. There are many ways to fit this gaming mouse to your own personal style and preferences. The mouse has three interchangeable side pieces that have different button configurations.

While you may typically want a simpler design for FPS gaming, this mouse is versatile enough to fit many different gaming styles. One of the interchangeable side pieces is perfect for FPS gaming, while the others have bonus programmable buttons for more complex games.

Razer Naga Trinity

This mouse ticks all of the boxes that gamers are looking for, it has an excellent DPI range, a powerful optical sensor, and plenty of programmable buttons to choose from. The DPI can go up to 16,000, and it can be adjusted mid-game with the programmable buttons.

The optical sensor on this mouse makes it very accurate, which is perfect for competitive gaming. There are several RGB features to customize the lighting on the mouse, making it stylish and customizable.

The standout feature of the Naga Trinity that really makes it stand out is the three different side configurations that can be swapped out to fit your style. The three different side pieces have different amounts of programmable buttons, ranging from 4 to 18 buttons that could be set to whatever commands you choose. 

This feature is excellent for people who play many different games and could use a mouse with that much versatility. The different pieces are easy to switch out and they can be individually programmed separately.

The mouse is wired and it has a wide ergonomic design that makes it a comfortable mouse to hold. It is definitely lighter than most gaming mice, despite having several swap-out features and a wider base. It would be even better to be able to adjust the weight, but it is still an excellent gaming mouse despite the weight.

While this mouse may be more expensive than most, it is definitely giving gamers plenty of unique features for the price. There are not many gaming mice like this one and it is from a trustworthy company. The value of this mouse is from the versatility, it is specifically designed to fit all types of gamers. 

Overall, this mouse is undeniably unique and it makes up for the high price point by giving gamers some valuable features.



How To Choose The Best Mouse For Valorant

How do you know which mouse is the right choice when there are so many to choose from? Well, it comes down to a few key features that make the mouse unique to you and your gaming style.

There are gaming mice that are loved by many, but it is not always about picking the most popular option. It is all about getting the right amount of features that fit your preferences, making your gaming experience fun and comfortable.

Here are the most important features to keep in mind when looking for the perfect gaming mouse.


Sensors are a very important feature to keep in mind when looking through different gaming mice. A sensor is how the mouse picks up on whatever surface you are using to control it. There are two prominent types of sensors that all mice have.

Laser sensors are common amongst the cheaper gaming mice and it is the simpler and more basic form of sensor. Laser sensors use a projected laser to read the surface you are using, so if it is not a smooth surface, there is a much bigger chance the mouse will make simple reading errors. Laser sensors are good enough when you use a smooth mouse pad, typically every gaming mouse has a professional mouse pad from the same company that perfectly fits with the mouse.

The second type of sensor is an optical sensor. This type of sensor is able to project a much more accurate scan of the surface you are using. Optical sensors will only work on smooth surfaces like mousepads, but the tracking is significantly more accurate than a laser sensor. Because of the increased accuracy, gaming mice with optical sensors can have a much higher DPI.


DPI stands for dots per inch, which is the term for rating how many dots on a screen a cursor can move per inch you move the mouse. In much simpler terms, it is referring to the speed and accuracy a mouse can move the cursor on the screen.

High DPI is very useful for gamers who need a quick response time. A simple flick of the mouse could send your character spinning, or it could be the difference in a shootout that lets you win the match.

The best gaming mice should allow you to adjust the DPI. It is not always useful to have an extremely fast mouse. If you are playing a game that requires a steady hand, you may want to have a low DPI so you can keep the cursor steady. Many of the best gaming mice will allow you the change the DPI midgame, so you can keep a steady hand when you need precise aiming, but you can also turn it up a moment later to win a battle at a moment’s notice.

Valorant Gaming Mouse


The weight of a mouse can greatly impact how you end up playing. If a mouse is too heavy, it will slow down your movements and ultimately hurt the way you play. If the mouse is too light, it can feel cheap and also make your movements too fast if you are not used to the lightweight.

Finding the perfect weight is an important part of finding the right mouse. A feature that can really make a mouse stand out is having adjustable weights. The ability to customize the weight of your mouse can really help to personalize your gaming experience. Finding the right balance will surely improve how you play.

Wireless Vs Wired

Wireless and wired mice both have their benefits. It really comes down to personal preference and the tradeoffs between the two options.

Wired mice are reliable. There will hardly ever be any connection issue when working with a wired mouse. The downside to having a wire could be movement, whether the cord gets in the way while you are playing.

Wireless gaming mice are typically much more expensive. It is a luxury feature to have wireless connection, so it is often a more expensive feature. The positive quality of this feature is free movement, the mouse is able to glide around the mousepad without anything blocking it. Many wireless mice have the option to be wireless or wired,

This really just comes down to personal preference. It is all about the comfort of the gamer and whether a wire would potentially get in the way with your gaming style.

Closing Thoughts

The perfect gaming mouse can completely change the experience for anyone who enjoys playing video games. Whether you are playing single-player RPG type games, or competitive FPS games like Valorant, having the right mouse is incredibly important.

It can be overwhelming to look through the different options and their features to try to pick the right mouse, but it is much simpler when you know what to look for. There is a good fit out there for everyone, no matter what gaming style you prefer.

It all comes down to the little details. Knowing the importance of DPI and the difference between optical and laser sensors can be really important to find the mouse that fits you perfectly.

Having the right gaming gear can elevate your gaming to the next level. Finding the perfect mouse is the incredibly important for any serious player.

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