Best Monitor Wall Mount

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Most monitors and flat-screen devices that are designed these days are meant to be used with monitor mounts. If you notice, the back of every monitor even comes with some sort of attachment system for mounting.

One popular mounting mechanism is the wall mount. The best monitor wall mounts give you sturdiness along with motion range, easy usage, and the best viewing experience.

Whether it’s a TV or computer monitor, your device must not have come cheap. After investing money in pricey electronics, skimping out on the right wall mount can be counter-productive.

Best Monitor Wall Mount

The first reason for investing in a monitor wall mount is to make the most of your desk space. Creating an ergonomic desk or living room setup is more than just a move for convenience.

In certain cases, a steady wall mount can also prevent accidents. Accidents might seem unlikely or far-fetched, but it only takes one spilled soda to damage your monitor for good!

Greater space also offers benefits to computer geeks who want to keep adding to their setup. You can set up multiple monitors in the same space and even invest in fancier gaming devices. For working individuals, a wall mount can significantly lower your physical and mental stress as you sit at your desk.

There are also health advantages to be accrued from investing in the right wall mount. Spending hours in front of a monitor can strain your neck and shoulders. To avoid pain while enjoying your favorite games and shows, make use of a wall mount.

Best Overall

Premium Pick

Budget Pick

Best Monitor Wall Mount Comparison Table

A proper comparison is only possible after considering all the features and their compatibility with your monitor. A suitable wall mount will offer the right amount of flexibility, height, required arms, etc. 

Before making your purchase, be sure to consider your budget as well. Ultimately, the wall mount of your choice has to be specific to your monitor usage. Each wall-mount will deliver on a specific set of features that are best for certain operations only.

Simply investing in the most expensive or most complex wall mount is thus not recommended for smart buyers.

We have compiled the following list based on features of height and motion range, weight capacity, price, and special add-ons.

1. AmazonBasics Premium Wall Mount – Overall Pick

This wall mount is ranked as the best overall pick because it offers the highest efficiency at a reasonable price.

It allows for extension and retraction as well as tilting to set your monitor in a portrait or landscape mode. The flexibility allows for a complete extension for up 25 inches, as well as a 13-inch height adjustment.

Our Pick

AmazonBasics Premium Wall Mount

The design is ergonomic and easy to use. You can change the position of your monitor with just a touch. The wall mount itself ensures security with a 3-by-8-inch mounting base. Thanks to the hassle-free installation, all the required hardware is included in the package.

Not only is Amazon Basics Premium Wall Mount attractively built, but also highly durable. Moreover, it comes with standard hole patters suitable for all VESA compatible devices.

If you’re looking to really manage your workspace, cables and cords can get in the way. This wall mount takes care of such issues with its cable-management system located on the bottom of the monitor arm. This feature adds to the overall streamlined operations of the product.

Not to mention, the frame is built with aluminum, thus promising longevity and strength for your monitor. It can hold up to 25 pounds, making it a great option for heavy-duty monitors as well.

Lastly, the price is reasonable and falls in the mid-range as far as monitor wall mounts go.



2. Mount-It! Dual LCD Monitor Wall Mount – Premium Pick

Mount-It! Dual LCD Monitor Wall Mount is a premium pick thanks to its dual-arm feature. The price of this wall mount is higher than most, but it comes with the features to back it up.

Firstly, it allows you to mount two monitors ranging from 13-30 inches, with a 19.8-pound weight capacity on each arm. This can enhance your work and gaming station by giving you the best view of both screens.

Our Premium Pick

Mount-It! Dual Monitor Wall Mount

Along with dual-arm support, this monitor wall mount gives a full range of motion. You can tilt, extend, and even swivel your monitors at any angle. The mode can be adjusted between landscape and portrait modes of easy and diverse operations.

The tilt offered is 90 degrees upwards to 20 degrees downwards. The swivel capacity is a full 360 degrees on two joints, and 180 with one joint. Additionally, the height is adjustable to 11.5 inches in total.

It is fully suitable for all VESA compatible devices. Thus your range of options increases exponentially when you can use two VESA compatible devices of different sizes!

Not to mention, the entire design is easy to install with a quick-connect feature to link each arm. Each arm also comes with a complete cable management system.

Lastly, the aluminum cast-die build is durable enough to offer you great security and complete protection.



3. NB TV Monitor Wall Mount – Budget Pick

This is one of the lowest-priced monitor wall mounts on the market. However, that does not cut down on the numerous features it offers.

NB North Bayou monitor wall mount is ergonomically built to give you a full range of motion. Additionally, the built-in gas spring allows easy height adjustments and repositioning, adaptable to different weights.

Our Budget Pick

NB Monitor Wall Mount

This product can hold a total of 15.4 pounds for monitor sizes ranging from 17-27 inches. This makes it suitable for lightweight and mid-range devices. Given its low price, this is a decent weight capacity in relation to other monitor wall mounts.

It also allows for maximum extension up to 15.2 inches from the wall to give you the best view. You can rotate the monitor up to 180 degrees, with a 35 degree upward and 50 degrees downward tilt.

Furthermore, it comes with an efficient cable management system with adjustable clips for the best use of space.



4. Ergotech Freedom Wall Mount

Ergotech Freedom Wall Mount is a mid-range priced wall mount that gives you most features required for general usage.

This product can support any device ranging from 8.4 to 18.4 pounds. Although it is not suitable for very heavy-duty monitors, it can accommodate most desktop devices. However, it is not recommended for heavier TV monitors.

Additionally, the size of the monitor is not a constraint as long as the device adheres to the weight capacity. Keep in mind that the device should be compatible with VESA standards.

Ergotech Freedom Wall Mount

Given the reasonable pricing, the motion range is quite impressive. You can adjust the height for up to 14 inches. The extension range is also broad, at 24 inches. Thus you can shift your monitor around vertically, backward, and forwards with complete convenience.

Whichever device you chose to mount will be able to rotate a complete 360 degrees. The upward tilt is 90 degrees, and the downward tilt is 45 degrees.

Unlike most monitor wall mounts, the great level of downward tilt is convenient for monitors mounted higher up. This allows you to look at a screen with ease and comfort.

Not to mention, it also comes with a cable management system for streamlined functions.



5. WALI Dual Monitor Wall Mount

Dual Wali LCD Monitor is truly special, given its very low pricing and dual monitor support system. It is half the price of most monitors while providing double functions! 

You can attach any device with a monitor size of up to 27 inches. Each arm can also accommodate up to 14.3 pounds. This makes it suitable for more lightweight options.

WALI Dual Monitor Wall Mount

Any VESA compatible device is suitable for attachment with a Dual WALI LCD wall mount. The range of motion is quite diverse as well. You can adjust your device to reach a maximum height of 16 inches. The full range of extension is 17 inches. Max Height 16”

Thanks to the ergonomic gas spring mechanism, movement is simple and precise as well. The tilt offered is a reasonable 75 degree upward, and 45 degrees downward tilt. The swivel range allowed is a total of 180 degrees. You can also access a full rotation of 360 degrees of the monitor to adjust between landscape and portrait modes.

Lastly, the overall build is guaranteed to be sturdy for the longevity of the product.



How To Select The Best Monitor Wall Mount

Given the number of monitor wall mounts in the market, it is important to know which features to look out for.

The first thing to keep in mind is the make of your own monitor. Even the best wall mount will be useless if it does not allow attachment compatibility with your device.

Any monitor will require VESA compatibility to be attached to a mount. That is, it should have industry-standard mounting holes on its frame at the back. A very large monitor or some cheaper monitors may not come with VESA compatibility. These will require wall mounts manufactured by their specific company and no other.

After you have ensured VESA compatibility, you can consider all other factors for streamlining your monitor wall mount search.

Sizing Of Wall Mount

VESA compatibility ensures that a wall mount is fit for multiple sizes of monitors. This could range from a heavyweight monitor for a television screen or a lighter one for desk setup.

To choose the right size for your monitor, always check how much weight capacity it has.

If you buy a lightweight wall mount that can’t carry your monitor, it will be entirely useless. Not to mention, forcefully using it can result in an accident and damage your monitor if it abruptly falls.

Buying a heavy duty wall mount can also be a waste of money if you don’t even require it.

Thus, check that your monitor weight is within the given weight capacity and isn’t too extremely high or low.


The motion-range can also be referred to as the flexibility or movability of the wall mount.

The purpose of a wall mount isn’t just to attach the monitor to the screen. It should allow for a decent motion-range along with sturdiness and security. 

The flexibility you require will depend entirely on your work and desk space. Motion-ranges include tilting at the right angle, height adjustments, retractions and extensions, and even swiveling to different locations.

Not every wall mount will come with all these movement features. A wall mount with more motion-range will thus be more expensive as well.

The level of comfort you desire will be determined through the motion-range. The more your monitor can move around, the less you will have to.

Dual Or Multiple Monitor Compatibility

The number of monitors you wish to mount at one time is another factor to consider. Every wall mount will have a specific number of arms.

Most commonly, monitor wall mounts are single-armed. Dual or multi-armed wall mounts can be found usually at higher prices. Always ensure that each arm can hold the right amount of weight for your setup.

Multi-armed wall mounts are most preferred by gamers and active users with high-intensity requirements. A single-armed wall mount is just as effective if your requirements are more moderate.

Monitor Wall Mount

Security Mechanisms

Whatever features your wall mount comes with, it should also ensure the security of your monitor. A locking mechanism is often present on monitor wall mounts to provide extra safety in case of theft.

Although this is not a fundamental requirement, it can work as a good insurance measure.

Adjustment Options

In addition to the motion range of your wall mount, adjustment options add to your comfort.

Motion-range is something you can change as and when you use your monitor by loosening screws or adjusting the screen. Adjustment options, on the other hand, are directly related to the position of the wall mount on your wall.

Adjustment options can change whether your monitor is held static or shifted in place. The different levels allow you to access a better range in addition to the arm movability.

Height Options

Height options are also part of the various adjustment options a wall mount comes with. These are specific to how high or low your monitor can be shifted on the wall after mounting.

Quality Of Build

It goes without saying that a wall mount is useless if it doesn’t have a durable build. The raw materials used for manufacture should offer your monitor a high level of stability.

Badly manufactured screws can fall apart when tightened for adjustment. Thus the quality of the screws and bolts should also be ensured in addition to the mainframe.

If you are looking for a cost-effective mount, ensure that the manufacturers haven’t used cheap materials. Otherwise, you stand to lose more money in case your wall mount fails to hold up your monitor adequately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does every wall mount come with a monitor arm?

A: The best monitor wall mounts will have an arm that allows for adjustments and movement. Some custom wall mounts may be less versatile and thus immobile.

On the other hand, monitor arms can come in different types that are not mountable on walls. Some monitor arms are also desk-mounted.

Q: Can my monitor exceed the weight capacity by just 1-2 pounds?

A: It is highly recommended that you don’t risk overwhelming your wall mount. Even a few extra pounds can endanger your monitor.

Although customers may report normal functioning even with overweight monitors, it is a personal responsibility in case of damage. No company will allow returns or give compensations if your monitor or wall mount is destroyed due to this.


Wall mounts are one of the many mounting methods for monitors. While other options exist, wall mounting is definitely the sturdiest. Once your monitor is attached to the wall, nothing can shake it. Thus promising the highest level of safety for your devices.

Additionally, it is the most ergonomic of all mounting methods since it takes up zero desk space. You can easily let your device hover above your desk and even let it recede back once you’re done.

With the mentioned factors in mind, you can find the most suitable wall mount for your device and desk space.

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