Best Monitor Arm With Laptop Stand

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A monitor arm with a laptop stand is an amazing piece of equipment that provides ample space in your desk. These are a must-buy if your desks are all clamped up, and you have a lack of space. Apart from that, monitor arms allow you to work in a comfortable posture and give relief to the eyes.

This equipment may seem like just a piece of metal, but it is much more than that. A monitor arm is great for office ergonomics as it encourages free movement and therefore results in greater productivity. These equipment give a sense of neatness and tidiness to your workspace.

Best Monitor Arm With Laptop Stand

The monitor arms comfortably attach to the desk, wall, or even ceiling and raise the height of your monitor. It is easy to find a monitor arm, but one that also has a laptop stand may take deeper scrounging. To make things easier for you, we have picked the best monitor arm with laptop stand.

Best Overall

Premium Pick

Budget Pick

1. Viozon Monitor Arm With Laptop Tray – Best Overall

This is one of the best monitor mounts you will ever come across. This is our best overall pick, as it comes with a bundle of utility at a minimal price tag.  This 2-in-1 dual-arm monitor mount is versatile can be fitted with mostly all monitors and screens. The laptop stand increases the usability of the product.

Our Pick

Viozon Monitor Arm

If you are buying a mount for the first time, with this Viozon product, the installation will be hassle-free. The benefits of this product don’t end here. This product also features a projector stand.

To provide greater flexibility to the user, the height, angle, and length can be adjusted. In terms of looks, this stand takes the first prize.

Aluminum alloy has been used to increase its strength and make it last longer. The laptop tray can accommodate any laptop between the size of 12-inches to 17-inches. Both the monitor and laptop brackets can be rotated 360-degrees. The arm can withstand a weight of 19.8 lbs; hence, both the laptop and monitor can be used together.

The C-Clamp mounting allows the user to adjust the position of the clip to match the thickness of the table. The cable management system collects all the wires in the slide cover; hence, the table looks neat. The product is sturdy and guarantees to hold your devices safely. 



2. Viozon 3-In-1 Monitor Arm With Laptop Stand – Premium Pick

With this monitor arm, Viozon aims to take mounting options a level higher. All options we have listed have something in common. What sets this monitor apart is the stunning option to mount more than two monitors. In other words, you don’t only have a dual-screen setup but a spectacular third screen mounting option as well.

Our Premium Pick

Viozon 3-In-1 Monitor Arm

If that seems like a big deal to you, you might be further contended to know that this mount supports 17 to 27-inch monitors. The weight-bearing capacity is average at 19.8 Lbs, but that’s capable of doing a good job. The laptop tray has over the top functions.

To protect your laptop better, the tray has rubber pads on the hinges and the base, which creates more friction. Even if you have a bigger laptop, the adjustable hinges have a tight grip to hold it safely. One obvious issue that may arise during the use of this 2-1 setup is the alignment.

Since the alignment of this arm is different than the rest, it might restrict some actions and hinder your productivity. The screens are placed side by side, and the laptop is placed beneath them, which can be uncomfortable. Like the rest of the products, you can either mount using a c-clamp or the hole-type mount.



3. VIVO Monitor Stand With Laptop Tray – Budget Pick

Vivo is a brand that is efficient in making specialized pieces of equipment for any type of workplace. The reason this product makes it to the top five is the budget considerations. This monitor arm, which comes with a laptop tray, is an extremely affordable buy.

Our Budget Pick

VIVO Monitor Stand

The single-monitor mount fits most screen ranging from 13-inches to 32-inches and is equipped to bear a weight of 22lbs. The laptop tray, which allows venting, can fit a 17-inches easily. The heavy-duty c-clamp has a great grip, even on the thickest tables. 

You will be able to access full articulation with this monitor arm. The adjustable arm can be tilted from +15-degrees to -15-degrees, it also has a 360-degree rotation. Through the height adjustment along the center pole, you can fix the monitor in your desired position.

Due to the detachable VESA plates, the mounting process is easier. All the necessary tools and accessories are packed along with the equipment. Whether you need the mount for the workplace or you’re just a gaming fanatic, this mount does an outstanding job. The whole structure is a huge advantage to the user.

The cable clips do a perfect job of keeping the power cables out of your sight. The dual mounting option is a cherry on the top. Hence, this product can’t get any better, and if you are on a tight budget, this product should be on your list.



4. StarTech Single-Monitor Arm with Laptop Stand

Startech is another manufacturer that puts maximum efforts to deliver the best office supplies. This VESA mount, full-motion, articulating monitor arm, will make a great addition to your work station. The dual display stand makes working on two devices simultaneously more seamless than ever.

StarTech Single-Monitor Arm

This StarTech monitor arm lets you extend, tilt, and swivel the devices in a multitude of positions and angles. If you have a compact desk with lots to keep, with this monitor stand, you could create some space. The monitor arm will make some space, and you will find it extremely easy to arrange yourself at the space. 

It can support a monitor size ranging from 15-inches to 17-inches and hold a capacity of 17.6 lbs. The laptop stand is also sturdy and can bear the same weight. You can elevate the height of the laptop, which enhances productivity. With this arm, you can rotate your monitor at a 360-degree angle. Wheres as the laptop can be tilted to 90-degrees.

This equipment is also backed by a 5-year warranty. Using a monitor and laptop together includes a lot of cables running around. The unique cable management clip holds all the cables and secures them from tangling.



5. Huanuo Monitor Mount With Laptop Tray

There is no product at the same price which can compete with the Huanuo stand. This product is extremely efficient, and the features it offers are noteworthy. A good stand should not only have a sturdy built, but it should assure the safety of your monitors and laptops. This Huanuo stand is both sturdy and safe and hence deserves a place at your desk.

Huanuo Monitor Mount

The monitor stand supports a whopping screen size of 13-inches to 27-inches. The monitor stand is easy to use with a VESA mount of size 75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm. All the tools required to get this stand ready comes along with the package to make setup trouble-free.

The laptop tray has a drawback in terms of the size it can hold. The product is compatible with laptops up to 15.6-inches. Hence if you own a bigger one, you have to reconsider. This Huanao mount is built to easily align, adjust, and rearrange itself according to the ease of the user. The arms of this mount support a full motion and height adjustment.

There are two different yet typical mounting options. One of them is a c-clamp that can fit edges less than 4.1-inches. The other is the grommet mounting base, which can only be attached to a thickness of 2.95-inches. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I consider when buying the best monitor arm with laptop stand?

A: The first thing you should look forward to is having a VESA compliance. With VESA compliance, your monitor can easily be mounted through the pattern of holes present in its back. The VESA hole pattern has a standard measurement, but a few monitors may not be VESA compliant.

The choice of the stand also depends upon the weight and number of monitors you will be using. Know the weight and dimensions of your monitor and stand properly and check if they are compatible with each other. You can look for other features like cord management, dual mounting, etc.

Q: How will the monitor arm mount attach to my desk?

A: There are typically two mounting options to attach to your desk or workstation. You can use a c-clamp or a grommet to attach the mount to your desk. A few people find c-clamp easier as it eliminates the need to drill holes. A c-clamp needs a desk that has a deep lip so that the mount can fully attach itself.

If your desk is not supportive of a c-clamp, you can use the grommet mount. The grommet needs a hole through your desk to attach the mount. You will even find a few desks which are pre-made for a grommet hole. A few exclusive mounts even have a universal mounting system that knocks both grommet and c-clamp out.

Q: Do I need any additional accessories?

A: Once your monitor and laptop are higher, all the cables and wires will be visible and look messy. To avoid that gross look of cluttered cables, you might require a cable management system. You can attach your cable management system under your desks, and it will arrange and hold your cables neatly. You can even find a few mounts which have a cable management system preinstalled.

Other than that, to have an untroubled work-time, you will require a keyboard tray. The keyboard tray will give the optimal height to your keyboard and mouse for ease of operation.

Q: What are the benefits of using a monitor arm with a laptop stand?

A: Many advantages come with a monitor mount arm. They clear your desk space hence giving you area to work with your papers and documents. With monitor arms, you can reposition the monitor and laptop according to your convenience.

 A monitor positioned properly will also minimize neck strain and encourage proper sitting positions. They also increase productivity by allowing multi-tasking. Having both hardware placed precisely, you can manage work at your desk, the monitor, and the laptop proficiently.

Monitor Arm With Laptop Stand

Final Thoughts

Whichever monitor arm with laptop stand you pick, you will soon realize the space and health benefits that come along. A monitor arm will positively change the way you work at your desk. There are so many variations of the same hence, picking one of them can be puzzling.

Whether you are looking for an all-rounder or premium or something that fits your budget, we’ve listed them all. Before you buy any product, be sure it complies with all your requirements. Hopefully, after reading everything, you will be able to make a choice.

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