Best Monitor Arm For Ultrawide Monitors

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Excessive computer use can lead to stressed backs, neck, and also affect your posture. Whether it is at your work or home, most of our time is spent on our desktops. While ultrawide monitors can give you a better view, it can be quite stressful to work with one. The strain that your muscles receive is quite harmful in the long run.

To save you from this undue stress, Ultrawide monitor arms were invented. You will find a lot of choices in the market, but the choice might be quite difficult for you. Monitor arms help correct your posture and also reduces clutter from your desk.

Best Monitor Arm For Ultrawide Monitors

Finding the right arm monitor is extremely crucial for your work. Having a comfortable workspace is extremely important to enhance your performance.

Here we have reviewed the best monitor arm for ultrawide monitors, which will help you make your decision.

Best Overall

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Best Monitor Arm For Ultrawide Monitors Table

When you have an ultrawide monitor at home, monitor arm becomes a necessity. Though you may think that you can work without one, the benefits of having a monitor arm are exceptional. Once you experience the comfort of using a monitor arm, then you can never go back again.

When you search for a monitor arm for your ultrawide monitor, you will see that there are unlimited options. This can leave you quite confused and overwhelmed. When you are unable to make your decision, you might even postpone the idea of buying the monitor arm.

You will need to make an informed decision when you choose the monitor arm. To buy a product which is suitable for you, there should be proper information regarding the pros, cons, and features of the product.

Below is a comparison table of the top ultrawide monitor arms, which will help you with the decision.

1. Loctek Monitor Mount Heavy Duty Gas Spring – Best Overall

The Loctek Monitor Mount D7L is our top pick. Made for heavy-duty monitors, it can effortlessly hold monitors that weigh between 13.2 pounds and 33 pounds. The mechanism of the monitor arm is very adjustable and can be set into a very comfortable position.

Our Pick

Loctek Monitor Mount

The best thing about this monitor arm is that it can save a lot of desk space, which lets you work comfortably. Equipped with a cable management system like any other monitor arm in this category, the wires are tucked away. This system gets rids of tangled wires in your desk space and makes it look tidy.

Coupled with a gas spring, the Loctek Monitor Mount D7L has a very smooth transition movement along with an efficient height adjustment feature. The arm joint can be swiveled very easily, and the monitor can be tilted up to a maximum of 21 inches. This tilt and swivel motions lets you adjust the monitor to your desired position.

You will feel no strain on your neck, spine, and eyes once you have adjusted it how you want. Another interesting feature is the rotation of 90-degrees, which can let you use the monitor arm to set portrait mode or landscape mode for the monitor.

The adjustability of the hex nuts changes according to the monitor’s weight and calibrates the tension of the monitor’s arms. When you turn the hex nuts clockwise, then the tension is reduced, which is suitable for lightweight monitors. On the other hand, turning the hex nuts anti-clockwise will increase the tension, which is perfect for heavy monitors.



2. AmazonBasics Heavy Duty Monitor Arm

Perfectly designed to handle a 34 inches ultrawide monitor, the single-arm AmazonBasics heavy duty monitor arm is one of Amazon’s best-rated arms. The full motion articulating monitor arm can handle up to a weight of 25 pounds. The ergonomic design of the arm helps you adjust the position according to your comfort.

Also Good

AmazonBasics Monitor Arm

Equipped with a retraction and extension facility, the display can be moved, which can save a lot of desk space. The monitor can be moved towards you up to 25 inches when you wish to work with a display that is closer to you. You can also retract the monitor back when you are done using it.

The 360-degree rotation of the mounting arm will help you set the mode of the display into a portrait or landscape. Along with this, the arm can be tilted forward up to 5-degrees and backward up to 70-degrees. The transition is very smooth, and you can get the desired angle of your monitor with just a slight touch.

The ultrawide monitors that have VESA mounting holes of 75 x 75 mm and 100 x 100mm are compatible with the monitor arm. The cable management system of the arm keeps the wires away from your view. The desk will not be overcrowded with wires, and you will get lots of space to work freely.

This multi-purpose monitor arm can also be used to hold flat-screen television of the same size as ultrawide monitors very easily.



3. WALI Single Monitor Gas Spring Wall Mount – Budget Pick

If you are searching for an affordable monitor arm which is perfect for ultrawide monitors, then WALI single monitor arm is perfect for you. The wall-mounted monitor arm is equipped with some high-end features but is a very budget-friendly option. The capacity of the arm is up to 14.3 pounds, which is quite decent.

Our Budget Pick

WALI Gas Spring Wall Mount

Since this is a wall mount, you can have a free desk space where you can keep other important things. You will not have to worry about space, especially if you have a small desk. Suitable for both brick as well as wooden walls, this monitor arm can be mounted very easily.

Though the instruction manual may not be clear about the installation process, with a little help from other sources, you can set the arm easily. The VESA plate in the arm is heavy-duty and also adjustable. With the detachable design, you can get the whole setup within very less time.

The lateral extension of the arm is up to 13.5 inches, which can be easily retracted for making the setup more compact. The titling of the head is 75-degrees upwards and 45-degrees downwards. In addition to this, the rotation of the whole unit is 360-degrees, which provides optimum comfort to the user.

The cable manager of the monitor arm conceals the wires very neatly and will leave the surrounding area clutter-free. The orientation of the screen can be set to both portrait and landscape based on your need.



4. Ergotech HX Desk Monitor Arm

If you are searching for an arm monitor for both ultrawide as well as super ultrawide monitor, the Ergotech HX Desk Monitor Arm is another amazing choice. Sleek, sturdy, and adaptable this monitor arm can bear a weight of up to 42 pounds. The material with which it is built is heavy-duty, which means that the unit will not damage easily.

Ergotech HX Desk Monitor Arm

No matter the size of your ultrawide, you can trust this model with closed eyes. There are many exciting features which are present in this product. You will not be disappointed with this purchase and can use it for a long time. Many added accessories are present in the package, which is a bonus for you.

You can place the unit at the end of the desk or even in the center so that you can get some space on the desk. One of the best things about the unit is its integrated cable system. Using this, you can keep your wires arranged without it interfering with your work. You can also get ample space on your desk where you can keep important things.

The model is designed very ergonomically with a rotation of 360 degrees, a tilt of 75 degrees, and a swivel of 180 degrees. There is a rotation stop that will prevent the hitting of cube walls by your monitor. The adjustability of the monitor arm is very smooth, and you can change the height of the arm if needed according to your comfort.



5. Mount-It! Premium Single Monitor Arm

Another very deserving product in this category is the Mount-It Premium Single Monitor Arm. Exceptionally versatile and sturdy this model has been a very popular choice among the customers. The installation of this unit is very easy and can be done by you without any help from an expert.

Mount-It! Premium Single Monitor Arm

The aluminum body of the unit is very robust and will not get damaged. The monitor arm can hold a monitor of about 33 pounds effortlessly. It is available in a very affordable range. This monitor arm will provide you with extreme comfort without having to invest too much money.

With an adjustable modular design, you can change the length of the arm or even extend it to fit the desk that you have placed it on. There are four different patterns of the VESA external adapter, which are 75 x 75mm, 100 x 100mm, 200 x 100mm, and 200 x 200mm.

Like most ultrawide monitor arms, the Mount-It Premium Single Monitor Arm also has a gas spring mechanism. This makes your height adjustment feature very smooth, and there will be no noise during the action. There is a 45-degree tilt in a downward and upward direction. There is also a rotation of 180-degree, which is easy for screen sharing.

You can set the monitor in a landscape as well as portrait angle, which will make the view very comfortable. Another very interesting feature of the unit is its in-built cable management system, which keeps your desk clutter-free and also the wires safe.



How To Select The Best Monitor Arm For Ultrawide Monitors

A monitor arm will help you keep your ultrawide monitor at an elevated position so that you can comfortably sit in front of it for a long time. Making an investment in a monitor arm is a huge decision, one which should not be taken lightly.

You would want to find the right product for yourself so that it can be used for a long time. That is why you will need to understand the important features that should be present in your monitor arm. Below we have mentioned certain factors that need to be considered when you are buying your monitor arm.

Size Of The Monitor

The size of your monitor is one of the most important things that you should consider when you choose your monitor arm. Though all of these monitor arms are designed for ultrawide monitors, there may be different size capacities of these products. You need to check the size of your monitor and determine if they are compatible with the monitor arm that you have chosen.

You can check for monitor arms that can hold different sized monitors since this would be a great bonus for you. This means that you will able to change your monitor if needed without changing your monitor arm.

Gas Spring System Is Adjustable

Most of the monitor arms have a gas spring system, and this is one of the most preferred mechanisms. This is because the mechanism is very adjustable as compared to mechanical springs. With gas springs, you can control the arm better and can remain stable even if the load is heavy.

When you purchase a unit that has a gas spring mechanism to ensure that there is an Allen wrench in the package. Without the wrench, it will be hard for you to assemble the unit without expert help. The gas spring mechanism will ensure that your monitor is supported effectively.

monitor arm for ultrawide monitor

Mounting Base

One thing to remember when you are buying a monitor arm is the kind of mount base that the unit provides. You should try to find a unit that has both a grommet mount as well as C-clamp. These two types of mounting bases would be suitable for different desk types. You can mount the monitor easily using these bases without having to change it often.

When your desk type changes, you will not have to invest again in a new unit. Moreover, there are variations in thickness in these units, which you will have to check before you choose a suitable monitor arm for yourself.

Cable Management System

Almost every monitor arm that you choose will have an in-built cable management system. You will have to find a system that conceals your cable completely. The concealed cable system will keep your desk uncluttered. This would keep the desk space very clean and give you the much-needed workspace.

Along with a tidy desk, the cable system will also save your wires from being damaged. You can perfectly keep the wires arranged and work peacefully. Along with the system, you can also find some units which provide additional clips. These clips will keep your wires secured in their position.

Closing Thoughts

Finding the best monitor arm for ultrawide monitors can be a real challenge when you do not know what you are looking for. For this, you need to know the specific features that you would require in your monitor arm. Apart from checking the price of the monitor arm, you will also have to focus on its features.

You will need a monitor arm that you can use for a long time and one that can give your monitor the needed elevation and angle. Find a suitable monitor arm for yourself and enjoy a comfortable work position throughout the day without feeling any strain.

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