Best Kontrol Freek For PS4

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If you’re a gamer looking to upgrade your play with your own specialized, customized controller, you need not throw away your budget on a fully custom model. The best Kontrol Freek For PS4 is a must-have regardless of style and coloration; giving you’re a surer hold on the controls and increasing the leverage on your sticks as well as the precision of your aiming. 

Playstation 4 controllers demonstrate a symmetrical pattern, where the control sticks can be found at either bottom side, reducing the distance that your thumb needs to move in order to grip the stick. 

However, the short length of the thumbsticks as well as their smooth patterning leaves a lot to be desired, especially when compared to the attachments put out by Kontrolfreek. 

Best Kontrol Freek For PS4

Their models offer an easy-grip, rubberized design that increases your control and precision, as well as being easy to reach and sweat-resistant.

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1. KontrolFreek Atomic Performance Thumbsticks

The Kontrolfreek Medium-Length Atomic Performance Thumbstick attachments are simply the best overall thumbstick grips for the avid PS4 gamer. Sitting at 6.6 millimeters in length, they’re neither too short nor too long to be unusable or ineffective for the vast majority of players, and are so versatile that they’re equally perfectly suited for action, adventure, shooter, and RPG games.

Our Pick

Kontrolfreek Atomic

The laser etched, convex, rubber surface of these thumbsticks is not only easy to grip, but is also sweat-resistant, and the grooves on them help them rest comfortably snug against your fingers, preventing any slips or mess-ups.

While concave designs are traditionally more popular, the length of the stick attachments makes handling those surfaces uncomfortable; first because of the hard rubber edge pressing into your thumb, and second because of the raised angle of the hand that the length of such thumbsticks necessitates. 

With such an easily gripped convex surface, there is no more need to place your thumbs directly into the divot of a concave surface in order to keep the thumbsticks from slipping. You can push, pull, or press down on the thumbsticks at equal measure all without fear. 

This option offers the experienced gamer the opportunity to react at a moment’s notice with incredible precision, without the hassle of an uncomfortable thumb position. They’re small, lightweight, and durable, built to take with you on the go wherever you please, and are of course compatible with any and all Playstation 4 controllers you get your hands on.



2. KontrolFreek FPS Freek Galaxy

The Kontrolfreek Mixed-Length FPS Freek Galaxy Performance Thumbstick attachments are arguably the best Kontrol Freek For PS4 if you love shooting games.

Our FPS Pick

KontrolFreek FPS Freek Galaxy

Unlike the Atomic sticks, they’re concave, offering a higher degree of precision at the cost of a little comfort to the user. Their laser-etched rubber design is easy to grip and use, and they’re an asymmetrical set, designed for the control options used by major shoot-em-up and FPS games.

While the right stick is long, offering much more increased aiming accuracy, the left stick is significantly shorter, allowing for more comfort and ease of access when trying to move around in-game. Like all of the other Kontrolfreek models, they’re small, durable, and compatible with all PS4 controllers.



3. KontrolFreek FPS Freek Edge

While concave thumbsticks offer more pinpoint accuracy, they often are a little harder to utilize due to the positioning of the thumb and hand required to get a grip on them. If you’re having this problem, the FPS Freek Edge model has you covered.

Also Good

KontrolFreek FPS Freek Edge

Both of the asymmetrical thumbsticks included are easy-grip, durable convex models that don’t sacrifice any ease of access or comfortability to reach. If you’re looking for a little more precision than what the Atomic Thumbsticks can offer, especially for a FPS player, the Edge is for you.

The longer the stick, the more accurate the aim; which is why the Edge comes with a full 11 millimeter addition for your right analog stick, as well as a 5.5 millimeter attachment for your left stick. Of course, it’s up to you to mix and match at will!



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How easy are they to set up and use? Are they portable?

A: Setup for the Kontrolfreek Thumbstick attachments couldn’t be easier; simply pop them out and snap them in. The pliable yet sturdy rubber and plastic design on the thumbsticks means that they can come on and off at your leisure, all with a little force. Their small size and light weight means that you can take them practically anywhere, and since every standard Playstation controller’s thumbstick is the same size, you can use them on the go, with any controller you come across.

Q: What should I look for in terms of thumbstick shape, and why?

A: Kontrolfreek offers two major designs on their grips: convex and concave. Convex thumbsticks are rounded at the end, offering increased mobility and ease of access. They are, however, harder to retain a grip on with your fingers. Sweat and lack of a well-gripping design or material will make them slippery and hard to utilize. 

Concave grips, however, have a divot in the end, offering far increased purchase and more precision with your movements. Your fingers will not slip from them so long as you push on the center. However, the increased length in order to acquire more precise angles of movement necessitates longer thumbsticks, and it may be uncomfortable to utilize concave grips with very long thumbsticks; both due to the outside edge biting at the inside of your thumb and the awkward hand positioning required fit the thumb squarely on the concave surface when it’s so high off of the controller. 

Both are ultimately down to personal preference; especially because everyone’s hands are shaped differently.

Q: What length of thumbstick should I get for my Playstation controller?

A: Ultimately, precision movement and aiming using a PS4 controller boils down to angular deflection; it’s about what angle you can put your thumbsticks at. A thirty degree angle in any direction might mean slow movement towards stated direction, while a much more severe angle, say, sixty degrees, would result in doubly fast movement. Especially in games where quick, precision aiming is a must, such as action, adventure, shooter, or even racing categories, players might find it difficult to move precisely the way they want to due to the short length of the sticks. 

Here is where a longer thumbstick attachment may come in handy; not only for ease of access for people with varying finger length, but also for tighter precision when angling the stick. Because of the variability with personal preferences as well as finger size, Kontrolfreek offers a full range of thumbsticks, ranging from a few millimeters of height difference to practically a second stick on top of the default. 

While shorter sticks offer only a slightly increased control on angling, they’re also easier to reach, whereas longer sticks offer a much greater degree of control but can become cumbersome to reach, especially to people with short or even average finger-length. On controllers with varied stick positions (which is to say, not the default PS4 controller), longer stick attachments might have to be combined with shorter stick attachments, which leads to an asymmetrical design.

PS4 Kontrol Freek

Q: Should I get two of the exact same thumbstick attachments for my controller, or mix designs?

A: Unlike some other controllers, the Playstation 4 standard controller has a very symmetrical design, with thumbsticks placed at the same location on either lower end of the controller. While the left thumbstick is most often used for movement, the right is often used to pan the camera as well as aim. 

These two general functionalities do tend to necessitate different designs of thumbstick grip, so while it is perfectly acceptable to have a versatile, symmetrical pair of thumbstick attachments, avid gamers may find that certain games may work better with certain stick models on one side or the other, whether that means changing the length, the grip shape, or even removing one stick in its entirety.

Q: How expensive are Kontrolfreek’s thumbsticks?

A: The best Kontrol Freek For PS4 is a good investment for any Playstation player, even on a budget. Generally, longer thumbsticks are a little more costly, but negligibly so. Pairs of stick mods generally rack up between ten and twenty dollars, with a few special models pushing the price a few bucks higher. 

They’re durable, versatile, lightweight, and easy to store and take on the go, and are well worth their price. No worries about breaking these, as the rubber and plastic materials used to make them hold up sometimes longer than the actual controller.

Q: Is there a way for me to find out which thumbsticks are best for my play style?

A: If you’re still not sure which of all of these options is right for you, and would rather have a specific recommendation to your own playing style, go onto Kontrolfreek’s website and select their buyer’s guide. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the buying process, asking you questions about your hand size, preferred game, play style, and controller of choice. 

When you’ve finished answering the questions, the site will present you with a list of thumbstick attachments you might like most, including explanations and specifications for each. While the Atomic Performance Thumbsticks may be one of their most versatile models for PS4 controllers, there’s every reason for a player to try the survey on their own, to see which specialized sticks match their play style as well as aesthetic choices.

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