Best Keyboard For PS4

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Many gamers want to know what’s the best keyboard for PS4.

Technically, PS4 only has limited support for the keyboard in most games. At best, you can use it for text inputs or to login to accounts or to text your co-player.

That said, the number of games where you can ditch that controller and hop on to a mouse-board setup are increasing every day.

Also there are third party software and hardware (adapters) that allow you to use a keyboard and mouse setup to play PS4 games as opposed to a controller. 

Best Keyboard For PS4

This gives you some distinct advantages and markedly improves your prospects of winning the game. But that’s frowned upon in the competitive gaming space as it’s akin to cheating.

Rather, we’ll look at some keyboards that can be used with PS4, PC and  also for general work with other portable devices.

This way, you are not stuck with an expensive purchase that you can only use for logging into your PlayStation account.

Strap in and enjoy the read.

Best Overall

Premium Pick

Budget Pick

1. Logitech K810

The K810 is a wireless, Bluetooth keyboard from Logitech that’s perfect for multi device use.

It can be paired with up to 3-devices at a time and you can swap between devices at the touch of a button.

It’s sleek, compact, stylish and has a metal-plastic blended casing with a brushed-aluminum finish.

Why, it can almost pass off for an Apple keyboard at first glance.

But this one’s slightly wider, is backlit and has scissor switches that have better springiness to them. Goodbye Apple!

The typing is liquid smooth and they are as quiet as a mouse. No more clackety clack!

Logitech K810

The K810 is a very versatile keyboard that can be paired with iOS, Windows as well as any compatible gaming platform.

While using it to play games on PC, you’d want to stick to the default WASD setup though, because it does tend to skip a keypress every now and then. This is more likely to be the 7th or the 8th one.

That shouldn’t be a concern unless you are deviating from the traditional setup.

The intelligent backlighting is a standout feature of the K810. It automatically adjusts intensity of the backlight, depending on the ambient light in the room. You can of course, manually override the settings at the touch of a few keys. When you stop typing for 10-minutes, the backlight switches off automatically conserving battery.

Talking about battery, the K810 has an impressive 10-day battery life, which can be extended further if you don’t use the backlighting feature too often.

Pairing with a compatible Bluetooth device is as easy as pressing the connect button.

Overall, we are mighty impressed with the Logitech K810. It is a terrific option for use with the PS4 and the one-touch device swapping allows you to use these for up to 3 of your devices.



2. Hori Tactical Assault Commander Pro

If you spend most of your time with first person shooting titles on the PS4, then the Hori Tactical Assault Commander Pro is something you should seriously consider.

Our Premium Pick

Hori Tactical Assault Commander Pro

The Tac Pro is an officially licensed controller and mouse combo for the PS3 and PS4, that makes it possible to bring PC-like speed and flexibility to your FPS gaming. It is one of the only keyboards for PS4 that does not require in-game support.

Setting it up is as simple as plugging in the keyboard to the USB slot on the console and the mouse to the keyboard. You’ll be ready to start aiming and shooting with impeccable accuracy and speed (Depending on your skills of course).

The keypad on the TAC Pro is designed to emulate the dual shock controller in a keyboard-friendly way.

There are 4 rows of 5 buttons with a curved palm rest below the array of buttons. That’s a total of 16 buttons with a modifier button at the end.

Above the key pad is the touchpad, just like the Dual shock controller and there’s an analog stick on the right.

As expected, each and every key on the keypad can be remapped depending on your gaming preferences. The keys are mechanical ones and have excellent tactile feedback.

There are a few dedicated keys, like the ‘Quick’ key that doubles the sensitivity allowing you to make quick moves if need be, or the ‘walk’ key that reduces sensitivity if you wish to make a sudden turn and fire at an enemy close by.

The backlighting is a cool addition and it looks stunning to say the least.

The Hori Tac Pro can store up to 3 keyboard layouts on board, which can be very useful if you wish to use different layouts with different gaming titles.

Coming to the most important part, the mouse.

While it looks nothing like modern day gaming mice, the mouse that comes with the Hori Tac Pro has 3200 DPI and will more than suffice for accurate aiming and navigation in most games. It comes with a sniper button, pressing which will cut the sensitivity in half. If you always felt that high DPI mice were difficult to control in some situations, just press this and release it when you are done.

Overall, the Hori Tac Pro will take some time to get used to, especially if you are used to playing with a PC keyboard. But once you spend some time on it, it will quickly replace your dual shock controller as the favorite choice for FPS games.



3. Royal Kludge RK61

Royal Kludge is one of the most reputed keyboard brands used by typing enthusiasts and if you are looking for a quality, keyboard that can multitask, here’s the RK61.

This is a 60% mechanical keyboard. For those who aren’t familiar with it, this means that it’s only 60% the size of a standard keyboard. There’s no Num Pad or a dedicated Navigation key cluster on it. 

The compact form means that it’s very portable and with Bluetooth connectivity for up to 3 devices at a time, it’s perfect for home use.

Our Pick

Royal Kludge RK61

The RK61 is available in black and white. We particularly liked the White version. You can swap paired devices easily with a simple key combo, and switch from playing on the PS4 to working on your laptop or tablet and vice-a-versa.

The keyboard is backlit with surface mounted LEDs and looks brilliant with the LED display and inbuilt animations. You can of course, customize the colors and there are 9 to choose from.

The switches are RK’s own mechanical red switches and have a very smooth, tactile feel to them.

The actuation force is very light and this makes them well suited for gaming on both PC and PS4. The NKRO (pressing multiple switches at the same time) performance is exceptionally good and even pressing up to 10 keys at the same time in the wireless mode works perfectly.

The RK61 lets you store up to 3 profiles on board and there’s ample customization options depending on your intended use. Gamers can remap the keys as well as disable them entirely to prevent any disruptions in their gameplay.

If you are looking for a compact, 60% mechanical gaming keyboard at a pocket-friendly price, RK61 is one of your best options.



4. Collective Minds Chat Pad

Chat Pads are mini-keyboards that are quite popular among gamers who like to send a lot of text/chat messages during gameplay.

But these can also be very useful in some games, like Final Fantasy IV where numbered hot bars can make all the difference.

Rather than switching between the controller and a full-sized keyboard, which can be a tad cumbersome, these are cheap and do the job just as well.

Our Budget Pick

Collective Minds Chat Pad

This is the Collective Minds Chat Pad, one of the top rated ones in the market currently. It features a full-sized QWERTY keyboard with rubberized switches that are well laid out in the limited, space. 

Using it is as easy as plugging it into your controller. The ergonomic design ensures that it doesn’t limit your movement or controller usage. It fits snugly and allows you to run hot bars and commands in a jiffy.

For sending a text message or chatting, all that you have to do is type on the keyboard and it instantly opens up the chat box. Not cumbersome at all.

It connects via Bluetooth to your PS4 and comes with a micro-USB port for quick charging and a headset port for connecting a wired headset.

The inbuilt lithium ION battery has a runtime of about 10-hours and you can charge it while it’s in use as well.

Now for some potential problems that you might run into while using it. It will take a while for you to get used to the keyboard sensitivity, especially since you might be used to mechanical keys.

Also, the audio will switch to the 3.5mm headset jack by default, switching it off on the TV. You’ll have to manually change this in the settings.

Are any of these deal breakers? We don’t think so.



5. HyperX Alloy FPS

The HyperX Alloy FPS is an old-school gaming keyboard that sports a no-frills attached design.

There are no dedicated macro keys (they don’t work anyway with PS4), nor does it have audio-pass through.

Instead, it gives users a sturdy metal frame and top-of-the-line Cherry MX brown Mechanical switches with anti-ghosting and N-Key rollover.

HyperX Alloy FPS

You have the option to choose between blue, red, and brown Cherry MX switches. Reds have the lightest actuation force among the three and also are the quietest. It is the most preferred option by gamers.

Blues have the max actuation force which is better suited for heavy handed typists. It is also the loudest of the three.

Browns are somewhat like a middle ground. They are identical to the Reds with the actuation force but have a tactile, crisp, click to them.

Every one of your keypresses will get registered and they are whisper-quiet and butter smooth.

The keyboard is backlit. But just like most other HyperX products, the backlighting is limited to RED. That’s not necessarily a flaw. There are six preset lighting effects which do add some variety. But there’s no way to customize any of these effects as it doesn’t ship with any bundled software.

Despite the sturdy casing and construction, the keyboard is pretty compact and can easily be tucked into your backpack for travel.

That’s about where the feature list ends. It does come with a USB pass through, but it can only be used for charging a mobile phone, which is a minor let down.

Don’t mistake this version with the HyperX Alloy FPS RGB version which uses Kailh Silver Speed switches instead of Cherry MX ones.



How To Select The Best Keyboard For PS4

Like we said at the beginning, you don’t necessarily need the most high-end gaming keyboard for use with PS4.

Most PS4 titles don’t offer native support for a keyboard and the mouse.

However, having a keyboard makes it so much easier to navigate, search, chat and browse, that many players prefer having one connected rather than using the controller to do these mundane tasks.

For the titles that do support a keyboard, and that list is growing steadily, the keyboard can make all the difference in allowing you to perform lighting fast actions.

If this is the first time you are shopping for a keyboard for the PS4, then here are some of the variables that you need to consider.

What Gaming Titles Do You Play?

Some of the popular games that offer keyboard support are Final Fantasy IV, DC Universe Online, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Overwatch, Paragon and Elder Scrolls Online, which is a keyboard only title.

If you mostly play one of these titles competitively, you might want to consider buying a specialized gaming keyboard that uses Mechanical switches. These have a consistent travel distance, a tactile response to the clicks and will register up to 10 keypresses at the same time, leaving no room for error.

Most of these also feature programmable keys that will allow you to remap the layout according to your preferences. You can also store profiles onboard for frequent use.

If you solely play FPS titles, you might want to consider the Hori Tac Pro, which is tailor-made for FPS gameplay.

On the other hand, if you are just looking for fast navigation and streamlined text entry, then pick any of the typing keyboards in this list. They will work just fine.


We aren’t huge fans of wires or braided cables for that matter.

Just go for a wireless bluetooth keyboard. Most of the ones in this list have an excellent battery life and we see no reason picking a wired one in place of one of these.

If you will be using it with multiple devices, look for one with multi-device connectivity.

Some of the keyboards in this list, can be connected with 3 devices at the same time.

By the way, none of the keyboards in this list have any lag or latency in registering key presses even when used in the wireless mode.

gaming keyboard with back-lights


A backlit keyboard looks cool. But it’s more of a vanity feature than a useful one because even if you aren’t an expert typist, chances are that you’ll be able to navigate your way around it without a backlight, even in a dark room.

That said, backlighting ranks high on the priority list for some gamers who like to customize the lights and the effects.

When it comes to backlighting, a keyboard can either have a single color or RGB colors. Pick one that works for you. 


Adapters are designed to provide you with a distinct advantage. These convert your keyboard strokes to controller signals, which brings macros and other programmable actions into gameplay. Also, in FPS shooters, you can use the auto-aiming function.

If you game competitively, you’ll never be allowed to use an adapter, keyboard and mouse setup.

Why, it’s frowned upon and even disallowed in many MMO games.

So only look for this if you play recreationally.

Closing Thoughts

That sums up our list.

Remember, even a cheap keyboard will do the job for text input and menu navigation with the PS4.

But always prioritize ergonomics, comfort, durability, responsiveness and customization more than the price while selecting the Best Keyboard for PS4.

Do you also play Valorant? Check out the best keyboard for Valorant.

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