Best Gaming Keyboard Under $30

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Keyboards are a very underrated component of gaming. You may not think of it, but you really should invest in a good keyboard if you are going to be gaming.

At the beginning, or if you do not have a very big budget, you may be looking for a cheap option. Typically, the cheaper the product the lower the quality is.

These will not be the best keyboards out there, but they are still great choices at their price point.

Gaming keyboards have several features that can make or break your gaming experience. These features relate to visuals, comfort, durability, and user friendliness.

The following is a list of the best gaming keyboards under $30.

Best Gaming Keyboard Under 30

Best Overall

Premium Pick

Budget Pick

Best Gaming Keyboard Under $30 Comparison Table

There are three main categories that you should look for in gaming keyboard features.

Visual features include things such as font size and backlighting. Comfort features relate to keyboards with ergonomic designs. Durability relates to the keyboard’s build and resistant qualities. Finally, user friendliness refers to things like the number of keys it has, anti-ghosting features, etc.

Here is a comparison table of our top 10 picks.

1. NPET G20 Compact Gaming Keyboard – Best Overall

The NPET G20 is designed for efficiency in your gaming experience. This is somewhat related to your preferences, since you may need all 104 keys for the games you play.

However, this keyboard does not have a number pad, totaling the number of keys to 87. If you do not need the extra keys, though, this keyboard is a great gaming choice.

Our Pick

NPET G20 Compact Gaming Keyboard

Despite having fewer keys overall, this keyboard does still have 19 anti-ghosting keys and 12 multimedia keys. These have a medium height keycap with a concave shape. They do have a much higher key lifespan than most other keyboards.

Thanks to a UV coated keycap and support housing, these keys can last for about 60 million keystrokes. This keyboard is also water resistant. It is compatible with Windows and MAC OS.

This is a mechanical feeling keyboard that is very comfortable to use. It is set at a natural tilt and has adjustable, non-slip rear feet. This keyboard also has rainbow backlighting with 7 different color lighting modes and effects. You can also adjust the brightness to one of four preset levels and the breathing speed.



2. LETTON Gaming Keyboard – Premium Pick

The LETTON Gaming Keyboard is a good quality gaming keyboard and comes as part of a value kit. This keyboard comes with a LETTON gaming mouse that has three different DPI levels. The DPI levels are also adjustable. This keyboard has more keys than other keyboards on this list. It is versatile and user friendly.

Our Premium Pick

LETTON Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard has 108 standard keys, 25 anti-ghosting keys, and 13 multimedia keys. The WIN key can also be disabled for gaming. This keyboard has seven modes of adjustable LED lighting.

Both the keyboard and mouse have ergonomic designs for comfort. The keyboard has a low profile and very quiet keys.

This keyboard is also very durable. It is spill resistant and has wool pads and non-slip shoes. The mouse is also user friendly with its low friction TEFLON feet. The keyboard and mouse both have mechanical feels to them.



3. HAVIT Rainbow Gaming Keyboard

The HAVIT gaming keyboard is a fantastic choice and comes at a reasonable price. It is very popular and has a variety of features to enhance visuals, durability, and comfort. It is a membrane keyboard but it still functions very well.

HAVIT Rainbow Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard has 104 keys in total, 19 of which are designed with anti-ghosting technology. It also has a WIN key that you can disable for gaming, 11 multimedia combination keys, and interchangeable WASD keys.

It has an interchangeable direction key as well. It has LED rainbow backlighting and comes with three different lighting modes; rainbow, breathing rainbow, light off.

This keyboard is also designed for comfort and durability. It has an ergonomic wrist rest and a high keycap design. It is splash proof and has a drainage hole. There are two rubber holders under the keyboard to prevent slipping.

It also has a power saving design which means that this keyboard will go into sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity to save energy. This is compatible with several Windows operating systems, MAC OS, and Linux. It has a key lifetime of 10 million clicks.



4. VicTsing Gaming Keyboard

The VicTsing Gaming Keyboard is among the cheapest gaming keyboards on this list, but do not let the price fool you. This is a very high quality mechanical keyboard. It is very durable and user friendly.

VicTsing Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard has a solid metal build to enhance strength and durability. Its build helps it to be crash bearable, wear resistant, spill resistant and anti-corrosive. It also has non-slip adjustable rear feet to allow slip resistance at a comfortable angle for you.

It has an ultra-thin keycap to enhance durability as well. It has a key lifetime of 10 million clicks.

This keyboard has a natural tilt and wrist rest pad. It is quiet, thanks to the medium height crater structed keycaps. You are able to adjust both the brightness and breathing speed on the rainbow backlighting, which has a regular on/off switch and a breathing mode.

This keyboard has 19 anti-ghosting keys and 12 multimedia keys. It is compatible with several Windows systems and MAC OS.



5. RATEL Gaming Keyboard

The RATEL gaming keyboard is a high quality keyboard designed with professional gamers in mind. It is a mechanical feeling keyboard that is highly durable and very comfortable to use.

RATEL Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard has 104 standard keys, 19 anti-ghosting keys, 12 multimedia keys, and interchangeable direction keys. These keys have ultra-thin floating keycaps with ergonomic concave designs.

They are half of the height of typical keys. They are removable to help make cleaning easier. The keyboard also has a wrist rest and phone holder. It has rainbow backlighting with on/off and breathing modes. You are able to adjust the brightness and breathing speed.

The keys on this keyboard are quiet and last for approximately 10 million keystrokes. It has a metal panel and radium carved characters for durability. It is non-slip, crash bearable, water resistant, wear resistant, and anti-corrosive. It is compatible with Windows and MAC OS.



6. Mafiti RK100

The Mafiti RK100 Gaming Keyboard is a very user friendly and durable keyboard. It is not technically a mechanical keyboard but it has a mechanical feel to it. It is average price but it has many features that make it appealing to gamers.

Mafiti RK100

This keyboard has 104 keys including 12 hot keys and a strengthened space key. It has concave suspension keycaps and clear tones to improve the gaming experience. It has an ergonomic design for comfort and anti-fatigue.

It also has an auto-sleeping mode which puts the keyboard into sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity.

This keyboard also offers a lot of variety. It has 3 backlighting color choices; red, green, and yellow. It has an on/off switch and a breathing mode. You are able to adjust the breathing speed and brightness of the backlighting as well. This keyboard is compatible with several Windows operating systems, Mac, IBM, Chrome, Android, and Linux.



7. Mafiti Wired Gaming Keyboard

The Mafiti Wired Gaming Keyboard is very similar to the above mentioned Mafiti keyboard but it is slightly less durable. That said, it is still a great choice for gamers. It is versatile and comfortable to use. One nice thing about this keyboard is that is comes with a Mafiti mouse. This mouse has 4 DPI and lasts for 3 million clicks. It is also ergonomically designed and has a seven color breathing mode.

Mafiti Wired Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard has a mechanical feeling and ergonomic design to reduce hand fatigue. It has 104 standard keys, 19 anti-ghosting keys, and 12 multimedia keys. The spacebar is strengthened and each key has a concave suspension keycap and clear tones.

The keyboard has a seven color backlighting and two lighting modes. You are also able to adjust the brightness.

This keyboard has a non-slip design. It is compatible with Windows, Android, MAC, and Linux. The keys last for about 5 million strokes.



8. Lumsburry RGB Gaming Keyboard

The Lumsburry RGB LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard is unique in its appearance, as it is silver and white compared to the typical black frame usually seen with these keyboards. It is a little pricier than others on this list but it is still at a great value. It is also very use friendly.

Lumsburry RGB Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard has an RGB LED backlight with 9 different color modes, including both rainbow and solids. These modes include breathing, rushing, etc. There is also a customizable backlight option. 

The backlight has a built in sound sensor to respond to either your voice or music. This keyboard has 104 standard keys, 19 anti-ghosting keys, and 12 multimedia keys.

This keyboard has a heavy and mechanical feel to enhance your gaming experience. It also has a wrist rest. This keyboard has a phone holder with a rubber frame. The keyboard, itself, is also designed for durability. It has a splash proof aluminum alloy panel and drainage hole. This keyboard is compatible with Windows and MAC OS.



9. TedGem Gaming Keyboard

The TedGem Gaming Keyboard is an inexpensive, professional level gaming keyboard. It is very high quality and comfortable to use. It also has a couple standout features that many other gaming keyboards do not.

TedGem Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard is quiet but still has a click to it. It has 104 key and 107 key options. It has 19 anti-ghosting and 12 multimedia keys. These keys have a concave ergonomic design. 

One unusual feature is that these keys are coated with a skin-like rubber oil to give them a more delicate feel. It also has a UV coating for comfort. This keyboard has rainbow LED backlighting with an on/off and breathing mode. You can adjust the brightness level and breathing speed.

This keyboard has a metal frame that is resistant to shocks, water, and general wear. The space bar is strengthened as well. There is a phone holder on the keyboard. This keyboard is compatible with Windows and MAC OS.



10. Lumsburry LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard

The Lumsburry 3 Colors LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard is the cheapest on this list. Though it is not the best, it certainly does not have bad quality. It is a really good choice for gaming. It has most of the same features seen in other keyboards on this list.

Our Budget Pick

Lumsburry LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard

This is a black mechanical feeling keyboard with a red underside. It has LED backlighting available in three different color modes; red, blue, and purple. There is an on/off switch and two different breathing modes.

You can also adjust the brightness and breathing speed. This keyboard is heavy weight and has a wrist rest. It also has adjustable feet so that you can find an angle that works for you. These feet help to prevent slipping as well.

This keyboard has 104 standard keys, 19 anti-ghosting keys, and 12 multimedia keys. The WASD and arrow keys are interchangeable. These keys are laser etched and grip-coated for durability and tactile feedback. This keyboard is compatible with Windows and MAC OS.



How To Select The Best Gaming Keyboard Under $30

Now that you know about some of the best options you have at this price point, you should also know what features make them such good choices. Some of these are recommended and others come down to personal preference. So, you will also need to know what makes you feel comfortable.

Ergonomic Design

Possibly one of the most important features to look for is a keyboard with an ergonomic design. Some components of this design type include keyboard angles, wrist pads, and raised sections. The keycaps, themselves, can also have ergonomic designs. For instance, keycaps have different heights and some have a concave shape. Some keys may also have special coating to improve their feel and durability. A non-slip and/or heavy design is also helpful for comfort. These features are super helpful in preventing common issues among gamers, such as the dreaded carpal tunnel.

Number Of Keys

At minimum, gaming keyboards will have 104-105 keys. But some keyboards have additional keys that can be helpful if you have a game with customizable controls.

Mechanical vs. Membrane

This is the first of the personal preference choices. Most gamers choose mechanical keyboards and they do have better technical features for gaming. But some people prefer the feel of membrane keyboards so you will just need to know what works for you.

Mechanical keyboards have mechanical switches for input. Some people describe the feeling of these as “clicky” and they are very tactile. In general, they are also more precise and durable. Membrane keyboards are usually cheaper and thinner than mechanical keyboards. They have an underlying layer of either rubber or silicone that produces the “spring” and electrical contact. They have more of a spongy feel and do not have a distinct click, so it is harder to know if you have pressed the key fully.


Keyboards are designed in a way to hold up as long as possible. For instance, key lifetime is a major component. This is the number of keystrokes you can do before the key likely needs to be replaced. Mechanical keyboards tend to have a longer key lifetime. A typical lifetime for a gaming keyboard is 10 million clicks. Durability also includes general build strength and features such as being splash-proof.


This is a keyboard feature that is also referred to as anti-conflict. This feature allows two or more of the keys to be clicked and register at once. With normal tasks, such as typing an email or document, you would not want all keys to register at once. But, as gamers know, button combinations are a core component of success in many games. For this reason, you should get a keyboard with this feature. Almost all gaming keyboards have an anti-ghosting feature. At minimum, it should have 19 anti-ghosting keys.


These keyboards may also come with a number of different multimedia hot keys to allow you to easily complete other tasks. These could include music, email, locking, switching to the home screen, etc. Gaming keyboards generally have 12 multimedia keys.


Some people prefer unlit keyboards but most gamers prefer to have backlighting. This is the light on the keyboard that helps you see the keys better. You will find these in either single color or multicolor. Most keyboards will have an on/off and a breathing mode. The breathing mode is when the light pulses, or fades and gets bright again. You should also be able to adjust the brightness and breathing speed. Backlighting is recommended but the color is personal preference.


In addition to looking for spill proof and durable designs, you also need to think about keyboards that are easy to clean. Even if it is spill proof, every keyboard needs to be cleaned on a routine basis to keep it in working condition. Some keyboards are easier to clean than others. For example, removeable keycaps are a very useful feature. These also help if you need to replace the keys for any reason.


Now you know what features you need to look for in the best gaming keyboard under $30 and a list of buying suggestions. Know what is going to make you comfortable and add that to features like durability, anti-ghosting, backlighting, etc. and you will be good to go.

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