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A gaming desk is an important part of a gamer’s arsenal. Picking out a gaming desk is one of the more satisfying parts of building your setup because there are a lot of options to give you battle station a personalized look and feel.

There are a lot of gaming desks out there though, which can make your search difficult. Moreover, gaming desks are a bit different than regular computer desks, so you can’t just buy a normal computer desk for an office.

That is why we put together this comprehensive list of the best gaming desks for your setup. 

Best Gaming Desk

We picked these desks based on their overall quality, build, features, materials, and adjustability.

Best Overall

Also Great

Budget Pick

1. ApexDesk Elite Series – Top Pick

First up is the APexDesk Elite series of gaming Desk. The Elite series won our pick for the best gaming desk because it flawlessly merges all the great features you want in a gaming desk. It has a durable steel frame with wide-base legs, an extra-large tabletop, an electric height adjuster to switch to standing mode, and comes with a 3-drawer mobile filing cabinet for your documents.

Our Pick

ApexDesk Elite Series

The shape is fairly standard and features a small U cutout in the front so you can more easily position your chair.  The electronic height adjustment can change the desk from sitting to standing mode in just 2 seconds. 

The electric switch that operates the desk height mechanism can be programmed for 4 desk heights

The included file cabinet is also a nice touch and features 3 cabinets with 360-degree swivel wheels. Overall, this Elite series is a king among gaming desks and is one of the best you can buy. Just make sure your cords are long enough they don’t get pulled out when changing the desk height.



2. Z-Line Belair Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk – Best Glass Gaming Desk

If space is what you need, then look no further, The Z-Line Belair Glass Gaming desk not only has a ton of desk space for monitors, keyboards, and the like, but also has an L-shape that makes it uniquely suited for corners. 

The two main desk sections include a two-tier setup on the left for gaming monitors, and a workstation set up with a retractable keyboard tray on the right.

Z-Line Belair Glass Gaming Desk

The Z-Line is also made from glass, which gives it an extremely attractive appearance. The desk is fairly large, but that is a concession you have to make for more space. The frame is made from reinforced steel with a black powder coating finish.

The Z-Line does not change into a standing desk, but it has some adjustability. You can actually take off the corner attachment segment and separate the two main parts of the desk to use separately if you want.



3. Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Desk – Budget Pick

Up in third is the Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Desk. The Eureka is a reliable and solidly built gaming desk that is very affordable, which is why it won our pick for the best budget gaming desk. The sleek angles will give your setup that gamer look and also features grommets and trays for cable management.

Our Budget Pick

Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Desk

One thing we like is the simplicity. The desk is easy to set up and the basic leg shape maintains stability well. It is also light at just over 40 lbs, so you won’t break you back trying to move it around.

Given the low price, there are some concessions you have to make. Most noticeably is the smaller than average desktop space that only has a 43.3” diagonal. It also has a 150lbs weight limit so it likely won’t handle much more than 2 monitors and a tower.



4. Mr. Ironstone Gaming Desk

Up in 4th is the Mr. Ironstone Gaming Desk. This gaming desk has a very large tablespace and comes with some convenient storage options for gamers such as a cupholder, headset rack, and cable management solutions in the back.

Mr. Ironstone Gaming Desk

One unique feature is the design. The Mr. Ironstone has a very large undercarriage large enough for most PC chairs and a triangle-shaped frame support for maximum stability. The frame is made from durable metal and the top uses a PVC laminated MDF wood that is glossy, stain-resistant, and easy to clean.

The feet of the desk are also adjustable, so you can make changes so you’re stable no matter the ground. Assemble is quick too, and all needed tools are included with the purchase. Lastly, the PVC finished top is 100% waterproof so you never have to worry about damage from spills.



5. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk – Best Adjustable Gaming Desk

Sitting at 5th is the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk. The Arena stands apart due to its extra-large table space and adjustment features. The Arena has a massive 160” wide table space and is covered with a microfiber cloth surface, which means the entire desk is essentially one giant mouse pad.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

The Arena is also height-adjustable. Unlike the Elite covered at the beginning, you have to get down on your hands and knees to manually adjust the height of the Arena, but it is still good that you can adjust it.

It also does not have a cup holder or headphone rack, concessions you make for the oversized top.

One other feature is that the arena comes in a lot of color options, including black, red, blue, green, and white. It’s a nice change of pace from all the solid black gamer desks out there.



6. Coleshome L-Shaped Corner Desk – Best Corner Gaming Desk

Next is the Coleshome L-Shaped Corner Desk. The Coleshome is our pick for the best corner desk because of its functional shape, large desktop space, thick metal frame, and large undercarriage space. The Coleshome has two main sections, one for your monitors and another for a work/writing station. In that sense, it’s both a good gaming and work desk.

Coleshome L-Shaped Corner Desk

The Coleshome is made using a durable MDF wood and steel metal frame. The top is 100% waterproof, anti-scratch, and can be cleaned with any normal solution. The Coleshome also has a very large space underneath which gives your legs plenty of room.

You can also remove the corner attachment and use each piece separately if you want. The manufacturer also offers a generous replacement policy so you can get a full new desk if something goes wrong.



7. Atlantic Gaming Desk – Most Accessories

We’ll get the negatives out of the way first. The Atlantic is not that durable all things considered and it has a relatively small tablespace. The legs are thin too so it can be wobbly if you put weight on it.

Atlantic Gaming Desk

However, the Atlantic made our list because of all the accessory attachment it comes with. You get a removable elevated shelf, a cupholder on the frame, two speaker docks on the sides, a shelf for games and your headset, and a charging station for your devices.

This desk also features built-in wire management so you can handle all your cords without them getting tangled. It also manages to have a decently space-conscious design, despite all the protruding attachments. Assembly is very simple and the reliance on the wire-like frame reduces overall weight at just 37 lbs.



How To Select The Best Gaming Desk

Gaming desks are not like normal computer desks and have some specific design choices. Make sure to take the following considerations into mind when shopping around for a computer desk.

First off, we should mention there is a difference between a computer desk and a gaming desk. Computer desks are meant to be a workstation for standard computers. Computer desks often work fine as gaming desks but are not designed for that purpose.

Gaming desks, in contrast, are designed specifically for gaming and features quality-of-life upgrades to enhance the experience. A good example is storage shelves. Computer desks often provide extra shelves for storage of work documents. Gaming desks include storage options for gamers, like cup holders and headset hooks.

Shape & Size

The first two main things to think about are the shape and size of your desired desk. Gaming desks don’t have to just be normal rectangles and can come in all kinds of shapes to fit in spaces of your room. For example, an L-shaped desk can be put in a corner. Some desks may have options to let you slightly change the overall shape via extending and retracting parts.

Rectangular shaped desks are probably the most popular choice, but a non-rectangular desk can be a great idea when you are tight on space. The best kinds of flexible desks can change their angle so you can fit them in more spaces.

Of course, you need to make sure the desk is the right size for your room too. Make sure to measure your gaming area before buying so you have a ballpark of how big a desk you need. The desk needs to be large enough for all your computer equipment too, so if you have multiple monitors or like to keep your tower up high, then you will need a desk with a larger surface area.

One last note on size. The desk needs to have enough under-space so you can position your chair without it hitting the desk. If you don’t have enough under space, it will be hard to position your chair close enough to the desk so you can comfortably play.


Being sedentary and sitting for long periods of time in one position can be bad for your health. Many health professionals recommend that you should intersperse long periods of sitting with standing. Obviously though, trying to stand and work at a desk is really difficult.

That is why there are adjustable standing desks. Standing desks can raise the top portion so you can switch between a sitting and standing position. These desks also normally let you slightly adjust the angle of the desktop too. Keep in mind that standing adjustable desks are generally more expensive than non-adjustable desks, and have more moving parts.

You need more than adjustability to make your gaming desk comfortable. Consider investing in a solid PC gaming chair that can change height and swivel. That way you can find the optimal combination of chair and desk positioning.

Gaming Desk


Utility is a broad word and can mean a lot of things. When we say “utility” we mean whether or not you can use the desk for things other than gaming. So for example, you want a desk that you can use for gaming and also for your work. In that case, you need to make sure you have enough tablespaces for your desktop, monitors, and any work-related documents. Say you want to use it for drawing as well. Then you will need a separate space for drawing equipment and drafting documents. 

By the same token, making sure your desk has shelves and compartments for storage is also useful. Make sure that these extra compartments don’t affect the utility of the desk. For example, if a desk has a shelf placed across the top, then that could get in the way of any monitors you want to set up.


No desk worth its salt will be made from cheap, bad materials. When it comes to a gaming desk, you don’t need fancy expensive materials, just solid, reliable ones. In that sense, the best material for the frame is some metal like steel that is lightweight and rust-resistant. Steel is also relatively easy to clean and will last a long time.

As far as the top of the desk, there are many materials to choose from such as wood, bamboo, glass, and more. The most common and cost-effective kind of material used is probably medium density fiberboard (MDF) wood. MDF wood is pretty tough, relatively light, and does not cost too much. Glass tops look really sophisticated and sleek but they can get scratched easily, so you’ll want some mat and pads for your equipment if you get a glass desk.


One other feature to consider is assembly. If you order a gaming desk online, you will have to put it together yourself. This is often a good thing, as you can make subtle personal adjustments when putting the pieces together. Most of the time, you don’t need anything more complicated than a screwdriver or wrench to put a gaming desk together.

If you are particularly adventurous, you could always try to build your own DIY gaming desk from separate pieces. This can be a fun project if you are handy and good with tools. Otherwise, though, the best option is usually to buy a prefabricated desk and personalize it when assembling.


Lastly is the cost. Gaming desks can run anywhere between $200 on the low end to thousands at the higher end. A solid mid-tier gaming desk will cost about $300-$500. We would not recommend going much lower than $200. Anything lower than that is most likely made from cheap components that will not last very long. There are some good ~$100 options out there, but these are the exception, rather than the rule.


So there you have it, the best gaming desks available now. A gaming desk is more than just a desk; it’s a statement of identity. You wouldn’t feel comfortable using a bad graphics card in your desktop, so why should your gaming desk be low quality? A good gaming desk can enhance the experience and make managing all your equipment much more efficient. A good gaming desk can also double as a workstation for your other projects.

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