Best Free-Standing Monitor Arm

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Drilled-in wall mount, desk clamp grommet? Who needs those when you can get the best free-standing monitor arm?

Just like all monitor arm types and styles across the market, there are plenty of benefits that come with a free standing monitor display. The adjustable stands bring the monitors to eye level, lessening eye strain and promoting a better posture for less back and neck pain. 

Unlike the immovable stands, the free-standing choices give you the ability to change the environment of your work space. Everyone needs a change of scenery occasionally, and a freestanding monitor arm will give that escape from the isolated home-office to a more comfortable spot in the dining room.

best free-standing monitor arm

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Best Free-Standing Monitor Arm Comparison Table

To really embrace the mobility of the free-standing arm, it’s important that it will fit any work space you move to, from your desk to the kitchen counter. The pay-off a monitor arms gives you in your work makes the boring purchasing process worth it.

Below are our top picks on the market.

1. VIVO White Counterbalance Freestanding Deluxe Arm – Best Overall

For the person wanting to add some structure and sleek design to their office, the White Counterbalance Freestanding Deluxe Arm is for you. VIVO monitor arms are always a great choice, no matter the style, but here’s why this model is a great choice for your work space.

Our Pick

VIVO White Monitor Arm

The Deluxe Arm gives 360° rotation with a +60°, -20° tilt and a -30°, +30° swivel. It can support a range of sizes from 17” to 27” and 13.2 pounds in weight. The heavy duty, metal support structure of the Deluxe Arm ensures your screen’s safety and maintains your set position.

A few drawbacks are the arm’s capacity and adjustability. 13.2 pounds is not a very high weight capacity for a monitor arm, and the stand only holds one monitor. Although it has a sleek, white design, it has very limited adjustability compared to other designs.



2. WALI Dual Monitor Free Standing Monitor Arm – Budget Pick

The WALI Dual Monitor Desk Stand Free-Standing brings you a vertical monitor design placing one monitor on top of the other. This model is perfect for user’s desiring a portrait set up rather than a landscape side by side set up. Also on Amazon, the Dual Monitor Desk Stand offers a 10 year protection warranty for your continuous use.

Our Budget Pick

WALI Free Standing Monitor Arm

The Desk Stand offers 180° rotation, +45°/-45° tilt, and +90°/-90° swivel to support monitors up to 27 inches. The V-Base gives the stand great support at the bottom, and the product also comes with a 4-inch diameter desk grommet, so this stand will not move.

The desk grommet option has easy installation, and the directions come with the model. The grommet also has easy removal, so the mobility of this WALI stand is hard to beat.

The Vertical Stand has a better adjustability compared to the previous model, but the range of motion on this stand is still not great compared to other arms.



3. WALI Free Standing Triple Monitor Desk Mount – Premium Pick

For the intense gamers or extreme multitaskers, the WALI Free-Standing Triple LCD Monitor Stand is perfect, holding not one, not two, but three monitors. The stand is yet another reliable WALI product found on Amazon.

Our Premium Pick

WALI Free Standing Triple Monitor Desk Mount

The stand includes an 18” adjustable center pole and 360° rotation abilities with landscape to portrait setup. The center monitor has a +/- 45° tilt capability, and the side monitors have +/- 90° tilt capabilities.

The structure supports monitors up to 24” and 22 pounds per arm. Although it is a free-standing display, the product comes with a 4” diameter desk clamp grommet for an even sturdier structure if needed.

Although this stand has the best adjustability of the three models, it comes with a price. The WALI Free-Standing Triple is a bit pricier than other models, and it may require the desk clamp grommet for some adjustments or reduced sagging.



How To Select The Best Freestanding Monitor Arm

As shown above, there are numerous monitor arms to choose from with different features and drawbacks. We can suggest the best monitor arms we’ve found, but we don’t know your preferences. Be sure to consider all options before buy your monitor arm.

Here is a list of key features in a monitor arm to consider before you choose the one for your home.


To reach its full potential and benefits, a monitor arm needs easy and wide range adjustability. Without the complete adjustable benefits, the stand may not achieve less neck and back pain for you. 

Before purchasing your monitor stand, ensure you are able to adjust the height to your requirements. If you know you will want to move your monitor around, also ensure the arms allow for the proper tilt and swivel movements you need. Think of the work space your monitor arm will be set up in as well. If you think you will only need to move the monitor up and down, adjustability is not as important; however, a variety in routine or standing/sitting work setups require a higher adjustability.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a monitor arm is extremely important. Depending on your monitor or multiple monitors’ sizes, you’ll need to find a monitor arm that can support that weight. Keep in mind you should give the monitor arm’s weight capacity some leeway. An arm with a 24 pound weight capacity should not be holding a 24 pound monitor. This may cause sagging or harder adjustments.

Size Capacity

Without even realizing it, you will move your monitor more than you first intend. Most people don’t sit completely still as they work, and many people enjoy standing from time to time to change things up. Because of this movement, you need to consider the size capacity of your monitor. 

Even if a monitor arm features fantastic adjustability, setting the arm up with a monitor larger than the arm can hold will decrease the product’s capability. The size is not as important as the weight, but it is better to remain safe and buy a monitor arm designed for the size of your monitor.


There are few things more annoying than adjusting your monitor to that perfect position, just for it to slowly fall back into the spot it started in. This is why the sturdiness of your monitor arm is so important. Not only is the material of the arm important, but also how well the arms tighten into place. Steel or other strong metals are always a good material choice. 

When it comes to how well the product stays in place, it’s always good to read over a few reviews to see how previous consumers felt about the sturdiness of the monitor arm. Keep in mind one bad review does not mean the product as a whole is unreliable.

free standing monitor arm

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “How can monitor stands save space?”

A: Generally when you are using a monitor arm or stand, you won’t keep the monitor at its sitting position. You will move the monitor up to eye level. This allows for storage space under the computer that isn’t accessible without the monitor arm.

Q: “How do I know I need a monitor arm?”

A: Specifically needing a monitor arm is based on personal preference. If you sit at your computer more than 6-8 hours a day, and you wake up with neck or back pain, you may need to look into a monitor arm. Adjusting the height to eye level will help better your posture from looking down at the screen.

Q: “How much should I spend on this product?”

A: How much you spend on your monitor arm also depends on personal preference. More expensive does not always mean higher quality, just like cheaper does not always mean lower quality. No matter the price, it’s always good to look over the reviews of a product to see how satisfied previous consumers were with their choice.

Closing Thoughts

The proper freestanding monitor arm for your lifestyle could mean better sleep, less back pain, and an easier job on your eyes. Choosing the right one is important because the wrong choice may make you think you wasted your money. When the monitor arm first arrives, be patient with your adjustments. You might not figure out your sweet spot right away with all of the tiny adjustments you can make now. Now that we’ve done the research for you, you can relax and find the right monitor arm for your work space.

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