15 Best Fortnite Emotes You’ll Want to Use

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Fortnite is one of the most popular games in recent history, and it’s easy to see why. With over 100 million people playing the game, there are plenty of emotes for you to choose from!

Whether you want something short or long-lasting, we have a list of our favorite Fortnite emotes that all gamers should know about!

Our list has Best Fortnite Dancing & Emotes. These dances and emotes are voted on by our community. Dance has spread from playground to playground and to children everywhere in the world. While many of these have had controversy in the past it seems Epic Games knows how well to handle it and players are able to play them to the maximum extent!

Here’s what you might want to see on top of this list of good dances and emotes. We have compiled the best dances in this ranking list to show you how to dance during the game. 

1. The Floss

The Floss emote from Fortnite is the most popular and well-known of all, that’s why it’s called “emoji culture.” This dance became literally viral overnight after a kid named Ryan performed on Katy Perry during her performance on the SNL season finale. It later got added into Fortnite as an emote and every player was doing this emoji inside or outside their game which even made it to work or school!

2. T Pose

T Poses is among the most famous emotes in the game. The intended use of the Emblem is alongside the Hay Man and Straw Ops outfits. The emote had no place within any group. For just 200 Vbucks the emotes will be available at the shop via alternating delivery for only $2. The pose refers to a pose that video game characters do.

3. Go Cat Go

The Go Cat Go emote was built to suit one of the new Fortnite players Kit who is a cat and rides a robot. The emote in other stories can cause others in combat to fold the body parts to become motorcycles. It’s unclear whether it was intentionally abandoned or if the group didn’t have the awareness of what it was. It makes a fun addition to game popularity.

4. Toosie Slide

The emote has the player’s player act out the dance move from Drake’s new song — “Toosie Slide.” It is available in a store for 500 V-bucks. Drake’s new song comes to life as you dance along! The music and the emote could be a great way for gamers that love Drake (and want to show it) or those who enjoy Toosie Slide.

If sold in bundles, this could make an even more exciting purchase. While not necessarily limited, there is no mention of how often the pop singer will release new emotes like these – causing difficulty when deciding if they should buy now or wait until something else appears on store shelves again soon.

5. Rage

This Rage emote was only available during Travis Scott’s Travis Scott event. Travis Scott performed in Fortnite at the time. The event saw artists practice in real life and provide games as part of which they can complete the challenge for rewards.

The emote itself sees the character lift a glowing mic stick up a flaming bar up into the playing ‘trap music’. It is one of the more distinctive and exclusive emotes on the game list of the best emotes. What better way to rep this emote than with one of the Best Gaming Mouses

6. Groove Jam

The Napolean Dynamite-inspired emote is available at tier 95 of the season four battle pass. The attention to detail to replicate the movements and length of the emote is the reason this movement is so popular. Due to it being so far off the battle pass, it is very rare since several players had not reached the tier required to obtain it.

7. Infinite Dab

The Infinite Dab appears in the shop for 500 v-bucks in rotation. The emote allows the player character to act the ‘dab’ gesture switching to either side. The dab is the perfect trash-Talking tool when a player can eliminate an enemy group. These are some rarer emotes in the game.

8. Phone It In

Phone It In is a musically inspired emote where the player removes a guitar and begins playing a tune. This emote found a place on this list because of its aesthetically appealing music. The emote can be ordered at the Fortnite store.

9. Llama Bell

It has a distinct drum beat its cowbell in Sync to music and dances at its emote. The song is actually quite enjoyable. Poor llamas anyway! Do cowbells make everything better?

10. Electro Shuffle

It’s one of the most popular Emotes in Fortnite. It has had nearly every monthly presence in the items stores since it was released in January 2018. Some players have viewed it as ‘a better dance in the game but it appears there are two different emotes gaining much more attention than they did. It is a fast-paced dance called “shuffle,” which is influenced by Youtubers from similar videos. 

11. The Worm

The Worm Dance was released in season 2 of Fortnite season 2. It’s one of the popular emotes in-game history. This move is a perfect tactic for insult or mocking enemies. The Worm was released in the summer of Season 2 for the first time as an Emot and is now one of the rarest in the videogame.

12. Dance Moves

Dance Moves is undeniably one of the best emotes in Fortnite today. The catchy music and Scrubs-inspired dance moves are to thank for that, but there’s no denying it deserves a place on this list more than any other emote out there.

13. Best Mates

Best Mates was discontinued in Fortnite. It signifies dancing only best friends could do. The emote arrived at the beginning of Season Three of the series’ first season. This is no longer an emote available in the game. But the dance moves are perfect for the most horrifying characters in the world.

14. Orange Justice

Players are excited they can use the iconic Orange Justice emote now that it has been added to Fortnite. The emotes were previously only available for tier 26 battle pass holders, but have recently become available for everyone in all tiers of play.

15. Take The L

This iconic taunt is the perfect way to mock your enemy once you have defeated them. Part of one of League’s most popular emotes, it sends a clear message: the player forms an L with their hand and dances around waving it in the air as though they’re mocking someone who just lost at something important. It was first available during season three for players that earned tier 31 from its battle pass.

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for the best Fortnite emotes, we have a few suggestions that will make your gaming experience much more enjoyable. We hope this list of our favorite Fortnite emotes helps you find yours! We also have a great guide on “The Best Fortnite Mouse” you should not miss!

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