Best Flash Drive For PS4

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Sometimes when you play games on your PS4 you may need a flash drive. There are many reasons you might need the best flash drive for PS4. If you’ve run out of space on your internal hard drive or perhaps you need to transport your data from one PS4 to another. Even just backing up all of your data in case something happens to your hard drive. A flash drive is incredibly useful and all gamers should consider buying one if they don’t already have one.

The main reason you would want to buy a flash drive over an external hard drive would be portability. The fact they are so small, yet can hold a lot of information, allows them to be the perfect way to physically transport data.

Best Flash Drive For PS4

They also are very handy because they don’t require any wires to connect them to the console. They can be plugged directly into the console and that’s it! You’re ready to play anything that you have stored on the thumb drive.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to use your Flash Drive as an extended storage solution (directly install games on the drive) it needs to be at least 250GB for it to work. If you want to use your flash drive for game saves and screenshots any size drive will work.


Note: Due to the different calculation methods of hard drive capacity, the actual usable storage space of a 256GB USB flash drive purchased on the market is only about 247.5GB which cannot be used for PS4 extended storage purposes. So, you should use a 512GB or larger USB drive for PS4 to extend storage.

Best Flash Drive For PS4

Looking for the right flash drive can be intimidating. There are so many options out there, and when you don’t really know what you’re looking for they all look the same. Don’t make the mistake of buying a flash drive without doing prior research, especially when there is a list of the best flash drives to buy for the PS4 below.

Best Overallgminge-table__image Corsair Flash Voyager GTX
  • USB Type: USB 3.1
  • Storage: 128GB-1TB
  • Read Speed: Up To 440MB/S
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Runner-Upgminge-table__image HyperX Savage
  • USB Type: USB 3.2
  • Storage: 64GB-512GB
  • Read Speed: Up To 350MB/S
View On Amazon →Read Our Review
Durable Pickgminge-table__image Samsung BAR Plus
  • USB Type: USB 3.3
  • Storage: 32GB-256GB
  • Read Speed: Up To 400MB/S
View On Amazon →Read Our Review
Budget Pickgminge-table__image SanDisk Ultra Fit
  • USB Type: USB 3.4
  • Storage: 16GB-512GB
  • Read Speed: Up To 130MB/S
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Portable Pickgminge-table__image Samsung FIT Plus
  • USB Type: USB 3.5
  • Storage: 32GB-256GB
  • Read Speed: Up To 400MB/S
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1. Corsair Flash Voyager GTX 



USB Type: USB 3.1 | Storage: 128GB-1TB | Size: 0.42 x 1.04 x 3.07 inches | Weight: 1.82 ounces | Speed: 440MB/sec read and 440MB/sec write speeds

The Corsair Flash Voyager GTX is a great high-end choice for gamers looking to spend a little extra money to get the best flash drive. This one won’t be cheap, but its high price certainly is warranted for its capabilities.

When we are looking at speed, the Corsair Flash Voyager GTX uses 3D NAND memory which lets this little device reach 440Mbps for both reading and writing data. Finding a flash drive that utilizes that kind of speed will be hard to come by, for the Corsair Flash Voyager is top of the line.

A bonus for this drive is its Corsair SSD Toolbox. You can use this software to format, partition, and optimize its performance so you can ensure it will be optimized exactly for what you need it to do.

If you’re worried about spending so much money on a fancy flash drive, just for it to break on you, there’s nothing to worry about. It was designed to last with its zinc-alloy case with aluminum accents. Not to mention it also has an operating temperature range from zero to seventy degrees Celsius, so you don’t have to worry about it overheating.

For the best of the best, where money isn’t an issue, I would suggest grabbing yourself the Corsair Flash Voyage GTX. It’s a USB 3.1 drive with 3.0 and 2.0 compatibility, you won’t find any better flash drive on the market.

2. HyperX Savage



USB Type: USB 3.1/3.0 | Storage: 64GB-512GB | Size: 3 x 0.92 x 0.48 inches | Weight: 1.60 ounces | Speed: 350MB/sec read and 250MB/sec write speeds

The Kingston Digital HyperX Savage is a flash drive designed for gamers. It is a USB 3.1 with 3.0 and 2.0 compatibility that comes with a slick design that would look cool sticking out of any PS4 console.

Kingston boasts about its performance since it is a very high-end thumb drive. It has reading speeds of 350Mbps and writing speeds 100Mbps less at 250Mbps. 

This is more than enough to transfer files quickly as well as use it for external storage. You’ll be able to play games directly off of it with little to no lag.

It is a little more expensive than some other drives, but it is a powerful flash drive nonetheless.

As I said earlier, it’s a cool black case with a big red X on it that looks very good. For someone who appreciates aesthetics as well as performance, pick up the Kingston Digital HyperX Savage as your flash drive of choice.

3. Samsung BAR Plus 



USB Type: USB 3.1 | Storage: 32GB-256GB | Size: 1.58 x 0.61 x 0.47 inches | Weight: 0.04 ounces | Speed: Up to 400 MB/s read speeds

If you’re looking for a strong, fast, and reliable flash drive look no further. The Samsung BAR Plus is a great USB 3.1 flash drive that will work for your PS4 perfectly. The highest available capacity for the Samsung BAR Plus is 256Gb

The flash drive is a USB 3.1 drive with 3.0 and 2.0 backward compatibility, that carries writing speeds up to 300Mbps and reading speeds up to 400Mbps. It’s one of the fastest drives on the market for its price.

If you want a flash drive that will protect your stored data through the apocalypse, you’re in the right place. Samsung has some serious claims when it comes to the durability of their metal cases protecting your data. It has an operating temperature range of -25 degrees celsius and 85 degrees celsius. You’re PS4 will end up quitting because of temperature before this little drive will.

It also happens to be water, shock, magnet, and x-ray proof. They’ve put it through rigorous testing and came to the conclusion it can survive up to 72 hours in seawater. The drive can also survive shock of up to 1,500 gravitational acceleration, 15,000 gausses, and 50 Roentgen, so if you’re planning on putting it through some tough situations, it won’t disappoint.

It’s a fast and incredibly durable flash drive that’s perfect for use with your PS4. If you’re worried about your drive breaking on you, then pick up this one for assurance you will never have to worry about it being damaged.

4. SanDisk Ultra Fit



USB Type: USB 3.1 | Storage: 16GB-512GB | Size: 1.17 x 0.56 x 0.2 inches | Weight: 0.45 ounces | Speed: Up to 130 MB/s read speeds

SanDisk Ultra Fit is a good fit for those looking for a flash drive with a lot of space, protects your data, and won’t break the bank.

It is a USB 3.1 flash drive with 3.0 compatibility. Unlike the others on this list, it’s not 2.0 compatible, but that’s not really a huge deal since you won’t need that on the PS4. It has read and write speeds of 130Mbps, which is more than enough to use as external storage.

A nice feature of the SanDisk Ultra Fit is the ability to encrypt and protect your files using their SanDisk SecureAccess software. It allows password protection 128-bit AES encryption in case you need to protect your files from being accessed by anyone else other than you.

Its case is made of composite material, making it not durable when it comes to physical stress, however, the manufacturer offers a 5-year limited warranty to its customers in case it were to break on you.

It’s a good price if you’re trying to find the best flash drive for PS4 that allows you to encrypt your data and protect all of your files.

5. Samsung FIT Plus

Portable Pick



USB Type: USB 3.1 | Storage: 32GB-256GB | Size: 0.9 x 0.7 x 0.3 inches | Weight: 0.16 ounces | Speed: Up to 400 MB/s read speeds

Similar to the other Samsung flash drive on this list, the Samsung MUF-256AB/AM FIT Plus is a flash drive that is fast and built to last.

It’s a USB 3.1 with 3.0 and 2.0 compatibility that has a read and write speed of up to 400 Mbps. It has more than enough transfer speeds to play games off of and not experience any lag.

Like many other Samsung’s flash drives, the FIT Plus can take a beating. Just like the other one on this list it can withstand temperatures as low as -25 degrees celsius and up to 85 degrees celsius.

They’ve tested it to make sure it can survive 72 hours in seawater, 1,500 gravitational acceleration, 15,000 gausses, and 50 Roentgen. Its durability is a little overkill, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You’re definitely getting the best bang for your buck. It’s a good budget flash drive if you can’t put down a lot of money towards a thumb drive for your PS4.

How To Choose The Right Flash Drive For PS4

Well, you’ve looked at this list, but what does all of it even mean? Why does any of that information matter to you when you’re trying to get yourself some extra storage for your PS4?

There’s a ton to consider. You’re going to want to at the very least think about four variables; storage, durability, format, and interface. You want to make sure all of these are satisfactory on top of its price, before you go ahead and buy a flash drive for your PS4.

Below we go in-depth on each variable.

Amount Of Storage

Storage may be a given, as you are looking to buy a storage device, but the amount of storage available is a variable you need to consider. Many flash drives come in storage capacities from 8Gb all the way to 2Tb. The PS4 will only accept a minimum of 250Gb and a maximum of 8Tb, so you will only want to get a flash drive above 250Gb.

I know you’re thinking the obvious answer is to get the biggest storage device, which is 2Tb. You can go that route, but if you aren’t planning on using that much space, you could be wasting a lot of money. The more space in a flash drive means the more money it will cost, so make sure you consider how much storage you will really need if you are trying to get the most out of your money.


This is not a variable that you’ll be able to find just by reading its specifications or looking at it, unfortunately, especially because durability is so important for your flash drive. If you’re planning on using this flash drive a lot, and you’ll be carrying it back and forth, plugging it in and out, you’ll want one you know won’t break and take all of your precious information with it.

When looking for how durable a flash drive is going to be, try and find other people’s feedback or read someone’s review. You can also buy from reputable companies that are well known for making flash drives with quality material. If it’s well known that it won’t break on you, then you can trust its durability.

PS4 Flash Drive

Format System

The format system of your flash drive can be something a little confusing if you don’t understand it. To keep things easy, PS4 only excepts FAT32 and exFAT, but do yourself a favor and only go with exFAT, because this format is far superior.

FAT32 can only transfer files less than 4Gb in size. That would have been perfectly fine if we were talking about getting a flash drive for the PS3, but on the PS4 4Gb won’t get you far. You need a format system that will be able to transfer much more data.

This is why exFAT is the way you should go. It is the most recent format system, and therefore it can transfer the largest files. Compared to FAT32’s meager 4Gb maximum, exFAT can support file transfers of up to 50Gb. PS4 has a max transfer size of 16Gb anyway, so exFAT is more than enough to support the file transfer of your data. So when looking at flash drives for your PS4, look for ones with the exFAT format system.

Interface Connection

The interface connection is the interface of the port, which controls the speed data can be transferred. For example, if you are looking at a USB 3.0, you’ll find the maximum transfer speed of data will be 4.8Gbps and a USB 2.0 would have a 480Mbps transfer speed.

USB 2.0, 3.0, and 3.1 are the main interface connections on the market. All of them work for PS4, but you should really only be considering USB 3.0 or 3.1 flash drives when trying to use them for storage extension. Anything under 3.0 is simply too slow to play games off of.

Closing Thoughts

Finding the best flash drive for PS4 is important when you want to ensure you won’t experience much lag, it won’t break on you, and even that it will work with your PS4. You want to make sure you’re buying a flash drive that is top-notch quality when you’re looking for one to use with your PS4.

You want to make sure at the very least your flash drive is a USB 3.0 or 3.1, it uses the exFAT format, and has at least 256Gb storage capacity. These should be your minimum requirements especially if you are planning on using it as external storage to play games off of.

Also, you will want to remember to find one with a high read and write speed. The higher the speed is for reading and writing data, the less time it will take to transfer data between the flash drive and the console. This means if you want to transfer games, it will take less time with faster transfer speed. It also means you won’t have as much lag if any if you have a high read and write speed with your flash drive.

The ones on this list are proven to work when using them with your console.

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