Best Fingertip Grip Gaming Mouse

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With the meteoric rise of the professional gaming athlete, many talented gamers are looking to become the next Esports star who will shock the world. Many would be led to believe that you only need talent and skill to be able to be the best, but the truth could not be further off from the truth. The best of the best understands that, along with skill and talent, you need the right gaming gear to elevate your gameplay to the next level.

Of all the equipment that you may use, the most important will always be your movement controller. And in the case of League of Legends and any other PC game, your mouse holds a great deal of importance.

Best Fingertip Grip Gaming Mouse

Depending on the grip, weight, and size of the mouse, your movements can become sharp, soft, weak, or strong. If your mouse slips out of your grasp, then you know that you will have lost an all-important moment in your match.

Because of how important it is to have a piece of equipment that is tailored to your playstyle, it is imperative that you know the difference between mice made with fingertip grip, and how they can be utilized. Here is the best fingertip grip gaming mouse that you should consider for your setup.

Best Overall

Premium Pick

Budget Pick

1. Logitech G Pro Wireless – Best Overall

At the top of our list, the Logitech G Pro Wireless must start it off. Made with gamers in mind, Logitech brought in 50 Esports professionals to build the perfect mouse for them. Although 50 professional players do not speak for every gamer out there, they do understand what it takes to become the best in the industry. 

Our Pick

Logitech G Pro Wireless

This palm grip mouse can also be used as a fingertip grip mouse depending on the user, which allows it to be extremely versatile in nature.

There are some drawbacks to this mouse, however. With the nature of Logitech, the price tends to be a little higher than other brands. Especially for a mouse this small, it’s somewhat confusing that the price would be more than your average budget. However, overall, this mouse is great for anyone looking to play a multitude of games.



2. G-Wolves Skoll

If you are looking for a sweet, well-priced mouse that will work to help your fingers reach maximum output, the G-Wolves Skoll is one to look at. This mouse is made with speed in mind, using the ergonomics of the honeycomb build. With this as their backbone, this mouse provides a 7-button array for a bit of customization, depending on the game you want to play.

G-Wolves Skoll

The light weight also allows you to use fingertip gripping, as the mouse is lightweight enough to provide rapid clicking.

The downside to this mouse is that, because of its light weight, and the materials used, you need to be a bit careful. It can be somewhat flimsy, with it breaking apart if dropped one too many times or crushed under other objects. As such, don’t use this mouse if you tend to rage a bit, and instead focus on using this mouse if you know you can keep your cool while playing with precision.



3. Glorious Model O

Glorious Model O is a mouse that is touted as an extremely worthwhile product. This mouse is made with the fingertip grip style in mind, as the primary and secondary buttons both are made to allow ease of clicking. Not only that, they boast a usage of high-quality materials, while also providing a cost-effective pricing. With all this in mind, Glorious Model O is rated very highly, with the other mice also sporting a strong ergonomic fit.

Glorious Model O

Take it as you will, but the Glorious Model O still remains as a primary go-to when people think of an ergonomic mouse that allows for a fingertip grip style. If you’re willing to drop a few bucks on it, it should last for quite some time.

However, there have been some reviews criticizing the materials used. For the pricing given for the product, many have stated that the mouse breaks a bit too easily. Especially in recent months, reviews have stated that the mouse breaks within a few months of usage, and that there is time lag between button presses and the reception of the PC. This shows there is a possible issue with the programming running slow with the mouse, which can lead to a decrease in gameplay. 



4. Razer Viper Ultimate – Premium Pick

Coming in on our list, the Razer Viper Ultimate is a claw grip mouse that provides gamers with the utmost in competitive edges. Razer has been known to output amazing quality products, and the Razer Viper Ultimate is no exception. What the mouse concedes in RGB lighting and aesthetics, it makes up for in pure power and usage.

Our Premium Pick

Razer Viper Ultimate

With a smaller build, the normal Razer programming can be slimmed down to a simple design, with the primary and secondary buttons being silky smooth when clicked, making sure you can rapidly click as fast as you want.

The only major downside is, of course, the price. Much like other Razer products, the price tag is exceptionally high. Of the multiple on this list, it ranks in the top 3 of pricing ranges, and should only be bought if you have the excess cash to spend. However, if you are wanting to splurge for the best products available, the Razer Viper Ultimate is one to aim for.



5. BenQ Zowie EC2 – Budget Pick

BenQ is more known for their outstanding monitors and PCs, but their mice are nothing to scoff at. With the BenQ Zowie EC2 being released, it sits very highly rated among most users, and it is easily understandable why this is one of the best fingertip grip mouse. 

Our Budget Pick

BenQ Zowie EC2

BenQ have optimized the gaming mouse, taking away many of the aesthetics and instead opting for a controlled, well-made design that accents the competitive aspect. The ergonomic design can also be bought for left-handed players, ensuring that anyone can use this mouse comfortably.

The negative parts to this mouse can easily be understood. The BenQ Zowie EC2 is extremely hard to buy new, as only a few are made at a time. The mouse also looks a bit too simplistic, with nothing aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

However, if you are not worried about colors and flashing lights, this mouse may be one that you want to get on the waiting list for.



6. Steelseries Rival 600

Rounding out our list is the SteelSeries Rival 600. Steelseries’ answer to the other brands in the mouse industry is one to be respected. With multiple color schemes you can pick from, this mouse allows you to customize many aspects of the claw grip mouse. 

Steelseries Rival 600

Steelseries also stands by their guarantee of over 60 million click switches used with durable silicone side grips to ensure your fingertips are comfortable during long gaming sessions.

However, the downside to this mouse is that the design allows for some clunky feeling. Because many of the parts can be peeled off somewhat easily, the connectors holding it together can wear away after some time. Not only that, since you can adjust the weight of the mouse, but not the size, you may end up with a paperweight instead of a well-balanced mouse. Their weights range from 96g to 128g, making this mouse one of the heaviest on the market.

Although the Rival 600 is one of the most versatile available, it can be a bit damaging if you tend to want to adjust the weights or switches often. However, if you are happy with the weights, and just want to game, this mouse will get the job done and then some, as long as you don’t have too large of a hand.



How To Choose The Best Fingertip Grip Gaming Mouse

When it comes to mice, there are plenty of qualities that you need to look for. From the number of buttons to program, to the size of the mouse that you will be using, multiple qualities can come into effect and have a significant impact on your gaming performance.

However, depending on the type of game you play, your mouse can be a hindrance to your physical performance. Certain mice are made for a specific genre, and can easily bolster your performance by enhancing your micro-mechanics, as well as improving the quality of life that you may need if you plan to go for a long series. Because of this, it is important to know what kind of grip you are buying, and how it affects your gameplay.

Types of Grip

All of the mice that you buy will have some sort of shape, form, and specific ergonomics that are made to suit a certain situation and usage. However, you may have only noticed this by saying, “Mouse X feels better than mouse Z when I play with it.” This is, in fact, you realizing that your mouse is specifically made with a grip style in mind. Different grips give different advantages, and as such, should be taken into consideration. Here are the 3 main types of grips that you will normally see with a gaming mouse.

Palm Grip Mouse

  • Low Tension within the Hand
  • Good for Tracking and Tracing
  • Promotes Elbow and Shoulder Aiming
  • Increases inefficiency of rapid clicking
  • Difficult to make Quick Micro Adjustments

This type of mouse is the most common and well-known style of mouse. This type of mouse will allow your hand to contact the mouse with your fingertips, fingers, and your palm. This means that it allows for full forearm motions, and long, sweeping motions can be made with ease. This also lessens the strain on the wrist, meaning you can save some wear and tear as you game for hours. Use this type of mouse when it comes to games such as FPS and 1st person-perspective games, such as Counterstrike: Global Offense and VALORANT.

There are some downsides to this type of mouse style, though. Because you have more full-hand control over the mouse itself, it can be difficult to do more minute intensive movements. It is much more difficult to do rapid clicking motions with this type of mouse as your finger is laying full-length in the mouse, instead of raised up. This can make it difficult for games such as top-down MOBAs, like League of Legends and DOTA 2.

Claw Grip Mouse

  • Great for Repeated Quick Clicking
  • Improved Micro-adjustment Capabilities
  • Utilizes both Arm and Wrist Aiming
  • High Tension
  • Higher Rate of Fatigue and Wear-out

The Claw Grip mouse is a type of mouse that is made to take full advantage of the primary fingers on the mouse. This is primarily accented with the two front buttons being made with the grip zones centered closer to the middle of the mouse itself, forcing the middle and pointer finger into an arch. This is the signature style of the claw grips and is popular with rapid clicking games. 

As this type of mouse utilizes both components in terms of the finger grippings and palm grippings, it is seen as a compromising mouse. With the palm still somewhat rested on the back, but the fingers more arching and not flat, you can get a percentage of both worlds, allowing you to get the best of both worlds in terms of what games you want to play.

However, with the good, comes the bad. The Claw Grip may seem complete, but the downsides include heavy fatiguing over extended periods, and high tension when gaming. Because you cannot use your entire hand to move the mouse, you end up putting more stress on the wrist than on the arm. Additionally, because of the intensity of needing to make micro-adjustments, you tend to grip the mouse a bit harder, resulting in quicker fatiguing of the arm and hand.

Overall, the Claw Grip mice are great if you like to swap between games. From League of Legends, to StarCraft 2, to CounterStrike: Global Offensive, you can feel at ease using this mouse across multiple genres.

fingertip grip gaming mouse

Fingertip Grip Mouse

  • Low Tension Control
  • Improved Wrist Movements
  • Fast, Easy Grip
  • No Arm Movement
  • Heavy Fatiguing of Wrist

The last type of tip grip for a mouse is the fingertip grip. The complete opposite of the palm grip mouse style, this type of mouse raises the palm and lengths of the fingers completely off of the mouse. This usually results in the fingertips being the only parts of your hand that are used to completely use the mouse.

With Fingertip gripping, you are able to make minor adjustments very quickly. The best games for this type of grip would be games like StarCraft 2 and League of Legends, where very quick, minor adjustments are needed to perform the actions in the game. FPS games such as VALORANT and Counterstrike: Global Offensive will be a bit more difficult as they require large, sweeping motions to be made fairly consistently.

The downsides to this type of mouse is, unsurprisingly, the constant wrist movements. Because the movements made with this type of mouse are much more intensive and shorter, it is hard to be consistent and constant with the movements. 

Size/Shape of Mouse

Now that we have talked about mouse grip shapes, it is important to talk about the size and shape of the mouse. When it comes to mice, they can be made for a variety of reasons. From simple travel mice, to competitive gaming mice, they range in size to accommodate a number of different scenarios.

Because the size tends to differ, the shape can warp as well. You may find that some mice are quite small, whereas others tend to be made on the larger side. Both have their strong points, but it is mainly understood that smaller mice are made for fingertip gripping, and larger mice are made for palm gripping. 

It is important to understand that, no matter the size, it is important that it fits comfortably in your own hand. Just as mice have different sizes, the hands of the users vary in size. Find one that not only complements your hand but helps lessen the fatigue you may experience later on.


The last quality to consider when talking about finding the right mouse for you is the weight of the components within the mouse. Some mice are made with metal outrigging, whereas others may be made with lightweight components. This is true even if the mouse is on the larger side, or on the smaller side. 

Weight can determine whether your mouse increases your fatigue quickly, or if it helps limit fatigue gain, and allows you to game for longer hours. For palm grip mice, you may want to experiment with heavier weighted mice, as you will be able to utilize the entirety of your hand at a consistent rate. The weight of the mouse will also be distributed evenly, ensuring that your arm motions and movements will be smooth and consistent.

With claw grip mice, you want to look at a mouse that is even in comparison to the size. If you have smaller hands, look at a lighter weighted mouse. If you have larger hands, look for a heavier weighted mouse. Most importantly, look to have most of the weight centered in the back of the mouse, so that your pointer and middle finger can utilize a lightweight button combination to ensure consistent play.

Finally, with the best fingertip grip mice, you will want a lightweight body and frame. This type of mouse will utilize the fingertips more than anything, and a heavier mouse would result in more weight and pressure being applied to the 5 fingertips you would use.

It is important to note that the weight that will suit your hand will vary depending on the size and strength of your hand. There is no one way that will always be correct, and it is important to note every case is unique. As such, test out all the different kinds of mice, and find one that has the qualities that match your hand to perfection.

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