Best Ducky Keyboard For Gaming

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Ducky is one of the most notable brands of mechanical keyboards, especially known for their aesthetic design, smaller build, and fewer keys. The Ducky One 2 Mini keyboard took the mechanical keyboard world to a new level, for an incredibly good reason.

Ducky have five main keyboards in their lineup: The Ducky One 2 Mini (this one has a 60% layout with a plastic case), The Mecha Mini (a 60% with an aluminum case), The One 2 SF and MIYA Pro (these both have 65% layouts), and lastly, the One 2 TKL RGB (this comes with a tenkeyless layout).

Best Ducky Keyboard For Gaming

These are the following features that are standard with every best Ducky keyboard for gaming: Cherry MX switches, PBT keycaps, RGB lighting, outstanding building quality, N-key rollover, and a long lasting performance and lifespan.

Best Overall

Premium Pick

Budget Pick

Best Ducky Keyboard For Gaming Comparison Table

Ducky keyboards are well known for their unique colors and design style. This adds a bit of flair for people who like whacky colors. They also have a solid build quality with great performance, which makes Ducky keyboards the most well-known and well-used keyboard for gamers around the world.

Below are the five top picks for the best keyboards Ducky has to offer:

1. Ducky Miya Pro Panda – Best Overall

This Ducky keyboard has had the most positive and raved reviews out of any of the keyboards Ducky has to offer. It is a 60 percent mechanical keyboard that’s main feature is that it takes up less desktop space than regular full-sized keyboards. It offers great typing quality and is made with durable plastic (the spacebar’s stabilizer’s are soft, which makes it feel less tough than the other keys on the keyboard, and the double shot keycaps are highly made).

However, the only complaint has been it does not boast the best ergonomics and can only be used by being wired into one single device at a time. However, you can use it on any operating system, but you do not have access to the software its installed with on macOS or Linux.

Our Pick

Ducky Miya Pro Panda

The typing quality of this keyboard is unmatched. The keys are stable, comfortable, and offer a great feeling when you touch them. However, like previously stated, the spacebar does feel a tad different than the keys on the rest of the keyboard.

The keys, though, are very well-spaced, and that makes navigating the keyboard (as well as the text) much easier.

The most notable feature of this keyboard is that it boasts a unique panda-themed design with panda art on its keys. It also features a pinkish hue to its backlit keys that consumers can configure and customize with the FN keys. The USB-C cable is also detachable.



2. Ducky Shine 7 – Premium Pick

This keyboard is Ducky’s flagship keyboard. It is a sturdy keyboard made with zinc alloy technology and offers the use of six different Cherry MX switches. Consumers can also use the program included to customize RGB lighting effects with its software. This keyboard comes with a variety of different customization options besides that as well.

Our Premium Pick

Ducky Shine 7

You can even get this keyboard with the switches of your choice. It boasts double shot PBT caps that are durable and long-lasting and provide a seamless typing experience – this provides great tactile feedback and responsiveness from the keyboard itself.

Also, the keyboard’s settings are easily accessible without needing to download or familiarize yourself with the software included – this also customization for RBG backlighting. However, the only downfall with this is that there is not a USB passthrough or any dedicated media controls. However, the quality and premium build of this particular keyboard make up for it.

This keyboard is large, and full-size. It is also heavy due to its construction of its zinc alloy top plate, but in turn makes it a highly durable keyboard. The bottom is plastic, but it is also hefty. There is no flex around the keyboard, making it unable to slide. The keycaps are also double shot, making the fonts very well-defined, and unable to wobble or rattle while typing. The only downside to the keys is that the C cable feels cheap.

RFB lighting is a great perk to this keyboard as well. Each of the keys are individually lit, and any or all customizations you would need or want to do on this keyboard is able to be down directly on this keyboard.

However, there are a few downfalls to this keyboard as well. It comes with a rubber USB-C cable, and it does look cheap. If you choose to replace it, it is removeable, so it is able to be replaced with a higher-quality cable. But, Ducky itself does not sell the needed USB-C replacement cable. Also, the keyboard is a wired-only keyboard and cannot be used wirelessly.



3. Ducky One 2 Mini RGB

This Ducky keyboard is an excellent choice of a gaming keyboard with a unique style. This variant has Cherry MX Brown switches, but is also available in many different varieties of sizes and switches (60%, 65%, TKL, or even full-sized). This keyboard has its features built directly into its operating system, which eliminates the need for its interfaced software while allowing much more customization.

Ducky One 2 Mini RGB

The build quality of this particular keyboard is unmatched. The frame itself is made from a solid plastic, which is durable and long-lasting. But the keyboard does have a tad bit of a flex to it, but it will not affect any normal usage of it.

The keys have Cherry MX switch stabilizers, as well as double shot keycaps, which make the keyboard feel high-end and also shows that Ducky built this keyboard to be long-lasting. The only issue with the keyboard is that it only comes with a generic cable, and it gives off somewhat of a cheap vibe. However, if that is bothersome to you, you can always replace it easily.

RGB is another huge factor for this keyboard. One of its main perks is the backlighting. It boats full RGB backlighting of the keyboard up to max brightness, which allows the keyboard colors to be seen even in a well-lit setting. All these settings are controlled through the board, though, as its software is built into it. This is also a perk though because it does not have a downloadable interface.



4. Ducky One 2 Horizon – Budget Pick

This Ducky keyboard is still a very versatile keyboard that is available to the consumer in many different sizes and Cherry Mx Switches (these include brown, red, blue, white, etc.) Another perk is that you can also purchase this keyboard in different colors that include either white or RBG backlighting (keep in mind, though, that the Horizon does not have RGB backlighting).

Also, every key on this keyboard is programmable, but it does not have any dedicated software meaning that any and all customization of this keyboard is done directly on the keyboard. However, the Cherry MX switches included do boast an outstanding typing quality, and offer the best tactile feedback.

Our Budget Pick

Ducky One 2 Horizon

Remember – this is a full-size keyboard that does take up a good amount of space on your desktop. However, this can be downsized. It is also available in a TKL size and that is 60% less than the full-size.

The build quality is also stellar. The body itself is made out of solid plastic, and it’s worthy to note that it does not flex easily, if at all. The double shot PBT keycaps are made of good quality material that are durable and feel nice to the touch. The only downside is that there is a slight wobble to the keys, but when typing, it is not noticeable, if at all. The cable included with the keyboard does feel cheap and it is a generic cable.

However, there is a track underneath of the keyboard so the consumer can choose which side the cable comes out of. The only other downfall is that this keyboard does not have backlighting – but there are other variants of the keyboard that does come with full RGB and white backlighting.



5. Ducky One 2 Skyline

This keyboard is Ducky’s flagship keyboard. It comes with two different variants: the Ducky One 2 Skyline and the Ducky One 2 Horizon. Both are the same keyboard, just with a different frame color and keycap color. They also come with full RGB backlight options if you want the flashing lights behind your keys. Each variant does come with the usual Cherry MX switches, and these vary from black, red, brown, blue, silver, or clear.

Ducky One 2 Skyline

It is known as a solid keyboard and is a great choice for the consumer who has not ever had a mechanical keyboard before. It is also an affordable option compared to most of the mechanical keyboards available on the market currently.

The keys have proven to be very durable, as they are PBT and not ABS. This provides a nice texture variant as well. The only downside of the key caps is that the quality of printing is not up to Ducky’s usual standards – some look inconsistent. The icons on the keycaps also have a unique (and possibly unusual) positioning. However, the switches are perfect: they have a tactile feel with an outstanding actuation force, showing that they are made to be durable and strong.  



How To Choose The Best Ducky Keyboard For Gaming

What makes Ducky keyboards so unique and makes them stand out is their construction. They utilize advanced manufacturing techniques to create their keyboards, so that they are durable and meant to last. A huge factor is keyboard performance. However, this largely depends on your personal preferences.

All in all, these keyboards are made to outlive your PC with good formation and durability. This means that you are able to customize your new keyboard however you want, whenever you want, with ease. The other unique thing about Ducky keyboards is their overall design and flexibility. They offer multiple designs that compliment your PC setup, and are tailored to connect to any consumer’s desired aesthetic. 

Here are some things to consider before buying the right Ducky Keyboard:

Quality Materials

Ducky’s keyboards are made with attention to every minor detail, along with their unmatched building quality. Every keyboard constructed by Ducky is made of PBT on their keycaps. This material (polybutylene and terephthalate) is the best for keyboard construction. PBT is incredibly resilient, holds up well with heat and other chemicals, and is durable. This makes it perfect for the longevity of the keyboard.

Ducky even uses this material on their keycap sets and spacebars, unlike many other keyboard manufacturers. Double shot keycaps are also available – these are made with two layers of PBT with diminish the degrading and deterioration of symbols on the keycaps.

Ducky also offers keyboards that use dye-dub technology. This type of technology improves the visibility of the keycaps symbols, and are reserved for peripherals that are not backlit. In short, the symbols on the keycaps are laser-engraved into the PBT materials then dyed. This is much more resilient than most manufacturers traditional screen printing of symbols on the keycaps.

Compact Footprint

Even though mechanical keyboards are not known for being compact, Ducky has managed to craft a slim profile for many of its keyboards without sacrificing their comfort or longevity. Ducky offers many different configurations to choose from: you can get either a full keyboard with a number pad or even a TKL model. Neither of these options take up any wasted space due to their lack of unnecessary features.

They also all use a detachable USB-C cord, which makes it easy for replacement if need be. Every Ducky keyboard also are equipped with customizable risers. You can choose between multiple different levels on these risers to achieve the maximum level of comfort.

Ducky Keyboard

Cherry MX Switches

Cherry MX Switches are used in all keyboards, and all of Ducky’s models of keyboards have many different switches available to fit your needs.

For example, if you are looking for a linear switch, your best bet would be to get the Cherry MX black switches. These switches are the most common and are used often by consumers who do not want their keys to click. Next are brown switches, which are known for being the most versatile. They have a subtle click and tactile bump to them and are used by consumers who need a multi-purpose keyboard, usually used for business and gaming.

There are also Cherry MX Blue switches. These switches are tactile and have the well-known click sound to them. They are known for being loud but are popular with gamers because of their audible feedback.

Cherry MX red switches are next in line, and they offer a much more linear and non-tactile experience for the consumer. They are smooth, and fast, which make them perfect for gamers.

Lastly, we have the Cherry MX red switches. These switches don’t produce as much noise as the other options listed above, making them ideal for streamers who need to keep their keystroke noise down.

Custom Lighting

RGB lighting is a very viable customization option. Ducky offers many of their keyboards with this option. LEDs are built into the base of the keyboard, and they shine through between the keys. They improve visibility in dark spaces, and add pop to your setup. Ducky also offers lighting software through their keyboards to help the consumer customize their RGB LED’s. This way the consumer can choose what color or color scheme they want.

Closing Thoughts

Ducky keyboards are the most high-quality keyboards in the market for gamers. They go to great lengths to make sure that their keyboards are made of high-quality materials, with top-notch quality. They are the most popular with gamers due to their performance standpoint, especially the rapid responsiveness that you need for gaming. Even if you’re not looking for a gaming experience or you are new to it, Ducky has a great selection of options to meet your needs.

If you are planning on purchasing a Ducky Keyboard, we hope you consider some of the top options we listed in this article.

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