What Is The Best DPI For League Of Legends In 2022?

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One of the most important parts of League of Legends is choosing what kind of mouse you want to use. This decision can be difficult, but luckily for you, we have put together this guide on how to find the best DPI for League of Legends.

The first thing you need to know before making a purchase is that having an excessively high DPI will just cause unnecessary strain on your wrist and hand. You may even experience more fatigue while playing if it’s set too high! So make sure to take these things into consideration when setting up your new mouse.

If you are someone who likes fast-paced gameplay with quick reactions, then a low DPI would be best for you so that there is less lag time between clicking and the action happening

Best DPI For League Of Legends And Settings Guide:

Our guide includes the best DPI and the best League of Legends settings for your mouse. League of Legends requires more mouse clicking in a multiplayer campaign than is expected for similar games.

Let us help make those vital tweaks. After you find the mouse settings that work for you will feel an increase in graphical performance. Keep focusing on your climb and keep practicing changing the set-up.

Best DPI for League of Legends

What is DPI?

DPI stands for “dots per minute”. The corresponding percentage of a given value defines how much effort it takes on moving the mouse. The pixel number you are touching is covered by each mouse’s motion.

Or in other words, your DPI settings dictate how many times you must do to move your mouse across a desktop screen. Gives a clear understanding of how mouse movements work, and how do DPI affects mouse speed.

We also have a guide: “How To Drag Click” to improve your APM (Actions Per Minute).

What DPI Do Most League Players Use?

Most professional players use DPI settings within the range of 400 to 800 although some use over 1800 DPI. DPI represents the number of points per second that the mouse can recognize whenever you move the mouse.

We recommend slowly changing your DPI then playing a few matches to see how it feels. Remember the higher the DPI the quicker your mouse will react to smaller movements. It can be quite difficult to change from a low DPI to a high DPI without it feeling awkward or too sensitive.

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What Is The Difference Between High And Low DPI?

The mouse’s DPI or “dots per inch” is a measurement of the sensor’s ability to translate motion into cursor movement. The higher the DPI, the more sensitive it is and follows motion better while at lower DPI settings there is more space between cursor movements.

If you’re interested in achieving an especially high game sensitivity for FPS games such as CS: GO, recommend that they consider setting their default sensitivity to 1500 or higher; 500 to 800 should be sufficient for most other use cases including League of Legends.

Low Mouse DPI (400 to 800) – Precision

Changing DPI on-screen requires less motion. With a low DPI setting from around 400 to 800, your travel will be faster from point A to point B. You may also lag with all the moves you do with the mouse to follow the pace of the game.

This advantage will be useful to champions who rely heavily on skillshots. And if you’re curious about pulling off precision-dependent mechanics like how to freeze lane in LoL – having a comfortably small sensitivity plays a huge role in how to pull off mechanics like that. Each match is competitive and high in accuracy and precision.

Medium Mouse DPI (800 to 1800) – Precision & Speed

Small gray bands that cover the smallest areas are between 800 and 1800 pixels each. But it’s not unbearably quick either so what’s wrong? Your precision will be less than what it would be with less DPI.

You also will not have the reaction time to dodge fast-moving abilities and skill shots without having a huge mouse pad to swipe through. In the end, going with the middle DPI range is presumably a good alternative to low DPI.

High Mouse DPI (1800 to 3200) – Speed

The DPI range for this DPI setting is from 1800 to 3200. That’s pretty good when you get above 3000. A higher DPI enables you to move quickly across your map with less movement of your arms. It’s also good for debugging attacks.

Sadly, less effort does mean less precision at your attacks. Practicing is necessary because much work is required before having a very high dpi image. We don’t recommend this DPI to new players to ensure your clicks are remaining accurate.

How Do You Check Your Mouse’s DPI?

You can look on your boxes if you use them or you can also look up the model online. Another means is mouse drivers. Navigate through the manufacturer’s website and look for the correct driver software for your model.

You could keep the sensitivity setting 6-11 unchecked if your default setting doesn’t exist – it works the best. Lastly, if all else fails you have a safe online DPI analyzer that will give you a quick snapshot of your current levels.

Turn Off Windows Mouse Acceleration

Windows has introduced speed acceleration for mouse clicks in order to improve the point’s accuracy. Turning off mouse acceleration will stop windows from affecting the mouse speed. This will help you develop functional muscle memory, in that any inconsistent effort in the aim will be attributed to you and not the computer.

Here’s how to turn mouse acceleration off:

Step 1. Search mouse settings in your Windows search bar

Step 2. Click Additional Mouse Setting (Image Shown Below)

Best DPI For League Of Legends Additional Mouse Settings

Step 3. Click Pointer Options

Best DPI For League Of Legends Pointer Options

Step 4. Lastly, Uncheck “Enhanced Pointer Precision”

Best DPI For League Of Legends Enhanced Pointer Options

Step 5. You have now disabled Windows Mouse Acceleration and should have much smoother mouse control during your League of Legends gameplay!

Native And In-Game Sensitivity

The sensitive controls within the game are different for each game. The highest DPI in LOL or Apex Legend will not be the same for any other game. Lucky for us calculators work with the issue and can change the settings between different gaming modes.

Windows sensitivity in games sometimes helps though, serving as multipliers to your in-game sensitivity settings.

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HUD Scale

Heads-Up Display (HUD) is an essential part of LoL and is also found in other games. There are vital parts, such as the minimap and health bars for instance. HUDs should not be a distraction from gameplay.

In LoL, we suggest that the HUD Scale be limited as little as possible but to a level, the player is comfortable with. The aim is to give the player an immersive gaming experience while reducing distracting features. The HUD Scale is recommended to be as small as possible, and be comfortable so that the player feels less distracted with it.

Quick Cast/ Smart Cast

This is another important set that the player would be required to achieve at every time. Bottom line: this setting, saves you time by negating the necessity of a confirmation click once you’re into the middle of something.

You have room for more power and save a few milliseconds in the process which could help you get vitality when fighting with a team. We highly recommend turning quick cast on for most champions in LOL. This small setting can turn a Bronze Player into a Gold one.

What Is The Best FPS For League Of Legends?

Excellent pixel per second facilitate smooth game execution without affecting performance. In many cases a 60FPS is necessary. This ensures the game remains very reactive and influences how a player feels and reacts to things on display.

If you are having trouble hitting 60 FPS in League, try turning down the graphics settings to low or medium for much smoother gameplay.

Put It Into Practice

The optimization features in LoL are essential today. It is possible to tweak different visual settings or mouse settings depending on the champion. From here it’s your turn to hone those rapid clicks and find the best speed and keybind combos.

Start playing and test out your new settings! League of Legends has a great practice tool to let you test your setting before jumping into a real PVP game! We highly recommend using this feature as you test new settings. You can also check out our Top Lane Tier List for the best top laners in the current meta.

We also have a great write-up on “How To CS Better In League of Legends.”

Our Recommended League of Legends Mouse:

League Of Legends DPI FAQ:

What Is Fakers DPI?

Faker uses 3500 DPI, which is almost 9x the default setting of 400. We recommend 500 or 600 for new players to avoid overextending their mouse too much while they learn.

What DPI Does Doublelift Use?

It’s common knowledge in the League of Legends scene that the best DPI settings for Doublelift are 1600 across the board, no matter how he chooses to play. In fact, his magic numbers have been replicated by many professional players for 4 years straight now.

The magic numbers vary from person to person and from computer setup to computer setup, so a good rule of thumb is just a starting point before manually adjusting your settings according to your personal favorite pings and movements speeds.

Some people use 800DPI while others use 2400DPI on both their primary mouse button and primary keys on their keyboard.

What DPI Do Most Pros Use?

Pros use 1800 DPI for League of Legends.

A higher DPI generally corresponds to more responsiveness, but not always; the user may be able to move the cursor faster with 2000 DPI than 3000 DPI. At 1800 DPI, one’s hand movement will have a finer degree of control on where they are aiming or moving their character with greater accuracy.

What Is The Average DPI For League Of Legends?

The average dpi for league of legends is somewhere in the 1800-2500 range.

Some players, especially newbies who are learning to play the game on their own, do not have a clear understanding of what the best DPI for League of Legends is. The higher the dpi setting means that you have to move your mouse much less to traverse a certain distance on screen.

But it also means that your cursor will be more sensitive and thus harder to control as it moves around the map. In general, pro players tend to use lower settings as they learn how far their character can go with one click, but then increase it over time as they become more reliant on cursor precision. It’s really up to personal preference though!

Closing Thoughts

If you are looking for the best DPI for League of Legends that will help your gameplay, then there is no one right answer. You can find a lot of people who have tried different settings and had success with them. The way to figure out what works best for you could be through trial and error or by reading reviews online.

With so many options available when it comes to choosing a mouse sensitivity setting, there may not even be an option that gets close enough to what you want in terms of accuracy or speed without some experimentation on your part. So give yourself time to experiment until you get the perfect fit!

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