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Move aside, flat monitors. Users, especially gamers, are flocking to curved monitors now and they need the best curved monitor mount.

The benefits of curved monitors are several: less eye strain, less distortion, and larger screen size (both real and apparent).

Curved monitors allow your eyes to take in the whole screen in your normal field of vision. After a few hours of gameplay, that makes a big difference. Second, because they funnel the image to your eyes, curved monitors allow you to take the entire image more clearly, reducing distortion near the edge.

best curved monitor mount

Finally, the ease on your eyes will make the already larger image seem larger still, adding bang to your buck.

Best Overall

Premium Pick

Budget Pick

Best Curved Monitor Mount Comparison Table

To really take advantage of the curved screen, it’s important that it’s mounted correctly. While getting the right monitor mount is not a sexy or fun part of gaming, it’s necessary to get it right.

Below, we have identified the five best mounts to use with your next curved monitor.

1. AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty Wall Mount – Best Overall

For the serious gamer, only a wall-mounted monitor will do. While you don’t think of the store brand as the best in the business, Amazon has stepped up their game. The Amazon Heavy Duty Mount is your best bet for a quality monitor mount.

Our Pick

AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty Wall Mount

This Mount is able to support a wide range of monitors. The sizes covered range from 12 to 39 inches, so even the newest ultrawides are supported. The mount also supports up to 40 pounds of weight.

On adjustability, it’s hard to beat this monitor mount. The articulating arm allows for a wide range of motion and tilt. Finally, the tough metal construction ensures that the monitor, once you put it in place, stays there until you want it to move. The Amazon Heavy Duty Mount is also among the more affordable options on the market.

One drawback to this mount is that it is wall-mounted, so you will have to drill into a wall to set it up. This is more complicated than desk-mounted monitor mounts, but it is hard to beat this mount on both quality and price.



2. AmazonBasics Premium Single Monitor Stand – Premium Pick

On the top end of curved monitor mounts, the best in show is once again Amazon, this time with its Premium Single Monitor Stand. Specifically intended for frequently moved monitors, the Amazon Premium Stand delivers on that promise.

Our Premium Pick

AmazonBasics Premium Single Monitor Stand

Because the ability to adjust is so important when it comes to curved monitors, the Amazon Premium Stand is our premium pick. The single arm adjusts almost effortlessly even with larger monitors.

You can extend or retract the monitor’s position and tilt easily to change reading angles or avoid glare. Best of all, the Premium Stand rotates your monitor easily from landscape to portrait mode.

Installation of the Premium Stand is easy. The desk clamp fits small and large desks, and is as strongly attached as you can ask of such a simple setup. Your monitor isn’t going anywhere. The design is pleasing but ergonomic, reducing strain during use.



3. VIVO Full Motion Wall Mount – Budget Pick

VIVO is a major player in the monitor mount game, and their base model provides a solid bargain option for users who have basic needs for their curved monitor.

Our Budget Pick

VIVO Full Motion Wall Mount

The VIVO Full Motion Wall Mount is a strong and sturdy metal construction, so even at the low price it is not a shoddy piece of work. At upwards of 40 pounds of capacity, the VIVO supports the heaviest monitors on the market.

Its range of motion is also very good, and it even does a great job keeping cables and cords out of the way.

On the downside, be aware that some users have reported that the installation kit doesn’t have appropriate hardware for some monitors.



4. Ergotech Heavy Duty Freedom Arm

Sleek and elegant, the Ergotech Freedom Arm is perhaps the most attractive mount on the market. Not just a looker, the Freedom Arm provides all the key benefits of a good curved monitor mount.

Ergotech Heavy Duty Freedom Arm

The Freedom Arm is desk-attached, meaning an easier installation. It also hides cables very well, so that they don’t interfere with its visual design – and stay out of your way.

Made from aluminum, the Freedom Arm is light but sturdy, and Ergotech stands behind it with an excellent three-year warranty. The range of motion of the Freedom Arm is quite excellent as well.

The Freedom Arm would be essentially perfect if it could fit more monitors. Not only does it require a minimum monitor weight of 20 lbs, it maxes out at 30 lbs, giving you a fairly narrow range to work with. Some users have also reported that the installation hardware doesn’t fit their monitors.



5. Huanuo Monitor Mount Stand

For the smaller curved monitors out there, the Huanuo Monitor Mount Stand provides a versatile option with plenty of features for both casual and serious gamers.

Huanuo Monitor Mount Stand

The Huanuo makes adjusting your monitor super easy. A built-in gas spring makes moving the monitor to a new position easy and convenient. The adjustment mechanism is responsive, so it’s easy to nudge the monitor only a little to a new position.

The range of adjustment is also great, with a good range both horizontally and vertically. Best of all, the Huanuo lets you change from landscape to portrait mode quickly.

The biggest drawback to this mount is that it only supports monitors up to 17 pounds. The installation base is also not particularly strong, though that tends not to be a problem if you stay within the weight range.



How To Choose The Best Curved Monitor Mount

As you can see, the range of curved monitor mounts is wide. How do you go about choosing which one is best for you? Although monitor mounts are no tech fan’s sexiest accessory, they do matter, and the more time you spend in front of your monitor, the more of a difference they will make.

Here are a few key features to consider that can let you pick the ideal mount for your purpose.


A curved monitor has to be able to be moved and repositioned easily. Because of the curvature of the screen, the ideal zone where your head should be to see everything on the monitor well is fairly small. Think of the monitor as a lens concentrating the image in a particular area; that’s where your eyes need to be. To make sure you can stay in the zone while changing body positions, which we do when sitting for long periods, you need a monitor mount that can keep up with you and let you reposition your monitor for constant ideal viewing angles.

You also have to consider glare. Because the curved surface of the monitor scatters light differently from a flat screen, you will likely have to move the screen to avoid glare when light sources in your vicinity shift.

Weight Capacity

As just mentioned, curved monitors tend to be quite heavy relative to their flatter predecessors. You must know the weight of your monitor before buying a mount – you’d hate to be stuck with one that slowly sinks to your desk because it can’t handle the weight of your monitor! Most monitor manufacturers know this and provide easy-to-find weight information for their monitors. Make sure to give yourself a few pounds of leeway – a 22-pound screen should not be put on a mount that maxes out at 22 pounds, for example.

curved monitor mount

Size Capacity

Because you will likely move your curved monitor frequently – unless you stay very still while gaming for hours, and there are no light sources anywhere that could create a glare, and so on – you need a mount that is also appropriately rated for the size of your monitor. It’s less important than weight, to be sure, but a monitor that is larger than a mount is intended to cover can cause the monitor to be unable to rotate properly when the mount and monitor are near a wall, desk, or other object. To be on the safe side, get a mount rated for the size of your monitor.


While mobility is essential and rightfully the primary factor, sturdiness is not to be forgotten. Once you move your monitor into position, you want it to stay put. The challenge for manufacturers is to create monitor mounts that let you move the monitor easily as you see fit but that also lock the monitor into place where you want it without moving. These two major needs can be at odds, but the models on our list are all good in both categories.

Closing Thoughts

The right mount for your curved monitor can really make the difference between your curved monitor being a massive upgrade to your flat screen, or just being more expensive and heavier. This is true whether you play RPGs or FPSs. Because this is not an area where many people are used to choosing on anything but price, the many different options can seem overwhelming. It’s much simpler once you know your needs; it is much easier to find what will fulfill those needs. There are plenty of options available for any setup, and we have done the dirty work to get you the research you need to make a decision. 

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