Best Cheap Racing Wheel

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Do you love car racing and are looking for something better than your Xbox remote controller? The best cheap racing wheel might just be the perfect device, taking your virtual sport closest to auto racing.

While everyone might not have enough experience, gamers know the value of a good gaming controller. Are you thinking of going a level higher? Multiple amazing devices are bringing the virtual word close enough to the real one.

Technology is only making your life better than what it was yesterday. From high volume headsets to vibrating gaming chairs and remote controls, there are extraordinary inventions every day. 

Best Cheap Racing Wheel

Racing wheels are by far one of the best inventions for racing fanatics. Wondering how?

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Why A Gaming Racing Wheel?

Not only a legit look, but the racing wheel also offers spectacular Force Feedback. It is a feature that makes your gaming wheel feel like that of a real auto racing car’s.

How does that happen? This feature is built with a motor system that gives high-end driving-wheel sensations. Several joysticks come with vibrating features too, but the experience is nowhere near to phenomenal race wheeling.

From gaming sensations to real-life feels, adding a racing wheel to your system will completely transform your experience. You will understand it better when you give a smooth 360-degree turn to your wheel. Sounds exciting? It is even better to feel. Let’s have a detailed look at the top 5 racing wheels.

Best Cheap Racing Wheel Comparison Table

Top brands usually update their electronic devices quite frequently. Nevertheless, you cannot invest in the latest racing wheels too often. Once you buy your racing system, you’ll have to make do with it for at least a few years. Therefore, you need to thoroughly consider several factors before your final purchase.

Only after carefully weighing the pros and cons of each system can you get to the exciting buying part. Here’s a list of the top 5 racing wheels systems for you to compare.

1. Logitech G29 Gaming Racing Wheel– Best Overall

Logitech is a brand that believes in delivering value for the money. This is why all the products of this company are as good as its competitors’ but at a budget-friendly price.

Lower price doesn’t mean poor quality. Logitech maintains a high-quality standard in all of its products. Be it joystick or racing wheel, remote controller, or headsets, every item is made of the latest technique and best-quality material.

Our Pick

Logitech G29

Despite the reasonable price, Logitech G29 has a hand-stitched, leather-coated wheel. The leather not only makes your wheel look chic but also gives you an increased grip over the wheel.

At the core, the G29 wheel is made of heavy-duty metal, and so are all three of its pedals. Additionally, the pedal frames are made of cold-rolled steel for a smooth finish.


The Logitech G29 racing wheel uses a dual-motor forced feedback mechanism. This feature provides you with heightened realist-feels of racing. Moreover, the wheel has hall-effect steering sensors. From braking to turns and speeding to bumps, you can feel every action at a higher density level.

All three pedals of the Logitech G29 are comfortable to operate and built to be used as a normal car’s. The brake pedal of the G29 racing kit has a non-linear mechanism to easily bear high pressure.


From the metal-core wheel to solid pedals, G29 is a highly durable racing wheel. The wheel is made of anodized aluminum, making its build highly sturdy. Constructed with stainless steel, the pedals of the Logitech G29 are made to last long despite high pressure.


The Logitech G29 is compatible with PC as well as game consoles, ensuring the operation of a variety of games. The G29 racing system is highly compatible with PS4, PS3, and PC.



2. Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia – Premium Pick

Thrustmaster develops varied gaming controls for its large range of customers. From the tech-enthusiasts to the budget-conscious, at Thrustmaster, every gamer can find accessories to suit his or her likes accordingly.

Operating in over eleven countries, Thrustmaster specializes in providing user-friendly gaming solutions for PCs and consoles. All products offered by this brand project highly-optimized performance.

Our Premium Pick

Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia

If you want to get the complete feel of driving a Ferrari, this racing wheel is specially designed for you. A complete replica of the latest Ferrari 458 Italia, this Thrustmaster is designed to give you an almost-real experience of driving the niche car.

With a double extra-large size, the wheel is 11 cm in diameter. Additionally, the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia wheel has rubber cladding for you to have higher control.


The wheel-base projects linear resistance that provides an intuitive control to the gamer. The ergonomic ability of the wheel gives you a downright realist racing experience. Moreover, the wheel rotation can be easily adjusted from 270 degrees to 900 degrees of angle.

This Thrustmaster wheel offers an option of switching between 2 positions during the game itself. The wheel has 10 action-buttons within your reach and can easily be accessed during the race. The brake pedal provides high progressive resistance, making your sim racing even more exciting.


The Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia wheel is sturdy enough to avoid any sliding issues. Additionally, the wheel has two paddle-shifters that are solid in build. The paddle-shifters are 100% and feature a wheel-mounted sequential mechanism.


Having an official Windows license, the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia wheel is highly compatible with the Xbox One and PC.



3. Thrustmater T150 – Budget Pick

Thrustmaster has been delivering high-tech gaming solutions for over 30 years. The wide product range offered by this brand includes joysticks, remote controllers, headsets, and more.

Every device manufactured by this unit is made to proffer realist experience with an optimal immersive experience. The highlight of this brand is that Thrustmaster provides extremely reasonable gaming accessories for you, along with the latest features.

Our Budget Pick

Thrustmater T150

The realistic Thrustmaster T150 racing wheel is 28 cm in diameter. This best cheap racing wheel for gaming has reinforced rubber-grips for higher racing precision. Having dual PlayStation licenses, the T150 racing wheel comes with built-in PS buttons.


The Thrustmaster T150 wheel has a splendid force feedback system. This system offers you realistic feels of bumping, braking, and smooth drive. Additionally, the Thrustmaster features a mixed system of belt-pulley and gears, giving you a smooth, noise-free racing experience.

You can easily navigate through the PS menu with all the controls being within your reach. The pedals that come with the T150 wheel have three adjustable angles for you to choose from. 


Built with high resistant materials, this Thrustmaster racing system is notably sturdy. With the T150 you can accelerate and brake just like you would in a real car.


Not only with different Windows versions of PC, but the Thrustmaster T150 racing system is also completely compatible with PlayStations. This T150 wheel is the official racing wheel for PS3 and PS4 consoles. The wheel projects, easy-to-access built-in PlayStation features.



4. Fanatec CSL Elite Starter Kit

Fanatec is undoubtedly one of the premium brands of car wheels. Not only car wheels, but the company also offers a range of gaming devices. The products offered by Fanatec are exquisitely curated for car racers by racers themselves.

Manufactured in Germany, the quality standards of these products are undoubtedly the best. Moreover, every item produced here is made to be compatible with future updates.

Fanatec CSL Elite Starter Kit

The Fanatec CSL Elite steering wheel looks simply aesthetic. The wheel is made of soft-to-touch suede fabric along with highly comfortable leather grips. The 3-digit LED screen displays race-related data.

Giving an amazingly realistic feel, the wheel is 30 cm in diameter, much like a real one. The pedal has a metal construction along with a rubber cover. You can opt to remove the cover.


Constructed with Clubsport technology, the Fanatec Elite wheel offers you strong force feedback. You can feel the ultra-smooth racing sim while taking turns, providing high immersion. The wheel has been programmed with sensor technology, giving you power jolts and bumps.

What’s amazing in this system is that the Fantec wheel has an option of a 5-profiles setting. The profiles can easily be switched with a tweak on the wheel during the game itself. The Snapdome technology used for shifter paddles offers upgraded features such as load cell brake.


The top-notch quality standards of Fanatec are known to all. The pedals of this system are made with solid metal frames, such that their weight-bearing capacity is up to 90kg. The highlight of these pedals is that they can easily be adjusted. You can set the stiffness of breaks to a level that suits you best.


The Fanatec Csl Elite kit is compatible not only with PCs but also with various versions of PlayStation. Having partnered with Sony, this system not only supports PS4 and PS5 consoles but is also ready for their future updates.



5. Logitech G923 Racing Wheel

Logitech has been in the gaming business for over two decades. With a history of fascinating devices and worldwide praise, this brand is constantly ahead of its competitors. Logitech always strives to innovate and bring a product packed with the latest technology as well as looks.

Projecting brand new features within a pocket-friendly price, the Logitech G923 is downright the best overall pick. The next-generation gaming system of the G923 will have you standing on your toes with its striking features. The system has so much more to offer than it’s already amazing predecessors—G29 and G920.

Looks & Comfort

The leather stitched wheel with a smooth finish is a treat to the eyes. The steering wheel has a notably steady grip. With a curved design made to provide comfort, your hands will not hurt even after long gaming sessions.

The stainless steel pedals of the G923 are perfectly comfortable for your feet. The improved, stiffer brake pedal helps your foot to easily manage the vehicle.


With the splendid addition of TRUEFORCE, your racing experience will totally elevate to another level. This exciting feature gives you better control of your vehicle, enhancing the simulation racing.

The closed-loop motor that has been introduced to the updated system will considerably improve your lap time. Moreover, this feature added in the system’s firmware will also level-up the games that do not support TRUEFORCE force feedback. It’s fantastic, isn’t it?


The Logitech G923 comes not only with the latest technology but also with amazing quality. Both the steering wheel and pedals are constructed with top-quality materials.

With a beautiful leather cover, the wheel is made of top-notch steel and aluminum. Along with a strong build, your Logitech G923 is highly steady, ready for long uninterrupted racing hours.


The next-generation G923 is compatible with the latest consoles—PlayStation 5 as well as X box series X. You won’t have to think of buying a newer version anytime soon as the Logitech G923 is built to be compatible with the next-gen console.



Benefits Of Having The Best Cheap Racing Wheel

Are you still wondering why you should get a sim racing wheel instead of your controller? After going through the list of top 5 racing wheels, let’s have a look at the amazing benefits they offer.

Force feedback

Several controllers and joysticks may offer vibrating features that are great to an extent. However, the incredible realist racing feeling can come only with the force feedback present in racing wheels.

Improved control

With a steering wheel in your hands, you will have complete physical power over your virtual car. Additionally, the gas, clutch, and brake pedals give you a greater feeling of actual driving.

Elevated Immersion

With the latest technology used in racing wheels, your immersion level is completely transformed. If you are a racing enthusiast, having a racing wheel will definitely take you places.

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cheap sim racing wheel

Factors to Consider


Performance is definitely the key factor, but are you willing to sell your mom’s diamond ring for your racing wheel? Most likely not. Price is definitely an important aspect to consider. You need not worry as there are many budget-friendly racing wheels baring great features for you to choose from.

Pedals and Gear Sticks

When you intend to buy a racing wheel, it is because you want a higher, ergonomic racing experience. What’s a car without gas and brake pedals? You must make sure that the wheels you buy come with pedals and/or gear sticks.


When looking for real-life experience, it might as well be a complete one. While choosing your racing wheel, you must check if it has the latest force feedback. Alternatively, you can go for a wheel with a high resistance level. Comparing the wheel rotation degrees is also an important aspect that you need to remember.

Size and Space

Not only performance looks matter a great deal too. After all, you have to spend hours and hours with your new racing wheel kit. You must weigh different wheel options to check whether they are modern looking or not. Moreover, you need to know the amount of area that is available for your racing wheel kit. You need to determine the right size for your wheel.

Your Gaming System

There are numerous systems on which you can play your favorite racing game. Before you buy the awesome new wheel, you must check its compatibility with your gaming console. Racing wheels are usually compatible with PlayStation consoles, Xbox as well as Personal Computers. However, every racing wheel may not support all or any of the mentioned systems.


Once you purchase your sim racing wheel kit, you are most likely not to buy the next one for the next couple of years. Moreover, even the cheapest racing wheel is not very cheap.

When you buy the decided wheel, you will definitely race for prolonged hours with your friends. You must make sure that your new gaming friend is highly durable.


It may have been way more than just a while since you spectated an actual auto race. Not only that, but you also might not have gotten the option of carting with your friends for a long time. This doesn’t mean that your connection to the racing world has been cut-off. Bring a smashing racing wheel to your house and race your heart out from the comfort of your home!

The aforementioned is a list of cheap racing wheels for you to compare. Wheels of premium quality, wheels within a reasonable budget, all-rounder wheels, not-so-popular wheels—the list displays it all. Additionally, the article sheds light on the factors to be considered before buying the best racing wheels of your life.

Racing wheels have multiple benefits to enhance your gaming experience, but controllers are a cheaper option. However, if you can afford a racing wheel, then why not dive completely in!

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