Best Cheap Racing Wheel Stand

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Are you thinking of going to the next level with a car sim racing wheel? Or do you love car racing, but your desk cannot hold your wheel? Car racing is incomplete without a racing wheel, and a racing wheel is useless without a racing wheel stand.

With the increasing number of racing wheels in the market, there’s no way you can keep yourself from buying one. You must know that purchasing a racing wheel is only half of the solution. Without the best cheap racing wheel stand, your real-world racing experience is just a dream.

Best Cheap Racing Wheel Stand

But why buy a sim racing wheel stand when you can make do with a desk? Think about it, can you really sim racing with your wheel on an old desk? No, unless you want to stay away from the awesome racing experience that you can get with a wheel stand.

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Why Buy A Racing Wheel Stand?

Do you want to make the best of your car racing wheel? Of course, you do, but you’ll need a good racing wheel stand for that. If you have invested in one of the latest racing wheels, you know how strong the force feedback is.

You certainly don’t want your wheel to fall on the ground due to the vibrations and pressure. Getting a stand will not only make your playing position comfortable, but it will also give strong support to your wheel. Besides, you can adjust the height of the stand to suit your position.

If you want to have a flawless racing experience, buying a wheel will not be enough. You will need a stand to have complete flexibility in your moves. Let’s take a look at the five best wheel stands that are available at reasonable prices.

Best Cheap Racing Wheel Stand Comparison Table

Despite the compelling reasons, choosing the right stand for your wheel can be confusing. You must weigh the pros and cons to compare all your available options. Here’s a list of 5 cheap racing wheel stands to help you choose.

1. GT Omega APEX Racing Wheel Stand – Overall Pick

One of the leading brands in the market, GT Omega, offers a variety of gaming solutions. Some of its best products are gaming chairs, racing wheel stands, and other gaming accessories. To provide higher customer satisfaction, the brand constantly works on the feedback it receives.

What’s the highlight of this brand is its after-sales customer support service. GT Omega believes in delivering value to customers and caters to their requests in a friendly, professional manner.

Our Pick


The GT Omega APEX is built with the X-frame design and a smooth, black finish. The stand is crafted to give you not only an incredible gaming experience but also a chic look.With the option of gear-shifter mounting on either of the two sides, this stand is designed to suit your needs

Quality & Durability

The GT Omega APEX is built with steel-box tubing that is meant to last long. The strong build of the stand can easily bare Force Feedback pressure to give you ergonomic gaming experience.


The racing wheel stand is compatible with the latest wheels from Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Fanatec. Even if you don’t have a wheel from one of these brands, you don’t have to worry. GT Omega APEX is universally designed to support all your racing wheels perfectly well.


Whether you are sitting on a sofa or a gaming chair, this GT Omega stand can seamlessly adapt to your position. The highly adjustable APEX racing wheel stand, along with its tilt feature, gives you a smooth gaming experience. The Twin Spar design of the Omega APEX stand provides for easy heel and toe driving.

If you do not have enough storage space, this wheel stand is perfect for you. The APEX racing wheel stand is folded within seconds into a highly compact, small size.



2. Next Level Racing Wheel Stand DD – Premium Pick

Having bagged several awards in its name, Next Level Racing has been excelling in the industry for over a decade. The brand has built a strong name in the market. Next Level Racing partners with Thrustmaster and holds the official license of PlayStation. The company operates at a global level, with its branches in over 40 countries.

That said, Next Level Racing is highly praised and loved by consumers for innovative designs and the latest technology. The brand strives to constantly improve and provide world-class products to its customers.

Our Premium Pick

Next Level Racing Wheel Stand

Designed to offer unique features and an extensive look, Next Level Racing has a Matte black finish. Along with a shifter arm, this premium stand also has a special feature of a handbrake plate. This plate supports both shifter gear as well as a handbrake for your complete professional gaming experience.

Quality & Durability

The DD stand is built with supreme-quality carbon steel that is crafted with laser-cut technology and welded by robots. The built is strong enough to withstand great braking force to offer you smooth gaming. Besides, the strengthening-bolt prevents any flexes while using pedal sets, giving a trouble-free experience.


Being the official licensee of PlayStation and a global partner of Thrustmaster, this brand proffers you highly compatible products. The Next Level Racing Wheel stand is compatible with all major brands, including Logitech, Fanatec, Thrustmaster, and more. You can choose this premium stand even if you have sim racing wheels of any other brand.


The DD stand is structured to give you ultimate comfort during the long gaming sessions. You can quickly adjust the height and angle of the stand according to your preferred seating position. Additionally, the distance of the pedals can also be changed to support your legs.



3. Dshot Racing Wheel Stand – Budget Pick

Providing gaming solutions for several years, Dshot is a brand that is highly reviewed by all. The brand offers cheap racing wheel stands, super comfortable chairs, along with several other high-quality products. The focus of this brand is to provide the best quality and features at a price everyone can afford.

Our Budget Pick

Dshot Racing Wheel Stand

The Dshot racing wheel is designed to have a dual-arm set to offer complete rigidity. You will love not only the stability, but also the Black smooth surface of the stand. This racing wheel stand is constructed with Twin Spar design, which makes your heel and toe driving trouble-free.

Not only the design and texture, but the Dshot wheel stand also offers you high stability. There are rubber feet on all four corners of the stand to provide a solid grip even during the highest of racing force.

Quality & Durability

Constructed with top-quality alloy steel, your Dshot wheel stand is bound to last long. Get ready to have an immersive game as the Dshot steel tube can withstand great Force Feedback. Besides, the pedals plate can bear high pressure during your long and exciting gaming challenges.

What’s more? The high-standard alloy steel tube is completely rust-free and will be as good as new for years. If you have the Dshot racing wheel stand, you need not spend time maintaining, as it’s smooth surface is pretty easy to clean.


If you think that the product might offer fewer features due to its price, you’re mistaken. Despite the highly budget-friendly price, the Dshot wheel stand is structured to be compatible with top brands. The wheel stand can easily support all the Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Fanatech racing wheels.


Whether you want to play from a couch or an office chair, the Dshot wheel stand can be easily adjusted to match your height. Not only the wheel-height, but you can also seamlessly change the pedal distance according to your playing position. Additionally, you can tilt the angle of both—the wheel as well as pedals for complete ease.

Have a shortage of space? You can fold your light-weight stand in one quick step for easy storage.



4. Wheel Stand Pro G 

One of the oldest in the industry, Wheel Stand Pro, has been providing premium products for 12 years. Catering to the needs of sim racing and flying fans, the brand assures quality, stability, and durability in every product.

What’s the best thing about this brand? Wheel Stand Pro ships all its products without harming the environment. The brand uses eco-friendly cardboard boxes for the shipment of its products.

Wheel Stand Pro G

Designed with the ultimate color combination of black and silver, the wheel stand has a smart look. The Pro G stand has a rubber covering at the edges. This covering will prevent your wheel from slipping and give you high-end stability.

Besides, this coverage protects your floor from any possible scratches.

To suit your requirement, Wheel Stand Pro offers the option of mounting the shift gear on both—left and right sides. Still not convinced? Due to its top-quality build, your wheel and pedals will be strongly bolted to the stand, giving highly-stable gaming experience.

Quality & Durability

Manufactured with high standard tempered Steel, Your Wheel Stand Pro G will last for years. To offer its users premium quality as well as durability, Wheel Stand Pro G gets its stands handcrafted in Europe. Moreover, the wheel stand is time tested before its sent out for sale.


The Stand Wheel pro G is fully compatible with racing wheels of the leading brand Logitech. Apart from the Logitech racing wheels, this stand will also support your Logitech pedals and shifter gear.


With Stand Wheel Pro G, you can be sure about your comfort while playing. Wondering how? The stand is built to be adjusted exactly how you want it. From the height and angle of your wheel to the distance and tilt of the pedals, you can change everything to meet your needs.

Due to its compact nature, having this wheel stand will not create any storage issues for you. You can easily fold the Stand Wheel Pro G and store it in a small place.



5. Extreme Sim Racing Wheel Stand SPRO

Extreme Sim Racing is a brand that is always striving to proffer top-quality products in the best budget possible. With an experience of over ten years in the business, this company is loved and praised by consumers. The brand claims to manufacture durable and comfortable products for home simulators, to enhance their gaming experience.

Extreme Sim Racing Wheel Stand SPRO

The Extreme Sim Racing SPRO offers you a full-length pedal deck. This wheel stand lets you fix your gear shifter mount and cup holder on any side—right or left.The double fixing base of this stand grips the floor well to prevent any slip-off, providing complete stability. Moreover, the base is made of heavy steel, making it highly sturdy.

Quality & Durability

Made of high-quality carbon steel, the stand comes in the shape of a tube instead of a square. The stand has gone through many tests to prove the higher stability of the tube version. The SPRO is built strong enough to support the highest of Force Feedback pressure.


The highly compatible wheel stand can seamlessly fit with all your racing wheels, be it from Logitech, Fanatec, or Thrustmaster. The Extreme Sim Racing wheel stand is specially designed to support the entire series of these wheel brands and more. Additionally, your SPRO stand also accommodates pedals and gear shifters.


The stand is easy to use with an office chair or other seats, including the Sim Racing seat X. If you’re not looking for a complete cockpit-feel, this rig can partner with any chair and boost your racing experience. When not in use, you can fold the stand into a compact size and store it away in a hassle-free manner.

The racing wheel provides a high level of comfort to gamers with its profoundly adjustable mechanism. The product comes with adjustable locking knobs and angle adjustment features. The upper bar can be adjusted to suit the height and comfort of the gamer. Additionally, the wheel deck has the option of tilt adjustment settings.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I fold the Next Level Racing Wheel Stand DD?

A: No, the DD stand cannot get folded. However, this Next Level stand has casters, which makes it easy to move. Also, the casters can be locked to provide more stability.

Q: If I buy the Wheel Stand Pro G, can I use the left foot brake without any trouble?

A: The Wheel Stand Pro G does support braking pedals, but the middle pole can be troubling. Games like F1 require a lot of left-foot braking, and this stand wheel can get in the way.

Q: Is the GT Omega APEX Racing Wheel Stand strong enough to support a Double Drive wheel?

A: The APEX wheel stand is sturdy and durable. It is downright compatible with wheels of all major brands—Fanatec, Logitech, and Thrustmaster. So, the answer is it can easily withstand a DD wheel. However, you might feel slight jerks if the force is too high.

Q: Can I easily adjust the height of the Dshot racing wheel stand?

A: The Dshot stand is 6.3 inches in height. It comes with a feature of adjusting the wheel stand as well as the distance of pedals. Nevertheless, you must note that the adjustment process is not very smooth. The stand is a little stiff.

Q: Is the Next Level DD stand worth the high price?

A: The premium stand offers features like no other and is a complete value for the price. Once you buy this stand, you will realize that it can handle the highest Force Feedback as well as Direct Drive. Even after long hours of use, the stand stays strong. Also, it has a feature of a handbrake plate, unlike most of the others.

cheap racing wheel stand

Final Verdict

Selecting the best cheap racing wheel stand is very exciting, but at the same time, really confusing. You certainly do not want to buy a wheel stand, again and again. It’s a one-time investment. So how can you decide which stand is perfect for your racing wheel? You need to weigh upon several points before getting to your final decision.

Apart from a reasonable price, the stand’s compatibility and support are a few points to dwell on. Further, make sure that it increases your comfort level instead of making it difficult to play.

You know best what exactly you want, dive right into it, and level-up your game!

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