Best Monitor For Sim Racing

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Gone are the days when choosing a monitor was free of complexities. The only deciding factor back then was the size of the monitor. However, picking a gaming monitor for sim racing involves a plethora of factors, including adaptive sync technology, resolution, response, and refresh rate.

If you want to participate in sim racing, you need to buy a monitor with a high refresh rate. Monitors that can keep up with high-quality graphics and fast gaming speed will perfectly fit your gaming requirements. Many professional drivers have shifted to online racing sims, which put more emphasis on hyper-realism.

Best Monitor For Sim Racing

We have chosen the best monitor for sim racing depending on budget, overall performance, and monitor preference. With various types and sizes of gaming monitors available, it often becomes challenging to come down to a single one. To help you find the right sim racing monitor, we have considered all the essential factors.

Best Overall

Premium Pick

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Best Monitor For Sim Racing Comparison Table

Sim racing has become a critical device for professional gamers who are trying to get an edge over their rivals. Whether you are an experienced gamer or someone who loves to play games in their free time, it is essential to pick the right monitor for your gaming set up.

Whether a gaming monitor is perfect for your sim racing setup or not will be identified through their refresh rates and compatibility. There are thousands of monitors in the market but not every gaming monitor will give your desired level of performance.

You can get confused with the numerous choices and hundreds of suggestions. To arrive at the right decision, you should consider all the factors that will improve your gaming experience. You need to understand each product in-depth by evaluating its features, pros, and cons. 

Here we have curated a comparison table of our monitor picks for sim racing that fulfilled our criteria.

1. AOC C27GI 27″ 1080p Curved Gaming Monitor – Best Overall

This 27-inch AOC C27GI curved gaming monitor offers free sync, tear-free, and stutter-free sim racing experience. You can play at any frame rate and enjoy an incredibly immersive experience. It is equipped with a full HD resolution and has a refresh rate of 144 Hz.

Our Pick


Beat your competitors with a 1ms response time that keeps you ready for action at all times. You can enjoy unprecedented fluidity and smoothness while gaming. With instantaneous response to your keyboard actions and ultra-clean sim racing setup, this satisfies all the gaming criteria.

You can expand your gaming view with multiple sim-racing monitor setups. Experience a minimal to zero-bezel distraction with the frameless design of this gaming beast monitor. AMD free sync and AMD GPU will prevent screen-tearing and stutter.

Experience a visually stunning sim racing like never before with this AOC C27GI monitor. It has direct current backlighting to minimize game flickering. You can now enjoy those intense sim racing sessions without putting stress on your eyes.



2. LG 32GK650F-B 32 Inch 1440p Gaming Monitor – Premium Pick

The Triple LG 32GK65OF gaming monitor integrates a 2560 × 1440 display screen with QHD resolution. This 32-inch immersive sim racing monitor comes with Radeon FreeSync methodology to offer the best-in-class gaming experience. You can now enjoy a dedicated sim racing mode, super smooth resolution, and black stabilizer.

Our Premium Pick

LG 32GK650F-B

With a 144Hz refresh rate and optimal operation temperature, you offer value for its high worth. The contrast of this gaming model is the main advantage. You can feel the games come to live with the best-in-class QHD clarity.

You can also enjoy the visibly smoother motion and immersive sim racing experience. You view intricate details while gaming in dark scenes with the black stabilizer feature. It is the best buy for professional gamers with a triple monitor system.



3. Dell S2719DGF 27 Inch 1440p Gaming Monitor

Slay your competitors with this beast. This Single Dell Gaming monitor, you can experience QHD gaming resolution. It offers tear-free visuals and free-sync features. You can make various adjustments in the display position, including height, tilt, swivel, and pivot.

Our Budget Pick

Dell S2719DGF

It has a built-in system of cable management and provides effortless connectivity. You can hook up this Dell gaming monitor to any secondary device and PC. It has front-access interfaces to provide easy connectivity to your PC tools.

It offers a thrilling look with a recon-blue metallic finish. You can pre-set and customize your monitor up to three sim racing profiles. You can also enjoy prolonged hours of gaming with adjustable parts.

This Dell S2719DGF monitor has a mind-blowing image quality to build your gaming experience. You can enjoy seamless gameplay without any distractions or lagging. The 3.69 million pixels quality will offer 2x better visuals than HD resolutions.



4. Samsung 49 Inch CHG90 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

If you are interested in an exceptional and immersive gaming experience, then this ultra-wide model from Samsung is the best fit for you. The king of the ultra-wide segment is the Samsung 49″ curved sim racing monitor with a refresh rate of 144Hz. With an aspect ratio of 32:9 and 1800R curved panel, this monitor is a gaming beast.

Samsung 49-Inch CHG90

With a 3840 × 1080 HD resolution and High Dynamic Range, this monitor will facilitate gaming experience in brighter and dark areas. 

This gaming monitor also has an advanced feature of AMD FreeSync 2. It is compatible with all VESA mounts to facilitate mounting the display.

Enjoy mind-blowing picture contrasts and details with deep silhouettes and shadows. It also has Quantum Dot Technology to upgrade your gaming pleasure. It will make your game livelier by adding a billion shades of vibrant colors to the game.



5. MSI 34 Inch 1440p Non-Glare Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor

This MSI gaming monitor offers a curved advantage to your gaming experience. It has an ultra-wide 34″ display screen with the best sim racing features. The AMD FreeSync is highly adaptive to meet your display refresh rate. It can go well with any AMD GPU and boost your sim racing performance.


With an incredible 120Hz refresh rate and a response time of 1ms, this MSI gaming monitor will change your sim racing experience. You can survive in fast-moving games with an instantaneous strike rate. It offers a real-time strategy to play popular racing games.

It also provides the freedom to personalize the monitor on your screen setting. With MSI Gaming OSD and Mystic Light settings, you can play your games faster. The smart camera features enable you to log into your profile easily.

The ultra-immersive gaming mode and VA LED panels will offer a seamless game integration. With 1800R curved monitor with 3440 × 1440p UWQHD resolution, it is one of the best sim-racing monitors in the market. It offers frame-to-frame action and anti-ghosting reflex sim-racing experience.



How To Choose The Best Monitor For Sim Racing

You will end finding a thousand sim racing monitors on the internet. The web is filled with hundreds of conflicting views on various products. You will end up getting more confused, so we are here with our buyer’s guide to help you reach a better decision.

Panel Type

You need to choose between a TN or IPS panel, depending on your sim racing setup and budget. TN panels offer more value-in-use and speed while IPS panels provide a more seamless viewing experience. TN panels provide lower latency and offer higher refresh rates than IPS panels. It comes in an affordable pricing range.

However, it may give narrow viewing angles and fewer color reproduction. IPS Panels prioritize better color payoff and enhanced viewing angles. However, it is more expensive than TN panels.

Refresh Rates

The refresh rate is one of the major considerations while buying a monitor for sim racing. Even milliseconds make a huge difference when it comes to online gaming. A higher refresh rate will give a smoother visual to make your game feel more real.

Most gaming monitors support a 240Hz, 144Hz, 120Hz, or 60Hz refresh rate. Professional gamers usually opt for monitors that offer a higher refresh rate. While 60Hz is the minimum requirement for a gaming experience, 144Hz is the most popular choice.

G-Sync and FreeSync

FreeSync and G-Sync features will eliminate all screen tear problems to minimize distractions in the gaming experience. AMD FreeSync offers better and specialized performance. Both these features will synchronize your gaming frame rate. It minimizes all input lags and keeps your refresh rate customized.

FreeSync is a better option for people wanting a bit cheaper gaming monitor. You should ensure that your gaming setup supports G-sync and FreeSync features.

Monitor Size and Resolution

You can choose from various sizes of monitors. Most people find 27″-34″ the best for gaming. You should decide which monitor size will facilitate competitive gaming. Larger screens, however, have a higher price range than the smaller ones.

Another important consideration while buying a monitor for sim racing is resolution. You need to choose from 1080p, 1440p, and 4k resolution. Higher resolution will offer better gaming visuals and boost your overall sim racing performance.

24 inches and 1080p resolution monitors are the most common monitor, and they work with almost all gaming setups. 27+ inches and 4k is the least common gaming monitor model but offers the best hardware features.

Ultrawide or Widescreen?

You can choose from a single screen or ultra-widescreen for your sim racing. Both come with different factors that work well with various gaming setups. You should make sure that your video hardware will support the monitor screen that you are willing to choose.

The bigger screen requires high pixels and puts more pressure on your GPU. If you want higher FapS, you need to go for top-end gaming setup support for maintaining your increased resolution. 


Budget is another crucial deciding factor. If you are new to gaming, you should go for low budget monitors. High-end monitors are more suited to professional gamers as they are more expensive. You should decide the features you want before buying your gaming monitor.

However, you should look for the essential gaming features before deciding on one. You should check the response time, refresh rate, resolution, FreeSync or G-sync features, HDR quality, and vibrant color gamut. 4k resolution offers exceptional clarity. However, the price is too much for a gaming monitor.

sim racing monitor


Q: What type of monitor is best for sim racing?

A: A triple screen setup is ideal for sim racing, but it is more on the expensive side. You should opt for a 27+ inch screen to facilitate a better gaming experience. You can also opt for an ultra-wide monitor to adjust to your gaming setup. Sizes smaller than 27 inches are not usually recommended for gaming.

You should consider all other essential factors before deciding on a monitor. Another critical factor is the budget. You should see whether your budget will cover for the monitor you want to buy.

Q: Which refresh rates are preferable for sim racing?

A: Professional gaming can be best experienced in 144Hz refresh rates. If you want to maintain the quality of the gaming graphics, you should opt for 144Hz or higher refresh rates. For fast turning and movements, 144hz offers a commendable job. You will be frustrated with lower refresh rates while playing popular fast-paced online games.

Q: Which screen size should I get for my sim racing?

A: The size of your monitor screen will affect the distance between you and the screen while gaming. You should also consider the cockpit and viewing system of your gaming setup. If you want to stick to a single screen monitor, you should opt for a 34 inches screen to maintain the high-level gaming performance. However, for gamers using a triple screen, anything between 27 inches to 34 inches will work fine.

Q: Can I use a TV instead of a monitor for sim racing?

A: The answer is yes. You can use your existing TV screen for sim racing. However, TV screens are not tailor-made for gaming purposes. TVs are suited explicitly to movies and content viewing. It cannot handle the fast-paced movements with high-speed sim racing.

You will experience considerable input lag if you use a TV for sim racing instead of a monitor. However, you can go for projectors or TVs which are designed for sim racing purposes. Such TVs and gaming monitors will cost you almost the same.

If you want to experience a seamless gaming performance with no stutter, it will be better to opt for a gaming monitor.

Q: Which resolution is the best for sim racing?

A: If you want something within a low budget, you can go for a 1080p resolution gaming monitor. If you have a triple gaming monitor setup with a 1080p resolution, the sim racing experience will not be that bad. However, if you have a single monitor with a 1080p resolution, the visuals will look extremely grainy and ruin your gaming performance.

However, you have a sufficient amount in hand and want a rich gaming experience, you should for 1440p. 4k resolution is the best, but it is too heavy on the pocket. 

Q: Can I use a VR set for gaming?

A: The answer is yes. You can opt for a standard VR set for sim racing. A good VR headset will offer a more immersive gaming experience. If you want to stick to a fixed budget, you can opt for a VR headset.

Wrapping It Up

The choice of a computer monitor can make or break the entire experience of sim racing for you. Things like sim racing depend entirely on the virtual perception of the participants. Choosing the right monitor for that can enhance the experience of the whole sim racing session manifold times.

As always, there are several options out in the market that you can consider for yourself. Whether you are happy with an economic choice with a good enough G-Sync and FreeSync, or you want a premium one with superfast refresh rates – that depends on your priority, preference, and of course, budget.

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