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Many console gamers are content to utilize headphones with attached microphones; they’re easy to use, don’t weigh heavily on personal budgets, and comprise dual audio-recording features. However, for serious gamers and PS4 players, a separate microphone is a good investment. Standalone microphones provide the user flexibility of movement, a higher grade of sound quality, and much greater versatility than a standard built-in microphone.

In the past, high quality gaming microphones were a luxury item, but with increasing technology and ease of availability, their price has gone down substantially, and many brands and models are now relatively affordable, and a worthwhile investment for podcasters, streamers, and gamers. Playstation 4 players focused on upgrading their experience with customized controllers and high-grade headsets cannot afford to miss out on the best PS4 microphone. 

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Best PS4 Microphones

These microphones have been selected for their high quality, affordability, durability, and design. They are low-maintenance, budget friendly, and an absolute necessity for prospective gaming streamers and serious hobbyists. Each is highly rated by its respective owners and has guaranteed itself a place on our top picks.

Below are the ten best microphones for the Playstation 4:

1. Blue Yeti USB Mic – Best Overall

This PS4 microphone has become synonymous with gamers and streamers since the dawn of Twitch, and for good reason. It leads the pack on amazing quality meshed with affordability, and is a must-have for any serious gamer’s arsenal, offering professional sound quality without the hassle of setting up a full studio microphone.

Our Pick

Blue Yeti USB Mic

It has improved from its original two-condenser design to now include no less than four condensers, and has an easily understandable control layout that even a beginner can navigate.

It is excellent when picking up single vocal ranges, and can be used for any computer system of choice as well; PC, Mac, or Linux. It is small, easy to set up, and features a new range of vocal effects when paired with G Hub or Blue Sherpa.



2. HyperX Quadcast PS4 Mic

The HyperX Quadcast USB PS4 microphone is right up alongside the Blue Yeti X in terms of quality for prospective buyers and consummate gamers. It offers professional-grade sound quality with an easy-to-set-up layout and sturdy but beautiful design. Like the Blue Yeti, its controls are easily navigable for even beginners, and it incorporates an in-house shock mount to prevent it from picking up bumps and vibrations.

HyperX Quadcast

Its sound quality is incredibly clear for its affordable price, and it comes in four different designs- hence the name Quadcast. Despite its usefulness to gamers and streamers, the Quadcast’s layout works best with and was designed for multiple sound sources; such as you would find in a podcast or home environment.

However, this drawback is not enough to keep the Quadcast off of the list of best microphones, as it still works amazingly well in any environment.



3. Elgato Wave:3 USB Condenser Microphone

The Elgato Wave 3 places high on the list of best microphones for streamers, recorders, and podcasters due to its incredibly diverse array of options in terms of both hardware and software. One of its key features is its virtual audio mixer, which allows for up to seven other sources of audio to be imported, allowing streamers and recorders to splice things together much more easily.

Elgato Wave:3

The microphone itself is small, durable, easy to set up, but only has a single cardioid pattern, as opposed to the array of options offered by the Quadcast. However, the quality offered to single gamers, streamers, and podcasters by the Elgato Wave 3 cannot be ignored, earning it a place on the top three microphones for your PS4.



4. Razer Seiren X USB Microphone – Budget Pick

Looking for the perfect gaming PS4 microphone on a budget? Look no further than the Razer Seiren X. At less than half the cost of the preceding microphones, the Seiren X trades multi-functionality and diverse patterns for a single, supercardioid design that’s perfect for streaming and gaming in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our Budget Pick

Razer Seiren X

Its design cuts out all external input to focus on just your voice, which makes it absolutely perfect for online games as well as streaming. When using the Seiren X, the clack of keyboards, the sound of a foot hitting the desk, and the sound of room-mates thundering up the stairs all never make it past the incredibly focused array that is this microphone.

It’s also easy to set up and use, with very basic controls that are great for frequent travelers and a small frame that stows away easily in bags and backpacks.

However, this microphone performs poorly when used to record multiple audio sources; as the range that it picks up from is narrow. If you’re looking to stream with friends or podcast with partners in your spare time, a more versatile PS4 mic like the Blue Yeti or Quadcast is for you.



5. Turtle Beach Stream USB Microphone

The Turtle Beach Stream microphone is a two-condenser microphone that was designed first and foremost for Playstation 4 streamers; gamers playing on high-end devices. Its small and portable frame combined with crisp audio clarity means that it is a worthy investment for any gamer, while its variable patterns- alternating from cardioid, to multidirectional, to supercardioid- offer versatility for any setting, from a full multiplayer party to an individual streamer.

Turtle Beach Stream Mic

Its controls and layout are beyond easy to understand, with minimal setup and a streamlined design that emphasizes the basics. It can be used either on a boom or on its stand, and offers options and flexibility to console gamers where other best PS4 microphones may lack it.



6. Razer Seiren Elite 

The Razer Seiren Elite microphone is the highest quality variant from Razer; meant for streamers who plan to play on the go, it features a built in pop shield and shock mount in a supercardioid pattern, which is great for single sound source situations, like individual streaming and online play.

Razer Seiren Elite

Its professional grade filter ensures professional grade audio, and its supercardioid pattern keeps all audio except for your voice out of the call. It mutes low sounds, vibrations, and distractions, to keep your voice at the forefront; but like the Seiren X, it performs poorly with multiple sound sources.

It is also substantially more expensive than the X variant, and though its sound clarity and quality make up for it, this is not a PS4 microphone for those on a tight budget.



7. JLab Audio Talk Go USB Microphone

On this list, the JLab Audio Talk GO stands out as the best budget PS4 microphone for console gamers and streamers. Its incredibly low price, along with two versatile patterns (cardioid and omnidirectional), make it a wise choice for beginners or streamers looking to up their game without sinking a fortune into the endeavor.

JLab Audio Talk Go

Its small, lightweight design is easy to pack and travel with, and its frame is durable enough to take some jostling. Its audio quality is relatively poorer than the others higher up on the list, but it makes up for this by being the perfect companion to any gamer or streamer just starting out on their adventure.

It only incorporates two condensers, rather than the Quadcast’s gratuitous four, but for those focused on the game, such audio quality may be superfluous; and audio from the GO certainly doesn’t sound “cheap.” For an avid gamer looking to talk over their PS4 mic without worrying about the hassle of headsets, the JLab’s GO model is a perfect pick-up.



8. Blue Yeti Nano Premium Mic

Smaller, more streamlined, and more affordable than its famous cousin, the Blue Yeti Nano is nonetheless an exceptional budget microphone, with dual pattern options (cardioid or omnidirectional) allowing it to fit to any situation.

Blue Yeti Nano Premium

Of all the budget microphones, the Nano has the best sound quality, trading a lower price for exceptional clarity. It’s so tiny that it weighs practically nothing, and it’s half the size of the X.

Its simplified and easy-to-use controls and layout do leave something to be desired beyond basic functionality, but this PS4 microphone is perfect for beginning streamers and gamers on the go.



9. Antlion Audio ModMic Uni Attachable Noise-Cancelling Microphone

The Antlion Modmic is the best attachable PS4 microphone on the market, and offers physical versatility in the place of professional-grade sound quality. It can clip onto your shirt or headphones, and provides audio clarity and quality that still surpasses all headset microphones despite lagging slightly behind the standing microphones on this list.

Antlion Audio ModMic

It offers magnetic as well as clip-on attachment options, and is so simplified and streamlined compared to other microphones that it’s practically plug-n-play. It utilizes a standard headphone jack rather than a USB attachment, although there is a USB adapter for it.



10. Audio-Technica AT2020USB – Premium Pick

Last but not least comes the Audiotechnica AT2020 USB+ Microphone. Despite its lack of fame compared to the Blue Yeti, Razer, or HyperX, the cardioid-patterned Audiotechnica is a good microphone for PS4 gamers and streamers looking to add a permanent, professional-quality microphone to their arsenal. It is one of the best PS4 mics on the market, with a price that- while not budget- is certainly not wallet-breaking.

Our Premium Pick

Audio-Technica AT2020USB

It offers a long cable and a handy tripod stand, though it doesn’t include either a shock mount or a pop shield. The tripod is sometimes a little unsturdy, however, so buying another stand- along with a pop shield- may be a necessity.



How To Choose The Right PS4 Microphone

When buying a PS4 microphone, there are several important factors to consider; which might make or break your experience with your new microphone. Many microphones are designed for specific situations and environments, and might perform exceptionally well in exactly those conditions, but poorly in others. For this reason, you should consider what you’re going to use your microphone for, whether that be streaming, straight gaming, or even podcasting on the side; and who you’re doing it with. Here are some parameters to consider when buying and looking at different microphones on the market:

Polar Pattern

Arguably the most important component of a microphone for PS4 gaming, streaming, or podcasting is its polar pattern, or simply pattern. There are four general pattern styles, each of which influences what the mic picks up versus what it might mute or filter out. The first pattern is cardioid, which has a focused range directly in front of the mic. This pattern is best for cutting out external input and disturbances, and works exceptionally well for gaming and streaming for the individual user. It is not, however, meant for a larger source of sound; say, two people, or a crowd.

 If you’re looking to stream, game, or cast with a friend, you’re going to want bi-directional, which records directly in front of and behind the microphone. These microphones are used most often for one-on-one podcasts or interviews. Widening the range of detected sound, the omnidirectional pattern picks up sound from every direction.

Gamers who game with friends, rather than alone, will find that this microphone is far better suited to their needs; but these microphones will pick up sound from all over the room, making them worse for individuals. The final polar pattern is stereo, also known as figure-eight, which is a short-range, sensitive mic that is equal in sensitivity on both sides. If you’ve seen ASMR, you’ll have seen a stereo microphone; but these microphones are generally not suited for gameplay.

Best PS4 Microphone


The necessary durability of your PS4 microphone depends on your lifestyle. Streamers and gamers on the go may have to pack up their setups several times a day, necessitating streamlined, simplified, and sturdy microphones that can take the rigors imposed on them by the daily life of travel. Larger microphones with long tripods and pop shields may be exposed to wear and tear during packing, while small, single-frame microphones can be stuffed in a bag and taken out at will, for plug-and-play usage.

Audio and Recording Quality

There are many other important parts to each microphone, but ultimately the clarity and quality of the audio produced trump nearly everything else. The number of condensers in the microphone- from single, to dual, to triple, to quadruple- will help with the audio clarity, while looking at the kHz output of each microphone will also distinguish which has better and clearer sounds.


While connection issues may be limited for USB and headphone-jack compatible PS4 mics, it’s very important to make sure the cord is long enough to reach from your setup to your desired microphone location. Some microphones come with cables that reach up to ten feet long, while others may only extend a few feet. It’s important to make sure your microphone will be able to reach from your play area to your console.


It may be tempting to sink hundreds of dollars into professional-level, studio-ready equipment, but these accessories are not necessary for the average gamer and streamer, and are often so complicated that they may stymy beginners’ hearts and progression. Ultimately, someone looking to upgrade their experience with their PS4 need not buy extravagant, bank-breaking microphones, but should instead invest in quality, professional level microphones designed for streaming and gaming, which have wonderful audio quality at a fraction of the price of studio equipment.

Closing Thoughts

With quality of microphones increasing, and prices becoming more and more affordable, the best PS4 microphones are now a sound investment for any avid Playstation 4 gamer. In today’s modern marketplace, prospective buyers will be glad to know that they have many options of far superior quality to the average built-in headset microphone, with prices ranging from fifty to a hundred dollars. These microphones are both versatile and travel-friendly, and they make streaming, gaming online, and creating podcasts much easier to do. They are essential additions to the arsenal of a PS4 fan, and will continue to become not only better, but more affordable. Interested in other microphones? Check out what is the best discord mic

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